WCSK: Field Testing & Review of the William Collins Survival Knife

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I was given the opportunity to field test the WCSK (William Collins Survival Knife) over the course of several months. The knife I tested was a prototype sent to me by fellow Youtuber Blackie Thomas. When I first saw the knife I was a bit skeptical as it is much different from the knives I am accustomed to using, however, after getting to use the knife a bit I was pleasantly surprised at how well it actually performs and how versatile it is considering it’s size and geometry. It really is a very well thought out design and as with any WC Knife, the quality and workmanship is excellent. Check out other knives by William Collins at www.wcknives.com.

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Kevin Bowen says:

Glad to see you back brother!!! Great, thorough review. Did you happen to try the bowdrill diver on it by chance?

Michael C. Lewis says:

Matt, you and Blackie are gonna talk me into buying that knife yet! Lol Great review brother! See you at Frozen Foot!

Todd Gibson says:

Great job…!! William is a master craftsman….

Richard Jones says:

I like the look and function if thus knife. I just don’t know about spending $300 on it.

Black Hat Bushcraft says:

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618 Bushcraft says:

I always appreciate knife reviews!!!!!

James Dodson says:

Great review Master Matt. Initially when I held that knife, I thought it may be to bulky for me but after watching your review I feel you showcased it in a way that showed it’s versatility. The knife I feel is still a bit cumbersome however it would be a great tool for light hatchet work.

TurtleWolf Pack says:

Some of the people that have reviewed this knife are less than useful, this review was very good and deserves a reshare!

Steve Ross says:

While quite a nice and somewhat useful product, the purchase price (including leather sheath: around $700 AUD) puts it well out of my price range!

Robert Little says:

Grt video. Good to see u. The WCSK is a grt knife. William Collins seems like a good guy & he certainly makes a grt knife

Mike Boone says:

Time is the secret to understanding any tool and if the time is not put in your just cheating your self .Great review Happy Trails.

Reverend Christine says:

Looks like a wonderful tool.

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Thomas Cronk says:

I prefer my master woodsman only knife other than my custom bushcraft that i wont sell

Tony M says:

Good to see you back with another video Matt. Was getting concerned.

TAC-HILL says:

I have truly missed your videos brother glad to see you!! A most excellent review of a very interesting blade. I like it alot and i do see it more as a combat styled blade but you definitely put it through its paces!

phillip merritt says:

It’s good to see you back Gartner I missed you. Keep up the good videos and I can really tell that you put a lot of effort in them thank you very much. Gingda

2010chingonoutdoorsman says:

Great review/video. Knife looks to be awesome. Take care & keep enjoying the great out of doors. – Marco

Earl Hayes says:

Great Review Matt that Knife is like a Mini Machete pretty Diesel thanks for the review on the panedero 7 inch carbon steel skillet !! I got one and i love it great video work also Earl

Arthur Cropper says:

EXCELLENT review! That was one of the best, most comprehensive knife reviews I’ve ever seen. BTW… I love that knife! Keep ’em coming.



mrwes100 says:

A very good review.

William Collins says:

Thanks Matt, a very good demonstration of the knife and and some of the survival intentions of the design. Even after a year of using this knife I still find new and inventive ways the design helps and eases the task a woodsman or survivalist would use this knife for. It is the most versatile knife I have ever used. Again, thank you for taking the time to demonstrate and share your thoughts on the knife and my work. I have added this video to the WCSK playlist on my channel for those who wish to see the WCSK in action for many other task and other people’s perspectives.

themichiganwoodsman says:

Great job on the video Matt. Looking forward to more content. Love them WC Knives for sure

Carl Levingston says:

Great job demonstrating this knife! The first time I saw it the design and features seemed very confusing. As a knife guy I am knife poor but plan to sell off some of my collection and order the WCSK. TX!

Toney Johnson says:

Good review. I met Blackie this past fall and saw the one he was carrying and I will see him this weekend and will give it a closer look. Enjoyed the video.

Erich Von Wachter says:

Good to see your review B.H. I’m lucky enough to own a Junior Woodsman and I can say that while unconventional, there is nothing else exactly like the grip on a William Collins Knife. Most knives can’t do ONE blade grind perfectly let alone TWO on a William Collins Knife. Take care brother

Adrian Hall says:

Very good knife review. Thanks Matt

Northern Woodsman Elite says:

Very nice video review I enjoyed it

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