Tops Brakimo A+ Survival & Camp Knife Review

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Nessi says:

1:11 – “so happens that this other gay who wanted to get out” 😀

Airik1111 says:

Win win! This is the best of both worlds, bushcraft mixed with utility toughness I love it.

Living Survival says:

Thumbs up if you made it to the END!

Bushcraft Cooking says:

Seems have a great grip.
Another great job by Top Knifes. Great review Ben!

Prepper Del says:

Very nice knife, thanks for sharing.
Ive subbed if you could take a look at my channel i would appreciate it Bro!

Dave Huber says:

Very much appreciate the mention of the handle scales — & that Chris thought so too. That was the one hesitation I had with this knife. Sounds like it’s still very much worthwhile, but must also budget for handle scale & sheath mod (to accommodate thicker scales). Thanks man.

Survival Mindset says:

I like how you went around that knot when feather sticking. Cool knife and review. I agree upgrade the sheath

LRRP69 says:

why do you dislike Esse, I am not a big fan either just wondering your reasons

Logan Randle says:

brakimo or esee 5/6

Joseph Whited says:

If I was to purchase this knife, Where can I get the piece to modify the sheath like yours from this video?

Airik1111 says:

Hey Ben, have you replaced the scales or added liners yet? If so it sure would be cool to see an updated vid on the difference and how you went about doing yours. I love this knife and am considering selling some stuff to buy a $150.00 range bushcraft knife, I’ve always stayed in the under $100.00 range, not by choice either LOL.
Anyways I’m considering the Battle Horse Feather Stick, The Brakimo, Lt Weight Hevi Bushcrafter or Benchmade Bushcrafter…..I can’t throw that much money towards a knife everyday so for me I really gotta be dead set on the purchase, read up watched up on every review possible.

Pappy says:

i like it , now to start saving…

Ny Preppy says:

Kinda like a esee 5..

Steve Smith says:

Just bought one of these bad boys. Now it’s time for one of my favorite parts…. the wait

the mi woodsman says:

Great knife indeed ! Tops has made a lot of great knives !thanks for the review !  made it to the end LOL atb john

Chris Mays says:

Seems like the handle/scales are a common complaint on some TOPS knives. The Tex Creek comes to mind. Hope they listen to feedback.

TheAdventureNotebook says:

I love the look of these (Tops) knives, but i hate 1095. I don’t wanna worry about having to always wipe down and oil a knife. Got a esee 4 in stainless, love it, but if tops ever makes stainless steel knives then ill move to tops knives from esee

Dinner-fork tongue says:

Man, why is working on wood with a knife (and watching people do it) so relaxing? I swear, I worked on a small slingshot fork last month with my humble old Schrade Nitro (BTW, thanks for the notes on notches, Ben, those really helped) and it was like two days of vacation in three hours.

The knife is nice, looks robust and easy to maintain – cheers to 1095! Agree that the handle could have a better anatomical design, though, that looks like it can hurt in a regular grip. Have you tried holding it in any different ways?

the great all mighty G says:

how much for the knife?

Cross Country Outdoors says:

Nice video nice knife!

Cross Country Outdoors says:

Would hitting the spine of the blade over the stick you’re batoning instead of out on the tip, to get it started, make it kick up less at the handle?

Gorki Ciprian says:

please leave feedback when you find a thicker scales for this knive…

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, Handsome knife, But I’m a choil guy. I like sort of flatter handkers for better control for ne like why aren’t hockey sticks round, but alittle palm swell, I really love me Ratmandu.,,.

Sculpin says:

It’s a great knife. I love TOPS knives I’m a big fan.

Hiker Marapese says:

You and Chris had the same knife, were your jackets the same as well?

Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter says:

More or less what I related on PM101 Chris’s Channel… Blade design looks great, nevertheless the handle shape/size is somewhat too ‘tactical’ for a purist’s Bushcrafter Knife. That was a good video for you guys. I have to say: One spec. so to speak (I think the part you guys left out or forgot) & (again in this video) is the weight factored into this package, the balance, and the fact that it looks partial as in shortened full tang in relation to the hole in handle. This will have effect if re-scaling the knife (sans the hole)!!! Brakimo (‘translation – ‘greetings’) is mainly a camp craft knife, with survival knife heft, and having a tactical slim-line handle. Thumbs up!

rainbowhiker says:

Very nice blade. Good addition for sure to a machete. Can certainly stand on its own too. Nice review Ben. Thank you.

Mr Grey says:

Looks like a Condor bush lore / Esee 5 / BK2 combo. Tops silent hero still my favorite

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

great video Ben! I’m looking in to getting the Joe Flowers designed machete .170


plastic clip. you said metal

sngx1304 says:

Great tip for the TekLok

so steve says:

Nice decent knife

Jean-Baptiste Cardamone says:

How long the 1095 old an edge ? Compared to other steel.

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