The Premium Tank: First Edge 5050 Survival Knife

There is a need for some out there for an indestructible tank of a knife. There are many blades out there that fit that bill, but very few that are stainless steel. In comes the First Edge 5050 Survival Knife. If you need premium steel and premium sheath in a compact, tank of a knife, this is for you.

Where To Buy First Edge 5050:

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


Vincent Sabatini says:

First Edge is Great if you’re a collector, but for a “combat knife” the ZT0100 costs less because you actually pay for the knife quality and not the marketing; military,tactical, special forces blah blah blah. if a survival knife you want there so many great ones for a fraction of the cost of a first First Edge knife. RLTW!

Jay Barr says:

Please give us the price earlier in the vids. Wow. No thanks. Not for that much. Plenty of working knives for far less.

TheFreshprinceofcali says:

ok bk2 it is then

Ash Hill says:

cool knife, price is a killer though + I really dont want a knife too hard to get a good edge back on. Any thoughts on a good stainless (better than 440) thats comparitve to 1095 in ease of sharpening?

J Smitty says:

damn, solid knife

Nathan Bailey says:

Price a side, would you have the 50/50 or the bravo 4 by J Wolfe, for what you do?

Scott Schneider says:

Have both the 5050 and 5150 and love it!

bart goukens says:

i’m sceptical so i’ve tested the hell out of the 5150 and asure you theese things ar neareley kidding

MetalMan Sean says:

make it out of 1095 and make it 120 bucks

Caleb Baird says:

They dropped the MSRP down to $250, so it is now about $233 on Amazon!

brad fiser says:

Nice video and fine knife,  but before you put out 300 for that look at Esee , Kabar  and Tops knives

Yue Lu says:

This is great reviews

B'z Bladez says:

Expensive however as is said. You get what u pay for

mrouterrim says:

This is nit picking but why do sheath makers leave a short tag on the retaining snap

scott sherman says:

Thanks for another great vid!  I do a lot of the same stuff that Navy SEALs do, so I’m wondering if I need to pick up one of these knives….I don’t love the grind or the tip, or the scales, but um…again, I do a lot of SEAL stuff all the time, so, I just don’t know – it’s a toss up for me right now.  What do think I should do Aaron??

Coby Roland says:

Would you do a video about what your most EDC-ed folder is? Or if you have dedicated one to that subject, could you show it to me?
If neither of those are answerable, could you at least answer it here?


That blade looks sweet. Nice video Aaron.

MickyMouseLimited says:

I have a BK2 and i really like the handle. It has a good edge and i  really enjoy using it. Now i was interested in to getting the BK2 in to more exotic steel version. Do you think that this knife will be the one ? I do some chopping with my BK2.

Eddie Velasquez says:

i looked into this and theres no actual info about them co tracting of the navy even useing this knife

Martin Timm says:

Excellent review you always nail it to be honest. All the important stuff you have already talked about those things. I wondering if you can reccommend a GOOD folding knife? My favourite used to be SOG Visionary I & II but those two knives are discontinued and I want G10 on my scales and at least VG10 steel. I will probarbly buy this knife as well for my dad. Thank you, Martin

James Blanton says:

Nicely done, thanks for the info again mate. Cheers

Olga Dachdecker says:

Hey, have you ever thought of reviewing the peltonen m95 knife? It is a military style knife used by finnish defence forces but also a great camp knife. Carbon steel, flat ground or high sabre, 3 sheath options (leather, kydex, plastic). It’s made by fiskars, i think.

AfalconVideo says:

Could you do a review the on the updated version of the Schrade SCHF36, the Schrade SCHF51?

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Aaron, I trust your input, I have another $64,000.00 question, After experiencing the 50/50 how would you stack it up against the Ratmandu, and if it was in the INFI Steel, I Wish you a Safe Summer. Someone told me Elma was great for a folder but not so much a fix blade, But here your praising it. Oh, and how about comparing it to 3V in that size, Thanx, Bud.

Hawgslayer3 says:

Nice knife but I could buy two Esee 5’s for that kind of money .

Phill O says:

In this case I know of what I speak, you get what you pay for. For those who serve and are privileged to own the 5050 or the 5150 they are workhorses and take if need be tremendous abuse. I’ve know guys that haven’t needed to touch the blade for several months during (we’re always training) training. Even after a hard mission these blades never fail. That being said these knives are not general civilian survival, bush-craft or camp knives. Bottom Line: they’re the toughest knives you’ll ever find and they’ll never let you down and whatever meets either end of these knives will suffer greatly. Happy 4th of July y’all.

Jd Jeshaiah says:

Hi gideon,

Could you do a vid of a list of preferred survival gloves? For basic woodwork, etc.
Many thanks.

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