TOPS Brakimo Review: Survival and Bushcraft Knife, Solid Option for Camping, Bug Out Bags, Kits

The TOPS Brakimo is now one of my Top 5 Bushcraft Knives. It can certainly be used as a survival or camping knife as well – this thing is a winner. 1095 is your steel, a modified scandi grind, and TOPS seems to make a lot of quality knives in my experience.

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Carl in CT says:

Great video. You and Gideon’s Tactical are two of my go to places for knife and gear reviews. I really like the look of this Brakimo but that handle just looks very thin. I wear XL gloves and have long fingers so it may be a problem for me. Do you think it would be possible to add extra liners of some sort to beef up that handle if I got longer handle bolts as well?

John Reynolds says:

I dont have a tops knife yet , but may give this one a try

William Burr says:

I was stationed at Portsmouth, NH back in 1968.  I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman from just north of Detroit.  In the fall of ’68 a Navy nurse and I took the weekend and drove through the White Mountains in a little VW beetle.  The fall colors were out and were just spectacular!  The World Series was on the radio (it was the year the Detroit Tigers beat the St. Louis Cardinals) and we were listening to the final game.  Afterwards I remember hearing George Harrison singing “Hey Jude”.  What a marvelous time we had!  I couldn’t have asked to drive through a more beautiful State!  Thank you, New Hampshire.

Wade Jensen says:

That was some tough arse wood there man!

Robert Kirk says:

Good performer, 5″ is about the optimum blade for an allrounder (my opinion)
and you don’t need anything flash in the woods, good review

ScaleReality says:

Great video, do you prefer the Brakimo or Bencmade 162? if you had to take just one on a trip

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

woe! that’s so cool it’s really sweet

Ben Schildgen says:

I am very wary about spending more than 35.00 on knife with 1095 steel when I had an Esse 4 and 5 that were out performed by a Schrade Schf56L and a Schf36. The Schrades worked better for me and with better edge retention. Both knives were under 30.00 and the Esse knives were above 100.00 each. I just recently started Bushcraft type stuff and getting into different knives other than what were meant for hunting. In fact my Old timer pro hunter and Sharpfingers overall were better except for edge retention and all I need was to steel or strop the edges of these about 6 passes per side and I was up and going again. My Bucks are even better yet. My Moras also out did the Esse brand and all I have there is the the companion in stainless and the companion HD in carbon. I would like to see a side by side comparison with the Esse to the TOPS to give me a better Idea if the TOPS may be something that would serve me even better.

christopher martin says:

good review but that stick you sharpened for a bear encounter cracked me up, a bear could use that thing as toothpick!

Tony Melendy says:

Great video Tim ! I live in the White Mountains, and yes it is very beautiful ! Do you live in NH?

Nicholas Joseph says:

I’m wondering what questions would those bears asks? where’s the picnic basket?

DamionJR4923 says:

How do you sharpen a Tops modified scandi grind?

For This Land says:

How was the handle relative to the tops B.o.b.?

Hawgslayer3 says:

I like that Tops is starting to come out with more traditional styled knives . Most of their stuff is too mall ninja for my tastes .

Arctodus Simus says:

Great review. The Brakimo replaced every other knife in its size for me. Easy to handle. Easy to carry.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Tim, Have Joe Flowers put some kind of particial choil on it and make it in the 154 CM I think it will fly, I’ll buy one. ,, .

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

great vid man

Morten Trolle says:

thats the worst bear spear ever.i dont think you can kill a bear with that 🙂

Erdem Çetintaş says:

Another beautiful knife which comes with a sheath discriminating left handed..
Nice review, thanks for sharing..

Youval Halvani says:

GREAT SIZE I would love to add it to my edc on the field

Brandon E says:

Matt Holiday?

Christopher Scatolini says:

catch any fish or gold nuggets?

Tim Beiber says:

I love mine

sameold77 says:

I picked this up a couple months ago. I really like it and I agree that I wish the handle was little thicker (more swell) but then again, most Tops knives seem to have skinnier handles. Thanks for sharing.

M says:

would the clip attach to MOLLY on backpacks?

kenneth caloun says:


paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Tim. Yeah the Brakimo prolly would be a good knife for our weekend get together. I like making feathersticks to start our fire to cook on. But I brought my new Fox Trekker Utility Camp and Sniper Knife. Definitely a TactiJewl L@@King Knife especially with my first to get Fox Hitam Golok. Both knives really compliment eachother even though they L@@K TactiKewl. But they really work bush great. I was going to just add my Agawa Canyon 21 Boreal Saw. But the mailperson brought my EZ KUT WoW Folding Saw so I brought it instead. Anotheradd-on was I put my Gerber Gator in the pouch of my Trekker Sheath and those serrations on my Gator make great thin curls. A lovely piece of kit. The Trekker for just shy of 6″ by not much also chops pretty good for a 6″ blade. But the geometry of the edge also allows to slice pretty good closer to the handle. It is a distal blade but nice and robust and yet the edge is very thin at the apex. I think were going go have a nice weekend even thought it started out with a little rain. But the Chrome Plating on the WoW Folding Saw and the Austrian Bohler N690Co. Stainless is exactly what I wish for to have in these conditions. I don’t think I’ll regrert not bringing a Hatchet. Since I made a good wood tool to pound stakes withm I’ll let you know how the WoW Folding Saw works out.,,.p

ArcAudios says:

Good looking knife that worked well in your tasks.
Thanks for your review.

Adam Vergato says:

I’m also from NH. Whereabouts is a good spot to go camping that isn’t a predetermined spot to rent?

TJack Survival says:

I just used this thing in Colombia. Great knife.

jassenswisher1974 says:

Joe Flowers has a knife coming out soon called the “Huron”….along with the Brakimo he is a awesome bushcraft knife designer. Thanks for posting and God bless

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