Wow! SOG Force Survival Knife Review – Best Survival Knife Under $100?

NEW SOG Force Survival Knife Review from – Today we’re taking a look at the SOG Force Survival knife and comparing it to the SOG Seal Team Elite knife. This is a great knife, but is it the best survival knife under $100. Let’s see…

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The SOG Force is an excellent survival knife for military and tactical applications, diving, hunting, camping, backpacking, extreme adventures, a bug out bag or emergency kit or for anyone who wants a nice all purpose survival knife that is designed for a lifetime of use and ready for just about anything, when called up for duty.

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Simply put the two items below in the front pocket of the SOG Seal Team Elite or SOG Force Survival Knife Sheath Pouch… For a Really Cool Survival Kit:

1) SOG Mini Sharpener and Fire Steel

2) SOG PowerLock Multi Tool

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Many owners comment on the SOG Force’s tough build and quality materials often saying that the SOG Force is built for a lifetime of use… and often comment that with the tough, over molded handle, there’s really nothing to wear out.

We rate the SOG Force survival knife at 4.5 out of 5 stars for the exceptional quality of materials in it’s price range, the tough over molded handle, it’s durability, edge sharpness and retention, and how good this knife feels in the hand and performs in the field.



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Dakota John says:

Did it come sharpened out of the package?

Jeremy Clarkson says:

579zł na CQB. Trochę sporo. Trzeba by sprowadzać 🙂

flappy dab says:

I need some help I can’t decide between this or the bk 7 please help

Kimble Murphy says:

I appreciate your review of this knife, and I will purchase my first knife.

Susie Fiedtkou says:

I nееd а *smаll* multi tооl with *knifе*, рliеrs, wirе-сuttеr, bоttlе ореnеr, саn ореnеr, sсrеwdrivеr… Cаn аnyоnе rесоmmеnd mе sоmеthing аррrорriаtе?

Dimi Domo says:

One must subtract another star and 1/2 because the SOG survival crapola is made in Taiwan; which is the same as saying MADE IN CHINA. More than likely, product had been designed in the US but manufactured and assembled in Taiwan using Chinese steel. Grrrrrruph.

Ben Kenobi says:

I love your videos because they are concise and to-the-point. I think I have watched this video more than any other video on youtube. Thanks for the great reviews. I finally just got this knife after watching a ton of reviews on 5-8 in survival knives.

Goattacular says:

Just curious, how is it that not a single KA-BAR made it to your final list? I’ll probably get a SOG one of these days, but I don’t know. The sheath on that is the only aspect that trumps my leather grip 7″ straight edge USMC KA-BAR, which I was able to buy brand new for about $55. Even the KA-BAR throws like a dream. I do collect knives of all types and quality, so I may end up adding this SOG to the collection, as it looks like a cousin to the KA-BAR as far as quality goes.

ILikeToHike says:


Tyler Plumley says:

I want it so bad :3

pjradz says:

Just looked up this knife on the SOG website. Price is $180. Here are my thoughts. I absolutely love the look of all SOG products and knives. But i have a problem paying that much for a product made in Tawain. Suggest changing where its made and you’llyour triple your customers.

Jaser Rq says:

schrade 52m please

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah David, I never thought much about a AUS 8 Stainless Steel, until I got my S.O.G. Seal Pup Elite, that knife actually changed my mind about the AUS 8 Stainless, I think it’s the Cryo Tempering they do because mine really hold’s a good edge. I think I have a decent and I know not the best, but what I do have I like or I wouldn’t of got tgem except for one it sort of fell into my lap and boy am I glad I was at the right place at the right time. My friend was closing his knife bussiness and had a few knives that customers ordered them but never picked them up, among the knives were the Fallkniven Northern Lights Series #3 Njord, the Puma Oak Handle Eiche Wolf, a God Father Blue on Black Switchblade I think it’s a ProTech, or something like it, but a very quality Switchblade, and a few others especially a throwing hawk, all for $400.00. Anyhow the Njord is part of my 6″ Stable, a very beautiful knife. I also was able to buy a Bokor Vox 2011 Collection, I think it’s a beautiful modern style 6″ knife, it’s in 440C and it’s tempered great because it holds a great edge too. I also have a complete set of Rodent Knives by Swamp Rat, when it came to getting a 6″ blade I didn’t like the tactical look of the Rodent 6 for what I do in the woods, so I had the blade thinned down and the top gaurd taken off and now it look’s like a beefy Ratmandu on steriods and became my Fav’s 6″ blade. Oh also I have the Fallkniven A-1, plus some others in that size. So you see I have a nice variety of steel. That’s why I can compare the AUS 8 Stainless S.O.G. uses. If the S.O.G. Force uses tgat Cryo AUS 8 then I have no doubt it’s a good Survival Knife. It’s just that I have a decent stable of 6″ blades, getting another 6″ blade might be too hard to use it in rotation, But I defenetly will try to get it because I’m so impressed with the edge retention of my S.O.G. Seal Pup Elite. Dave you do some great reviews and this video sparked my interest on the S.O.G. Force. Thanx David. Oh last night I cleaned and consolidated some boxes and found a knife I was looking for. I found a Meyerco Bob Terzuala CQ -1 I know it’s really a tactical knife but it wa also designed as a field knife, I’m getting into holding my knives differently when I carve and the pointy tip might just work out great to delicate carve. I know it’s 5 1/2″ but it’s all about how you pinch the blade close to the edge to get better control when carving, I feel so happy I found it in time for coffee on the open fire. That’s what I’m talking about., again Thanx David.

Vlad S says:

will this sheath fit bear grylls pro knife?

Todd Klekotka says:

I like the knife but that steel, I dont know. I prefer my Schf9. It has a good length and a comfortable handle. I have used it and been beating it up for 6 months now…only had to sharpen once so far. With some practice, doing normal woodcraft/bush craft tasks, becomes easy. The sheath is OK but you can make or have a custom made for less $ from the right person. Schrade also has an excellent warranty and customer service. Schrade’s cost less but are built with high quality,IMO.

Bush Camping Tools says:

The human hand when it closes over any object especially a knife handle, wants a narrowing butt end not a wider butt end as many manufacturers and reviewers  want you to believe. Don’t believe me? Grab some modeling clay squeeze it between your hands and look at the rough shape it makes, Yes that’s right, it’s generally wider in the middle and narrower towards the end. This SOG handle is designed along with ergonomics taken into account, albeit not the greatest but none the less ergonomic for the human hand.

go suck 1 says:

never can go roung with smith and westion

legoy10 says:

Is this knife waterproof?

Serapis Bey says:

Best survival/outdoor knife under 150$ price range….??

BennyCFD says:

The biggest reason most people spend that kind of money or more and sometimes much more,  spend it for the name recognition and the ooo aww cool factor.  Lots of very good non brand name knives out there for under $50.   I bought a Colonial USN navy survival knife for $10 at a flee market.  High carbon steel blade, no fancy designer alloys, rusted and pitted.  I cleaned it up,  Solid blade, very sharp.  Used it to batoned wood,  Gotta love those good $10 knives.  They’ll save your life.

Jesusandbible says:

handle is too hard, rough and unforgiving on a bare hand doing lots of work in the field.

Mark D says:

David: Thanks for a thorough evaluation, presented with your usual flair. BTW, what’s the background music?

MisterFreedom says:

Love your reviews. Very thorough. Thank you for your time and effort in bringing us these videos

Paul_Dodds 12 says:

If you haven’t already, please look into a review the SOG SEAL Pup with a tactical Nylon Sheath, it’s pretty good from some other reviews I’ve heard, but  I have wanted your opinion on it and will start looking to see if you have a review up on it! 🙂

Boomer Taylor says:

A lanyard would be pretty much a must have to be able to grip and retain the knife for extended or hard use.
And, please, as you say it a lot and do a lot of reviews… It’s POMMEL, not “pummel.” 😉

Logan Colberg says:

Hey David how does this knife stack up against the cold steel srk and the sog creed as a survival/camp knife. Love your videos dude, stay awesome.

NC MTN MAN says:

It is a nice knife but, I wouldn’t say THE BEST. I guess it depends on the person. Personally I prefer an ESEE or Ontario Ranger Falcon. But that’s just me. And don’t forger the TOPS line of knives.

Dod Rc says:

Best Survival Knife Under $100? Schrade F36 or F37.

Trung Hieu Tran says:

Is this knife made in U.S.A.?

tommy manning says:

is it American made knife

chris smith says:

I had the SEAL Elite, but sold it and got a SEAL Pup. The SEAL team knives are way too big.

Svil Buscus says:

I will definately put this into a BOB

Ryan McCullough says:

Don’t listen to this, I had this knife and it sucked, I had problems with the steel and told my friend not to get one but he did anyway and when he did he threw it at a tree and the knife literally broke in half about an inch up the blade from the Handel

John F. Kennedy says:

Just take the sheath to your local tailor and have her sew a snap to the sheath if you prefer that. And be careful about bundling your multi-tool to the sheath compartment. You loose one you loose them all.

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