TOPS Tahoma Field Knife Review – Best Survival Knives

The TOPS Tahoma Field Knife, designed by Andy Tran, is one of the best one tool option, survival knives I know of. It does everything a survival knife needs to do and does it very well. Andy did an excellent job on this design and TOPS does a first class job on the production end. The fit and finish is excellent.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this knife. It is both beauty and the beast wrapped up in one carbon steel and micarta package. I recommend buying directly from Andy’s website.

Here’s a link:!product/prd1/2417251521/tops-tahoma-field-knife

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Gina G says:

the first large knife that really appeals to me. i like it alot!

KingTesticus says:

i’ve used the notch on the spine to strike a fero-rod, and it works perfectly… i’ve owned the TFK since March of this year (2015) and i love it! great video Brian 🙂

ForestMantis says:

Thank you for nice review. One small thing, as you are talking about balance of the knife and then you throw to the tree, I think, it says nothing about balance;-)

Yavor Mitev says:

Good video Bryan! But i think that you’re messing with the wrong tree 🙂

Traveler1226 says:

MAN!! That batoning session was one hell of a test on that knife. Great review.
You aren’t scared of testing a blade my friend. Thank you for that. After seeing your new video of the kydex sheath for it I am going to buy one. Thank you.

Wilderness101 says:

I can’t even describe how bad I want this knife but I only have 140$ guess that’s what you get when you spend it on other things well anyway great video thanks as always sincerely your friend Josh

James Murphy says:

great review!

seattwa says:

What is the blade width?

Patrick Germond says:

This was one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen. Thank you for taking the time, to not waist mine.

George Washington says:

Just got one in UK.. Love it!


bryan is that handle comfortable due to its flat scales? because it looks like a cool knife

Felix Keys says:

That sharpened top rdge completely changes the way you baton it looked hard not being able to use the end of the knife to hit

Vurtego Flybar 2 says:

love the Boy Scout campaign hat.

Kristie Coleman says:

I have watched your videos many times and have learned a lot from you. Thank you so much. 1 negative you pick he worse trees to show chopping skills. There is no way in a survival situation that I would ever cut those hard dry tree with all the other trees in the woods. You are burning way to many calories for a survival situation. I still enjoy your vids.

Dave B says:

Thank You Sir

Traveler1226 says:

I recieved my TFK I ordered from Andy’s web site. It is worth every penny and then some. I love it. It is the blade I now keep straped to my go bag. It took the place of my tomahawk because of it’s versatility. I do carry a smaller knife (5″ blade) also for small tasks. But I am a huge fan of the TFK.

Soli tary says:

how would this knife fair as a combat knife? how does it handle in hand?

Ana Krn Vega says:

Hello good afternoon I have a question about the tool tahoma is really good knife since I want to buy one and I would like to know your opinion thanks.

ZzRash says:

Just ordered mine from Andy yesterday because I too prefer the buckle straps. How long did it take for yours to arrive?

loganbass100 says:

“What kind of idiot would baton a knife?!” …as he’s bashing on this Tahoma lol

Jorge Vasquez says:

Hello Brian..How’s the Tahoma holding up? is it still one of your favorite knives? I’m about to order one tomorrow and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it since you’ve had some time with it since this review.. thank you and have a great day.

oatiemoanie says:

Brian, it’s been a few years since this review. I am now looking at the Tahoma Field Knife. I do need a steep up and this knife looks wonderfully impressive. How do you like it after 2 1/2 years? Is it a knife you grab when going are out there? Thanks for all the wonderful videos.

Deplorable_NYC_Prepper says:

just ordered one as a black Friday purchase for myself can’t wait for it to come

Keith Surname says:

ive been wanting to get this knife, but i was waiting for you to do a review on it…. apparently you have. lol .. thanks for the vid 🙂

Patrick Germond says:

I love this knife. The blade is really soft though. Even the edge. I’m always sharpening mine.

Daniel Barnes says:

wish you had tried the chisel to effect

Lazy Man Prepper says:

That is a great knife.

pmags1331 says:

Nice review Brian . Tops really is putting out some great knifes .

The_kid says:


jdssurf says:

I don’t think it’s legal in California with the edge going around to the top.

Norman Mallory says:

wow what a knife .. i like that model .. I have looked at it several times… good job on the video and spec’s..

No name says:

Ridiculous knife… ugly, too big. TOPS BOB 1000% better.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah, Long time no see, How your frajoles (How you bean), Taylor L. L. C. Sold to Smith and Wesson for $85,000,000.00 chump change heh heh heh

Youval Halvani says:

After 0ne year with the TFK i can only say one thing-this is my best knife ever-when i take it with me on my patrols – .or just on the trip, i know i can trust this wild knife. thanks to Bryan review i can only say two wards-trust Bryan he knows the real life needs

Armando Arriaga says:

So tops has made it yet again. Stealing a design and calling it theirs, to sell it overpriced.

MTwoodsrunner says:

spear point, saber grind, 1095 differential heat treat, awesome!
only problems i see are the exposed pommel, which they tend to impact the lower palm while chopping, that and the sheath sucks…woods

eliu rogelio gomez aguila says:

Hello i have a question which knife is better for you in a case of survival the tahoma field or ka bar bk 7 thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah, Yup, That Tohoma, looks alot like one of my Fav’s, my Ratweiler. I like using it as a one tool option, although I Piggyback it with my Rodent Solution.,,.

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

So you like this one better than the B.O.B, Yeah I could see why, I really like the design especially how Andy designed that double edge up front and how he intended to use it as a edge saver and a or a functioning other knife, and that pot lifter off a fire is sort of kewl too, a 1knife carry is tempting, but I just got so use to a 2knife carry, well actually you know I like my Wicked Tough Saw made by Wicked Tree Gear and my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet, so my go to knives as for example I would carry my Rodent 7 on person, if your best knife is the one you have on you, I try to make sure my larger knife is on me, it’s a very robust tough knife and really it’s still very managable to carry, the Rodent 4 is the other knife I like pairing up in this combo, I attach it to my pack, I like choils, and both of our knives have them, a larger knife ofcource is best for chopping, but then it has more weight to carry, that’s why I’ve been testing this combo out for me, although the Indigenous Saame People use their Leuku as a 1knife carry, but it’s lighter and I don’t think a Leuku will out chop my Rodent 9, anyhow Yeah without that sharp upper edge it’s something I will consider even though I’m going against Andy’s design and I believe his intention on using that upper edge is a good idea, but I noticed how you would of liked having more realestate when you were batoning, besides my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet is very compact and weighs about as much as that Tahoma but it’s like a lightweight that punches like a heavyweight, I think a small hatchet will do a little better than a knife, although I noticed the nice chunks you were throwing when you chopped with your Tahoma, I like my set up a Saw, Hatchet, and Knife/Knives, on shorter trips I go with a 1knife carry, like my Modde Rodent 6 or when I go light, a Bravo 1 or my Benchmade Bushcrafter #162, or any similar knife and I have a few, I enjoy testing them and then making a post, I really enjoy your down to earth honesty, Thanx Brian.

FourAces22 says:

What sharpener do you use for this knife?

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

WoW Brian your stepping up, nice knife, I like the design and almost got one bit that double sharp edge was the breaking point I do sometimes baton through wood, I saw a fella that actually showed us how he baton with the Tahoma but I don’t know so I saved up a little more and went with the Busse Nuclear Meltdown Fussion Steel Heart awesome, not that tge Tahoma isn’t a good knife, what I like about it it’s a one tool option a 1knife carry that intrigued me that’s why I got the Lueku also a one tool option, but then I got to thinking and now my larger knife is on person when we’re in the bush as long as it has a choil and hold’s a great edge and not too heavy, a beast of a knife the sharpened hammer my O.K.C. Gen2 SP-53 but a tich too heavy to carry on person, but I tried it and ended up just carrying a neck knife with it, if I molle attac it I can take a mid size knife too, but I might still buy the Tahoma and see if it could work for me as a one tool option, Thanx for tge video.

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