The Ultimate Tactical Survival Knife // Lionsteel M5

In this video I take on a kinda military survival approach on testing this tactical version of the Lionsteel M5.

Check out all the variations here:
This version:

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Kevin MacLeod – Care free
Kevin MacLeod – hitman

Brand: Lionsteel
Type of knife: survival knife, tactical knife
Type of steel: Sleipner
Designer: Michele “Moletta” Pensato
Blade length: 11.5 cm
Blade shape: clip point
Length: 24.1 cm
Handle length: 12 cm
Blade height: 3.4 cm
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm
Hardness: 61 HRC
Type of edge: plain edge
Finish blade: blackwashed
Weight: 200 gram
Material handle: G10
MOLLE-compatible: yes
Country of origin: Italy
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: lifetime

Please watch: “Battle of the Ultimate Chopping Knives! Which is the Best!??”


Spencer Rushin says:

Great Video review if you ever get the chance i would love to see a review of the the Ka-Bar USN = United States Navy Kraton Handled Straight Edge Mark 1 Knife
And how it holds up for bushcrafting
Thank you keep up the great work guys

Ranger Jon Outdoors says:

What do you think guys!? This M5 or M4 for general outdoor/camp use to light survival applications? I’m a big fan of m390 but it’s harder to sharpen in the field, and I like the size and ergos of the m5. Just curious which you think is better all around. Rock on!

Randall Kelley says:

That was a hedge hog? Right, very cute! Lets have dinner, like Bear Grylls

kookie888 says:

Such a great review. Enjoyed the vibe, lads.

MorTTyx MorTTyx says:

i just want some peoples to show some love for this dog he got cancer and the ownoer need some money for the surgery

here is the oreginal video:
the link to the found page is in the discription of the video


ESEE 5 is better

Hi Dude says:

Have you guys reviewed the el cheta. If you haven’t you should

Chang 1worker says:

Greeting from Taiwan.

You guys are nice people and your videos are very practical and informative.

I have noticed that on your other video, you wear “Black Banana ” T shirt written in Mandarin .
Another video, “esame oil bottle”
while cooking written in Mandarin.

And this one 0:55 you have a novice monk (Budhist)in the back.

So i decide to leave a message to show my support.

Keep up the good work and be careful not to get hurt again you two.

Mathieu Rochette says:

Lionsteel my favorite brand

Stef says:

Lionsteel M5 or Cold Steel Master Hunter 3v?

Michele Bazzani says:

How much you sharpened this M5 before the video? I have one but I can’t reach your featherstick level, can u help me?

Sam says:

Someone else is trying to capitalize on your video seen here: The Best Fixed Blade Knife – Lionsteel T5 Full review; Jeffrey Mcclain
Published on Aug 13, 2017

My wifi is bad says:

Wath is the best HRC for survival blade

CaShY HeLmErSn #25 says:

The hedgehog loves the knife

kraigero says:

Stop video. How the heck did you get that little animal to walk by the knife. Lol freakin awesome footage!

shawnix says:

Was that a wild hedgehog

Mark Tong says:

How did you get that hedgehog to be in the vid

Scottish Outdoors says:

Mikki, you high as a mothafuka!

Chimera Aretina says:

A really good knife.

miky9757 says:

where are they from? Canada? Sweden?

simon says:

Hi guys really thinking about getting this blade. Is it stainless or semi stainless steel. There is not a lot of info on the steel

Gaz Pyrotechnics says:

I have this knife with G10 and no blade coatings. I have used and abused it for about 7 month and it’s never let me down. For me it has the most comfortable grip. It’s as tough as they come and I find it holds an edge very well and it’s easy to keep sharp. It’s an awesome knife. Btw I use my knife mainly on oak, cherry, apple and pear woods. I’ve also used it in a bushcraft setting3 or 4 times chopping fire wood, cutting wood for shelters and A-frames for sleeping of the ground. It’s brilliant.

hell raiser says:

nice to see Liam Gallagher here

Mitchell Cook says:

Thanks for the awesome review of this knife. I just got the Lionsteel T5 uncoated to replace my Esee 5 that was stolen!

StillTimeless says:

Hey guys! Is the rounded spine of the knife sharp enough on the edges to make sparks with a firesteel like it is on the Lionsteel M4? And if not; is it possible to sharpen it without loosing the strength of the blade? Keep up the good work; love your videos!! Cheers!

Jesse Schmidt says:

Mickey B how did you get in enemy territory?!!!

Sean B says:

Or you could just bring a standard issue survival kit with you, including matches

Michael Smith says:

WTF would these faggots Know about tactical, what a joke

Jonathan Pearson says:

id love to stick you in the next Blair Witch film, Id like to think youd survive it 🙂

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