LINKS:Smith & Wesson SW3B 12.8in Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife:
2.Wander tactical survival knife :
3.Schrade SCHF36 10.4in Steel Fixed Blade Knife:
4.Buck Knives 863 Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife with Fire Striker:
5.Schrade SCHF27 Extreme Survival Full Tang Drop Point:
6.Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife:
7.Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife:
8.Grand Way Knife Fixed Blade – Best Outdoor Camping Bushcraft Field Hiking Backpacking Knife :
9.Tops Knives C.A.T. 203 Tactical Knife Cryptic Cyber Scales Tanto Point:
10.Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS 8.6in Stainless Steel Assisted Opening Knife with 3.6in Clip Point Serrated Blade:

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Monesh Grylls says:

I love Gerber

Tristain Beckel says:

What’s the name of the 2nd knife ? Thanks.

Tiedemann says:

This is not ur thing..

AR 23 says:

your sure this is not a re upload from 1990

Kevin Keelan says:

Can anyone recommend a good multi purpose knife? I’m doing a self build and a decent knife would be useful. I don’t want to buy cheap junk that won’t hold a edge, snap or bend. Thanks

country collapse says:

Nice flea market knives..SW junk

DunJen_Knives says:

I carry the Gerber Strongarm, a really good knife for the money.

The4cp says:

Schrade made ONE good knife. The Jess-x. Then they changed the grind and tried to destroy Chris Tanner’s reputation. They are a horrible company.

A-10 Thunderbolt says:

Hey Yuri…

Lee Handschin says:

Regarding any survival tools, or survival suggestions, go to Survival Lilly. She has a vast knowledge of survival living not just camping. She knows what she’s talking about.
She’s been in cooperation with a knife maker, a knife that will carry her endorsement. I’ve not heard yet if this has been completed.
Yeah, you probably guessed it already, I am crushing on her.

SteelJunky says:

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no and no.

martyn gray says:

the best survival knife iis the one you are comfatable with

Liljohn P says:

I like my Gerber Strongarm.

James Solmon says:

I thought this was a knife review! Just a bunch of ads! Some of these knives failed miserably in real life reviews posted right here on YouTube. Thanks for wasting my time.

christopher martin says:

dont waste your time watching this crap…obviously they dont know crap….just go get yourself a bark river knife

Abdel Rahman says:

Any knife not made in usa?

むぽ says:

I see everything is made in China. Like I have saying many times, don’t have any business with China.

Major Rager says:

All made in China with real bits of panther so you know they all scream quality

j mc says:

Im laughin so hard

Bill Hinson OutDoors says:

Love The LMFII here a video I did
On My LMFII Sheath

Tapa TV says:

handforged workhorse for your kitchen with tradational design I damascus knife I hand forged I cooking knife I 440 layers of damascus I

WarLord 529 says:

There is no such thing as a blood groove it is actually called a fuller which is used to balance and strengthen the blade

Steven Robertson says:


Preston Mcentire says:

I would take a mora companion over any knife on that list.

cbr1thou says:

That plastic clip on the first one is pathetic

Rellik says:

I’ve bought a couple of S&W knives in the past and they were absolute crap. Love their pistols, hate their knives. They should address the knife quality before ppl start to worry abt the guns.

Whomagoose Long ago soldier says:

The Kabar combat knives are available with stampings and logos from all US military services except the US Air Force. The following is available: USMC on the blade and logo on the sheath for Marines. USN on the blade and the logo on the sheath for the Navy, US Army on the blade and logo on the sheath for the Army. USCG on the blade and logo on the sheath for the US Coast Guard. Don’t know why they don’t make a knife with US Air Force stamps and logo. Kabar needs to start making an Air Force stamped knife. Just stamp the blade with USAF and a stylized eagle on the sheath.
Made of CroVan steel that will last a lifetime. I have the US Army stamped models. A perfect knife.

ruben ibanez says:

The comments are more entertaining than the video

christopher martin says:

some companies just keep turning out trash knives with trash steel?

bogart281 says:

Get a real survival knife, get a Bear Grylls made by Gerber, online from walmart in the $40 range. Any knife that has just a blade and no survival equipment is just a knife.

محمد القحطاني says:

there one knife where he proudly sharp it with machine wheel lol

YourMindVS TheWorld says:

As a former Marine, I’ve never not had and used a Ka-Bar. Although, lately I have moved from the standard 7” blade model to its heftier Big Brother with its 9.375” blade. It is one mean mother, full tang, battle tested, field tested, and time honored.

bogoljub djordjevic says:

this is cheep survival knives first knife and I laugh

The4cp says:

Buck Ka-bar Tops. All the rest are irrelevant.

Gianpaolo Dampor says:

there was a look alike of the huntsman knife!

jeff schnablegger says:

I have that exact Gerber LMFII with all the Extras that come with it that he didn’t show. It’s brand new, Never used if Anyone’s interested?

christopher martin says:

a channel called techupdate needs to stay away from wilderness knife videos…make videos on what you know…. knives arent it

Rick Alwaysprepared says:

Gerber. Mystery steel at its worst. Partially serrated blades for survival are a huge no no. When, not if, it gets dull, try and sharper the serrations. Not gonna happen. Better be fully non serrated and have at least 440 SS. Would prefer D2 steel or better and a leather sheath. Keep the ballistic nylon and kydex.

StealthVan Man says:

Schrade is bad ass. I own one.

Quy Tien Pham says:

for survival I think the big knives is better than

d d says:

i have been using this knife pretty good one on ebay

Lee Handschin says:

Oh my gosh Matt, this is precisely why I came to comments midway through the first selection.
And Wesson firearms are at the Pinnacle of quality.
But they allowed some incompetent knife maker to put their name on it, looking to make a buck passively, without having a part in their manufacturing.
Why do I say this? Am I a knife expert, is my name recognized? No not all.
Here’s what I am. A basic guy who just likes the feel of a good knife in hand. I love Gerber, Kershaw and Buck, these are my top three in my price range. (Not very high)
So to sum up this lengthy comment,
Smith and Wesson knives are c rap.


This list is bullshit they have a bunch of trash knives mixed with maybe 3 good knives. And they don’t have the Esse 5 on this list or any other Esse knife

Jell1y Gamer says:

“A 6-inch blade never loses reception” Got it, Thatcher.

Dave Zito says:

Everything on this list besides the mediocre usmc Kabar is absolutely junk.

John Viking says:

All lists like this are just choices of many. Personal choice. There are tons of great knives out there but a person really needs to pay attention to what steel is used. Most of these shown are low end steel. Good basic knives, but that’s about it. IMO, the knife you buy for a mainline shtf knife should be the best you can afford suiting to your needs, fit and taste. The frill screwdriver ends and hammer ends are trying to make a knife into something other than a knife and you should be using another tool for that instead of beating on your knife. Cleaning game and fish, carving and crafting traps and shelter. That’s what the knife is for for me in bushcraft. I use axes and machetes for heavier work chopping and hammering. And multitools for there job.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, I still Wish that Gerber LMF would be made in the 12c27 Stainless again, Dilly Dilly.,,.p

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