Ultimate Survival Tips MSK1 Survival Knife Review – Long Term Testing Begins

The MSK1 Survival Knife from David at Ultimate Survival Tips has sparked a lot of controversy in the YouTube knife world. So when David asked me at Blade Show 2018 if I wanted to test one I decided to do a long-term evaluation to find out how well it actually performs over the long haul. You are invited to come along as we kick off a brand new series of videos tracking this knife over the next few months.

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shcmoly says:

I look forward to future testing.

40belowful says:

you must do a dart (real darts) not the soft tips test:):) as your a great knife thrower so should be great at darts:) keep on rambling Bryan:)love the fatwood:) Great review Bryan:)

Terry W. Milburn says:

Lots a Bang fer yer Buck there, Bryan Thanks ! ATB Ter God Bless

northEASTERN bushcraft says:

It’s to thick I dont doubt it wont break but al I see is pry bar

jonnyboat2 says:

This is the review of reviews. I’ve been waiting for this since this knife was conceived and made known to the public. No one will do this better than Bryan. Loving it so far, can’t wait for the rest. This is the only review of this knife I’ve seen and probably the only one I’ll need or want to see. I envy you so bad right now. Aside from a Habilis, this is the only other knife I want.

Average Joe says:

I have a Bark River Bravo 1 with a fire steel. This looks like a cool knife too.

kidbach says:

im waiting to see what the morally upright oath taker has to say after a fair bit of use. oh and if its not for you, dont buy it.

USNVET81 says:

Best part…. skittles!!!!!

wacken53 says:

400 $ is the price for a medium folder made in USA (like Winklers or ZT) and here you get more knife at all

Jason Pettit says:

hey i own that knife yeah its expensive,but it works great you take care of it and it will take care of you,other than the price,its a great knife ,,nothing bad to say about it ,,,but the price

Don WS4E says:

Seems a bit much. You could get a fully custom made and designed knife set from William Collins for that price. Much rather spend that kind of money with WC myself.

Calvin says:

I have this knife, just the cheapest option though, and I think it does everything Dave said it would, I’ve used it for about the last year . It’s not task specific but can do everything I need it to. Shelter building, bow drill carving, gutting fish, etc. Used as my main knife it gets a bit heavy in the hand after a while but then It is a big chunk of metal ! I have lots of different knives over the years and too be honest you adapt to whatever tool you have with you !

Jim Rafferty says:

I personally believe that the reason people criticize the knife is because they cant afford it, why don’t he get as much professional advice then save up for the expensive tools, I just for the first time bought a certain expensive axe after only being able to by cheep ones, the difference was unbelievable glad I bought it.

Jim Rafferty says:

was it my imagination or did the knife half destroy the first fire steel? could you please show the fire steel next time please.


Lmmfao good luck with this one if nothing else you’ll get mad views lol. Hype lol.

Tim Cummings says:

As always Brian you do a great job, a real person calling it like he sees for the common man.

Survival On Purpose says:

NOTICE !! I just wanted to leave this quick comment here. I usually try to reply to every single comment I get on every video. That is probably not going to happen this time, for reasons I’ll explain in a minute.

As I said, I am going to do a long-term evaluation of this “survival knife system”. I’m going to focus on actually using it and do my very best to demonstrate the components “in action” so you can see for yourself how well they do or don’t perform. I’m not going to presume to tell you whether or not it is “worth” the asking price. That is a very subjective question and only you can answer that for yourself. Which is why some people drive Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys and some prefer Mercedes, BMWs and Audis (as examples).

So… as for replying to comments on this video….since (for the reasons I mentioned in this video) I know this has become a controversial product, already there are lot of negative comments trashing the knife, it’s designer David and even me for daring to not trash it too. I have a full-time “day job” and I just don’t have time to respond in detail to everybody who wants to tell me why it is such a ripoff and David is such a crook. SO, I am going to take a tip from Chris at PM101 and try to address as many of the concerns, critiques and downright insults in the future videos in this series. I think that is a better solution than just giving flip answers. So please don;t be offended if I don’t respond to your comment, good or bad. Just stay tuned and hopefully I’ll address it in a future video.

Finally: YES, I know Jacob from Preppers Bunker Outdoors has made his opinion about this knife crystal clear. I have met Jacob a few times and I respect him and his opinion. BUT, I want to form my own opinion based in my own personal experience using this gear over time. I’m going to share that experience with you and we’ll see how it goes. I hope you’ll join me. – Bryan

mister smith says:

For $400.00, they should have thrown in lobster not Skittles!

Ozinga says:

I’ve always liked and enjoyed his channel but he made a enormous mistake putting his name on that pile of #@$%.

Jesse Detrick says:

I like it but it needs to be s35v or cpm 3v.

Gear_N _Kloudz says:

For everything that comes with it, $500 is worth it since alot of people spend that much on a folder! Lol

Unholymackrl says:

if your woods wet ..its a good day 🙂

Drvinnieboombatts says:

D2 is great, about 10 years ago before, CPM 3V, which is about 4X tougher

Andrew Sheehan says:

Good to see more testing of this knife. While i’m not a fan of this knife nor style, I do want to see some real world testing. Hence it’s labeled as a “one tool option” It should handle a lot of things right? When you chopped through that piece of wood, it looked like real struggle. and you kinda looked frustrated. Granted it did get the job done but not great from the looks of it. Looking forward to see long term testing of this knife.

Ike says:

I think it looks good for the survival arena. We know it’s not a camp or Bush craft type knife. It’s for covering multiple scenarios. Price point means I’ll never handle one though.

C McClellan says:

Just one question (for now). I have noticed on almost every knife review that I have seen from all sorts of people, that everyone seems to “quickly” spin the knife around and over and end over end like a car tumbling down a mountainside. I’m not a “gear reviewer” so is there a reason for “spinning” the knife and not holding it still? Always been curious about that.

Tim Cummings says:

I have a lot of experience with these grinds, won’t cut, will pry and baton like crazy and from the looks should have longer and designed to cut and slice as knives were intended to do. Granted I have not purchased this knife, so i could be totally wrong, but have used like grinds. Many more knives out there better suited to the intended task and with many high end and several budget options I will pass at this price point but would have paid 300.00 had it been in 3V or even O1. Even Medford is getting away from D2 because USA D2 it’s being compared to Chinese D2 that it’s cheap while the USA D2 is really not the same, but that never is considered. Again, I don’t own one now, but it the price drops i may have to add it to the collection of fixed blades.

Skymouth says:

Is the knife able to be sold separately?

AnonymousSources Reloaded says:

_This _*_”Survival Knife System”_*_ is not for the average bloke. Chances are anyone looking at this blade would already have all these extras. Nice blade though._

Frederick Steinmann says:

Dave is a nice guy, respect.
I have quite a few 300 Buck knives and all of them perform better than this one…
Same toughness etc….
Just a message…

keep it civil please

Cain tuckee64 says:

Hey Bryan, seems like at least a ton of options on the website! The price is drastically reduced by just ordering the MSK-1 knife and Kydex sheath!

ironfae says:

Two things-
1- Never trust a factory edge.
2- D2 steel is NOT survival tough.
I can think of 3 knives under $100 that can do all that work in half the time and STILL shave your arm.

chiefkirk says:

Good job Bryan. Awesome knife.

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