Ultimate Survival Tips MSK-1 Survival Knife

Where To Buy The MSK-1 Series:

Where To Buy On amazon: https://amzn.to/2NJauRk
Where To Buy On bladehq: http://shrsl.com/18252

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Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight http://goo.gl/YPcV9m

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
ESEE 6 http://goo.gl/X5D0wM
Fallkniven A1 http://goo.gl/hfpfLh

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
ESEE Junglas http://goo.gl/6cW90K



wrjames38 says:

I like your channel. ..but this knife is a joke at even 100.00 less then purchase point!! So many good options from Ka-bar, Tops, Esee, Bark River, LionSteel, and so many others for cheaper. I’m going to give you a pass on this review. ..thanks for your efforts on a whole!

JoeFrohlich says:

Thank you for reviewing this knife.

30 06 says:

Nice knife but not for the price. I will stick with my strong arm and ka-bar.

Butch Hill says:

Somebody else review this knife. And I’m going to kind of say the same thing I said there. I think this would be a great survival knife for the military four Army Marine Air Force and navy down Pilots and also helicopter Pilots. I think it works there better than anywhere. Just saying that that it’s just my opinion. Not trying to start an argument. Last time I said that it started an argument. My opinion only. Knife not for me, but I think David did a good job with it.

manuel boica says:

Hi ,tops bob vs tops brakimo ??????

Charles Collier says:

Like many others, I find the knife gimmicky and overpriced, but I credit you for simply putting it to use and seeing how it performed, rather than getting into the bath of molten lava that is a debate about it. David and the knife are lightning rods, so kudos for having the courage to review it at all.

Darth Croll says:

#mailbag Who shot first?……..Han or Greedo…..

WHEELZ says:

my dark timber honey badger cost 310 dollars, it is a way better deal than that. 300 some bucks for 3v and a bigger blade… yeah thats a way better deal

Isaac Ammerman says:

Does David still make videos? Haven’t seen a new one for a while.

Ivan Goluza says:

David is a patriot and because of it sales are bad. it was supposed to produce the knife in Taiwan and then sales would be very good.
I’m really sorry about it. a very original knife and well thought out

convex says:

Idk man 300$ for d2 seems to be taking advantage of people who dont know better. A bark river dark timber knife is the same price and its 3v. With better handle. And nicer sheath comes with it. No extra price

Alydian Smith says:

Looks eerily similar to the Kabar Warthog


That knife don’t connect with me at all!

estima8tor1 says:

I I don’t know….. it seems to me your viewers would be better off going to the Knife Connection and building their own Esee or Ontario system. For about $200 you can choose your blade type, your choice of custom G-10 handles and kydex sheath with leather backer. For around 50 bucks more you can get a an LT Wright fire steel and kydex holder. That’s what I did when purchasing my Esee six package and the total cost was about $260. And who need a bow drill divot when you got a big honking fire steel attached to your knife, lol……..

TERRORoftheLORD says:

Nice video, but seriously! $300!? I’ll take an American made Bradford for $220 to $250, with options, and $40 for a kydex sheath if You want it over the nylon.

kevin auman says:

Hey Aaron (I think that is your name) if you have not yet, could you check out and review the colonial knife co bushcraft knives the 154cm USA made ce100 and ce400 and do a review on them? I recently purchased both but mine will likely rarely get used unlike yourself who uses/tests knives thoroughly….

nightmarecop80 says:

lol for over 300$ i get a custom made knife far better that this one.

The Modern Cowboy says:

I’ve been watching your vids for only a couple days now, and was really starting to enjoy them. Then I came across this video… I read some of the other comments, and I realize you’re trying to be “fair and balanced.” And while you didn’t actively endorse the product, you REALLY treated it with kid gloves. And I don’t believe you were 100% honest about your opinion of the product. Definitely not gonna subscribe, follow, or even watch if I can’t trust the reviewer. “Fair and balanced” is not the same thing as honest and non biased.

Drvinnieboombatts says:

If this same knife was in CPM M4, I would understand the price and it’s value of having one, IMO

Senfkevin, der dritte seines Namens says:

This Video seems like the ad video by david without the epic music. Most of my points have already been written, but have you seen the video by thepreppersbunkeroutdoors about this knife? This knife does NOT replace a hatchet, it is NOT a one tool option and D2 is NOT easy to sharpen. For 300 bucks, this is a joke.

Darth Croll says:

Great review discussing the features and possibilities with this knife. It doesn’t fit my interests/needs, especially for that price. I would rather go with my Rtak II as my large knife and the Esee 6 for my mid-size (both tricked out by the knife connection) for less than the starter bundle. Not saying its a bad knife, just doesn’t really work for me. Keep up the excellent content and hope you keep yourself healthy brother!

Filius Martis says:

Apex overpriced knife for gullible casual buyers

Thomas Jackson says:

Isn’t this his $500, kick starter knife?

Looks really similar to the Papa Bear…

MickyMouseLimited says:

Unfortunately this review didn’t show your honest opinion about this product. I was expecting a conclusion on the end and not an open end question. This is an advertising video not a review.

Ben Lipke says:

I’m not sure why people hate this knife so much. Sure it’s a little pricey but everything is made in America which is rare, just cuz there may be knives out there that will do the same thing for less does not make this knife bad.

dirtime says:

Only the brain is one tool option. I like my knife to actually look like a knife and not a $300 mini shovel.

steel loving you says:

There are so many options this day in age. For the price??????

Brian Krucelyak says:

$300 for d2 is insane. Waaaaaaaay overpriced. So many better options out there for that price range with far superior steels.

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