WOW! Best Wilderness / Bushcraft Survival Knife? – David Discovers Habilis Bushtool Survival Knife

I Recently Stumbled on one of the BEST Bushcraft / Survival Knives that I’ve EVER Seen. My jaw about hit the FLOOR when I realized what I was looking at… and I Knew I Had to Share this Really Sweet Bushcraft / Survival Tool with You!

So here it is…my full interview with Steven… the Inventor of the Habilis Bushtool.

Enjoy… ~David


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~ David


martK banjoboy says:

They are charging $199 US for a knife that you need to send to a cutler to regrind properly. So what, another $150 bucks to get it reground? We are up to $350.00 US and behind the 8 ball. No thanks. As others have said, being a survivor is not something that your pocketbook can BUY BUY BUY BUY. There are a lot of retired NBA superstars that can attest to this factoid.

Daniel Thomas says:

i was not impressed with mine handle way to thin and the blade edge was like a saw it had teeth running the whole blade.

James white says:

why did this guy start blabbering about making a flute in a survival situation? I’d be more concerned about food rather than the next Ian Anderson.

Georgie Ocasio says:

I really like the knife, if I ever spend $200 bucks on a knife this will be it for sure!

James Ritchie says:

Yes, take a skinny edge and make it even skinnier with a secondary bevel.  Yeah, that increases strength.   And a secondary bevel is soooooo much easier to take care of in the field than a real Scandi.   And a twenty-seven degree angle!!!!  Wow, that means it’ll be sharp enough to shave with.  Oh, wait, no it won’t.  It might shave hot butter, but that’s about it.  Sure, no one else thinks about using a spear point to drill holes in wood.  No one except the five hundred knife makers who beat you to it.   And, of course, all those who later learned that a drop point does the job even better.  This knife is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen.   There are REASONS why knife makes don’t produce Frankenstein knives, which is all this is.    I suspect a lot of know nothing amateurs will grab one, but unless he’s faking it for the camera, I can’t believe David is falling for this complete crap.  It’s unbelievably dumb in every way.    A pseudo-Scandi edge?  Really.  Good God, that’s as stupid as it gets.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah David, We live and learn, that Habilis Bush Tool has a awesome Anvil towards the front, I would like to check with the designer because I don’t think it’s like that just to baton on the Anvil but when you pinch your fingers close to the edge you have great control when carving with a big knife, I heard William Collins talk about that and I saw a Tribesmen carve a bow with what appeared to be some sort of machete, but he also pinched that machete close to the edge and used it like a small knive. I think that Habilis Bush Tool is narrow enough at the Anvil, please check with the designer and see if I’m right.

snevarc says:

ugly ass knife right there. why would you have a scandi grind with a secondary bevel? knife makers running out of gimmicks or something?

Blake Lynch says:

Do a review on the ironworks jack multitool.

TyRCelto says:

ive got hundreds of dollars worth of knives, Condor, Cold Steel, Ontario, Spyderco, Leatherman, Schrade, Esee, S.A.K., Glock, Hultafor, Svord, Morakniv, Bahco, Opinel, etc and what knife do i use most often? A 50 cent boot sale Soligen, it sharpens amazingly well, has a full flat grind, 6 inch blade and is the best all round hunting/fishing/skinning knife i own.

j lin says:

dave lol what a joke


Where and how can I buy one.. love it..

KrownSkull says:

yet another knife entering into the already crowded market. every knife makers philosophy is like an opinion and we all know about opinions.

randy l says:

Most beautiful knife Ive ever seen.  Really want one.

Fox Knives TV says:

That thing is UGLY. I mean UGLY. Even uglier than BG knives, and that’s ugly!

michael fiedler says:

pls more background music. soundquality is too good and i’m understanding everything 😉

Leah Herrell says:

Every knife designed to be a one-all tool gets a huge following at first then is dismissed.

John Huynh says:

not sure why all the hate

grantoyamaha says:

Looks big and clumsy , not a fan but each to their own .

Lieven Slenders says:

Hello, could you do a review on the “cholera” made vultureequipmentworks(.com)?

Tyler Newcomb says:

Hey David! Have you ever done a review on the Ontario RAT series or TAK? If not,would that be a possible due review? Thanks,

Cocio Blade Reviews says:

should have a sharper point for stabbing. if you have to defend your self against any predators. otherwise spot on. 

Nick Hall says:

all this knife is missing is a convex edge!!

Doodley Squat says:

Quality, but production is nowhere within reason. $200 is ridiculous for this. $120-150 at best. I guess the ridiculous inflation is for him sitting on it for 6 months eh?….

Luke Watson says:

My favorite knife is the Timer Wolf Camo Survival Knife and kit. I have batoned wood and built shelters with it, and it has proved to be a trooper.

loren falk says:

he looks like a little pussy.

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