Best Survival Blades: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Farmer, Gear Test and Review

There are those times in life when you find that sweet spot, not too warm and not to cool, not too big and not to small, not too hard, and not too soft. Those are the times when you can breathe a sigh of relief and the world seems just a little brighter. The Victorinox SAK Farmer may just be one of those finds. With, most of the features a person would need under normal conditions and none of the hype and window dressing that would make it hard to have around, this knife has found a home in the E2E arsenal.

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TheStig ZeroZeroZero says:

If Victorinox could include the toothpick / tweezers with the Alox scales, I’d Immediately buy several knives. I always carry a Victorinox of some type. I just find them to be so useful. Usually it’s the Climber pattern, because I like the scissors.

Tanner McSeegers says:

@Tanner McSeegers have the non-serrated version of the trekker

jkampmeier says:

Good review as always Adam! My personal EDC blade is the Fieldmaster. My requirements were the saw and phillips head. There are a lot of models that have the saw with the corkscrew but that’s not something I need very often. I use the phillips head at least once a week. It’s great that SAK has so many different models and you can pretty much get exactly what you want. Stays in my pocket every day. I keep a fixed blade in my EDC backpack. Usually ESEE 4 or BK16. Sometimes ESEE 3 or Laser Strike.

shcmoly says:

My dad bought me a farmer when I was in Scouts, 35+ years later I am still using it. Thanks Adam.

Get Woodcrafty says:

I just bought the Swiss champ with a LOT More stuff than that for 65 dollars. get one

Andrew Brindley says:

I love them.

fredde90210 says:


zeppelinreconops says:

dude your my favorite youtube channel! i do the same kinda stuff, and youve helped me so much thanks!

Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

Thanks for watching

Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

Thanks for watching

Edward Goodwin says:

well in my opinion you should go with the camper model. it has all of those same tools, pluses you get a pin blade and a corkscrew. which can be used in millions of different ways. plus who doesn’t miss the tooth pick and tweezers. but still great knives and probably the best multipurpose pocket knife.

Maddawwg45 says:

i carry a camper model with me i love swiss army knifes ,btw i got a hi / vis paracord lanyard i made with a skull on top give it that cool factor lol

SkilledBoyScout says:

I like the term “less informed” when describing non-knife people.

Rokh &Roll says:

SAK Huntsman is a great choice its basically the SAK compact and the SAK farmer combined making it ideal for all urban and rural use. Good build quality and materials for a very affordable price.

Tanner McSeegers says:

@roaming1978 I

Cameron says:

I have a sak hiker and love it

pythagoreios07 says:

nice video!! Is that 440 stainless steel?

Papa Bravo says:

Well that’s just stupid. Why don’t you use AdBlockPlus like everyone else and stop bitching about ads, bro?

Joey Rodriguez says:

You should try the Swiss Camper. It’s cheaper and has the same tools but with more

stormproof209 says:

Less informed… Lol

neemancallender1 says:

The awl is a great striker of a fire steel

K N says:

I’m thinking of getting one as a present for my dad. How well does the plate take engraving?

Bigfoot Bushcraft says:

I went with the camper twice lol but man Im loving that awl.

BackWoods says:

I am a huge fan of this knife. I have one in my altoids survival tin. Barely fits.

Equip 2 Endure LLC says:

well built, it’s just a matter picking the model that fits your needs

Chiefs500 says:

I have the same knife and it is my favorite as an EDC and for camping/bushcraft use.  I miss the corkscrew that my other SAK has in place of the saw but you have to make choices if you want to keep the knife slim and compact.  I have tried a number of SAKs over the years and this is one of two versions that made the cut as EDC knives.

nikolas macalma says:

i like how you said that people want look t you funny wen u show it off. i recently went camping and the one blade i thought people would never critisize me for having being a thirteen year old,a mora classic #2, i almost got in trouble with the sheriff.i think i’ll pick one up and see how it goes for me.

luiklessard says:

I was thinking of using that AdBlockPlus program but I realised that the guys from equip2endure and other channels put on these ads for profits… And I encourage that..! and anyways, ads last only 30 seconds most of the time (15 or 20 if your lucky)… I can wait a few seconds..!

totallyfrozen says:

Unless you find random bottles of wine lying around that you just MUST open on the spot, you don’t need the corkscrew. Get the Fieldmaster instead of the Huntsman. The Fieldmaster has the same tools EXCEPT is has a phillips head screwdriver in place of the corkscrew.

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