The Ultimate Kabar MkII Review- Is it a good survival knife?

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Cypress Hunter says:

Used the black rubber handled Kabar for hog hunting for years and it worked great in that capacity . On my short list for pig stickers but not my first choice for a survival knife . My go to survival knife is an Esee 6 .

John Keck says:

I would like to see you test a buck 119 special like this, I’ve read stories of it surviving the Vietnam as a combat / utility knife.

Mato Luta says:

Thanks for the video. It held up a lot better than I thought. I’d love to see you do an extreme test on the esee 4. It’s the knife esee puts in their advanced kit and even Jeff Randall told me that would be the knife he would use in a survival situation.

Frozen Turtlefarts says:

I went camping in the high desert and redwood forest. There were not any large rocks to hit in the stakes with so I used my ESEE 6 to hammer them in. Should have brought a stake mallet so lesson learned there. Glad I did have my ESEE though.

Boreal Woodsrunner says:

looks like i may need to get a new knife lol

Mephisto Cat says:

love my Kabar DogsHead, use it for cooking, wood use, camp use, and its nice to know it has that defensive capacity as well.

Tom Olofsson says:

The pommel is your hammer. I do not break rocks with my hammer.

Big Dave says:

Great review

Frozen Turtlefarts says:

I think 1095 cro-van is better than plain 1095. Seems to be more impact resistant from my time with 1095 and cro-van blades.

cyclist01222 says:

It’s a great knife with great steel and can do a lot in spite of the tang. If they made a true full tang version and tougher HT that would be awesome.

Rick C says:

Wow, epic review! You guys did great and with wonderful and thorough explanations, too. BTW, love my ESEE 6 but don’t carry it on every short hike for the reasons you all said…and every time I feel a little guilty about not taking it and carrying a smaller, lighter knife. Hope I don’t regret it…LOL. BTW, that BR JX6 Companion I won on your channel goes with me as often as any knives I own.

TurtleWolf Pack says:

Surprised the blade bent. My Cold Steel Recon Tanto and OKC Aircrew Survival 499 can do all of that (except the tanto cant hammer) and keep going.
Oh, by touching that fawn you may have killed it. Having no scent is its strongest defence and deer have been known to abandon or even kill fawns once they have been handled by humans.

Frozen Turtlefarts says:

I wonder how a hunting knife would do since most hunters I know carry a small knife or a folder. Maybe a buck 119 or something like that? Also, where the steel is melted and produced is a more important than the name of the steel. Don’t trust 440C made from god knows where.

Howard green says:

Great explanation of a survival knife and demonstration of tasks and capabilities required. I like the look of the Kabar USN Mark 2 Thanks mate.

Keith Waite says:

Great video, had my Kabar a long time, but only ever used it for light duties as I never trusted that thin tang through the handle (rat tail), surprised it lasted as long as it did with what you put it through. Do like the 1095, I know some will not class it as a rat tail. I have much better knives now, but I will always love my Kabar

eltenda fabrizio says:

Nice video bro!

RED GATT says:

NOTE for the 16:00 mark concerning using a rock vs the pommel of the knife. Down here in deep south Louisiana we have NO ROCKS at all. NONE. Just a thought for why using the knife’s pommel might be your only option. 😉

RED GATT says:

Sounds like someone needs to ask Esee for both an Esee 6 and a Esee Laser Strike for comparison videos…. 😉
I’m actually kinda serious. I forked over the cash to buy a Junglas II because of your videos and recommendations. If they can help you out with comparing other knife sizes, I’ll make my future ‘fiscal’ knife decisions off of your findings and recommendations. 🙂

gabriel says:

I got the kabar 1211 I believe that my brother got me it’s a tough knife I’ve button mesquite wood

Steven Szabo says:

I called it, LOL.

Thrifty Survivor says:

Nice common sense in your survival knife definition. I have a hatchet in my bug out bag, but you’re right, I don’t carry a hatchet everywhere I go. You really put that knife through it’s paces. That failure is only to be expected from a rat tail design. The Kabar did well until that final test.

Thanks for posting.

chris harris says:

Kabar take notes! Our fighting men deserve a tang redesign!! Get it done!!!! Our fighting men and women’s lives may depend on it..excellent job men!!!!!!!!(sent here by cedrick & ada!!!!!)

Keep Out says:

Dude thanks for the sick patch. Looks great. Now i just gotta figure out which pack to put it on LOL

Adam Smythe says:

More of a combat knife imho
Still better than nothing

Almus Quotch says:

But what if I get into a survival situation where I’m wearing a shirt?

German Survivalist says:

I recently did a video on “what makes a good survival knife” and I featured the Ka-Bar alongside some other examples, and uhhh boy did I start a strom xD Now people keep linking me this video. Thanks for all the great information you featured here Jacob!

Travis Hunt says:

That the guy from alone season 2?

Jason Trausch says:

Great video, I’m tired of reviewers who don’t test their products. Also I was thinking of buying a Lt Wright genesis could you test the knife and do a video, that would be awesome.

Bushcraftfan22 says:

New test for the ka-bar: ” In a survival situation you might need to kill a deer because you are hungry and as you could see in this video we found one so lets do this” 😉 (no just joking around)

RED GATT says:

Is this your longest vid to date? lol

crambone t says:

No rat tail is a good survival knife.

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