Best swiss army knife – Victorinox Cadet Review

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My review of, in my opinion, the best Swiss army knife for every day carry. Additionally, I’ll compare the Cadet to Victornox’s top seller, the Classic. The Cadet miraculously manages to fit 2 types of screwdriver, a can opener, bottle opener, nail file, and a great main blade into a package that is light weight and and fits well anywhere, EVEN on a keyring. The main blade is so much higher quality than the swissarmy Classic, and the lock is much more positive. At only around $30 it’s a great gift idea and it’s cheap insurance that can really get you out of a jam.


Daniel Stewart says:

I have to chuckle whenever someone says a SAK is not really for heavy duty use.  Anyone who has been a boy scout can dispel that one.  Plus the ones issued to the Swiss and German army for military use for years were not really much different just a bit larger and slightly thicker tools.  I have had one for over 20 years and it was my only bushcraft knife for years and I plan on getting a new one this year. 

Sumona Florence says:

My ‘Swiss Army Knife’ has a wood saw in it. 

Ian Clarke says:

@ 2:04 you say ‘at one point in time it was chromed . . .’ ! I have news for you, it was never ‘chromed’. Chrome is applied as a metal coating using electro-plating on metal that is likely to tarnish or rust, it is a cosmetic finish and a chromed knife is not a good knife as the edge will lose any plating as soon as it is sharpened. The chrome plating will also likely flake off into anything you are cutting and contaminate foods etc.

I think you might be referring to the polished finish which can very easily be brought back with a fine buffing wheel and a little jewellers rouge but it’s only cosmetic so hardly worth the hassle as it would be extremely difficult to keep the rouge out of the hinge and off the aluminium.

XDSamXD says:

Hey GnG you should really try to get a hold one of the pre-2008 “Victorinox Soldier” is really close to the cadet but it’s the official one issued to the Swiss Army before the new model came along…I love it’s unique style, it’s more distinct, plus they don’t make it anymore so it’s a nice piece to have (and use)…

Kody Davis says:

‘quick’ review!? 9 minutes! aint nobody got time for that!

Mary Cahill says:

For a long time I have given Victorinox as gifts (for women ones with scissors), and they are always appreciated. My personal favorite is alox Pioneer, or the Farmer with the saw for outdoors.

UNITDW says:

You pay the equivalent of £13.50 if you’re American and £29 if you’re from Britain…
WTF Amazon?

van hill says:

check out the SAK compact. that and the tinker are great

Knife Nut says:

I have the cadet in orange and it’s one of my favorite knives. And I have over 100 knives and go up to around $500 and this little orange knife ranks at the top of my list.

seasonedtoker says:

It is pronounced victor-eenox, inox stands for stainless steel and victor comes from victoria the name of the founder’s mother. Just saying! No trolling intended

razvanelena says:

I am no expert, but what is with the light? looks like you are filming in the sun.

Matthew Perry says:

This would be the best edc knife IMHO, but it has the fairly worthless file, instead of scissors. Love the Alox look and feel, but the plastic cover models can come, with a pen and light. That cuts down on the bulk of two important carry items. Nice review.

Özgün Demir says:

I don’t understand how people find cadet the best vic, it doesn’t even have scissors, vic compact is a much better model than the cadet, if only they were making it with metal handles..

GadgetsNGear says:

Haha you should probably avoid some of my other reviews if you think 9 minutes is a long time. This is concise as a mofo by comparison.

Ammo Man says:

I have a red Cadet and it’s a great “gentleman’s” knife for the “pocket”.
The smaller Vic knives are great for the keychain indeed.
For “heavy duty” use I whip out the larger Leatherman’s which are not as polished but can take a real ass whooping. Click “Read More” to see the Hotdog! LOL!!!!!!

Edward S says:

that is a nice knife i got the regular one the super tinker it has the same blade as that one its good knife to carry with you when you go somewhere it may come in handy so you can do something it helps you do it better

DoomDevil says:

What a shitty and misleading review!

bandera001 says:

Got one today in a estate sale (almost new condition) for 5 bucks…

cuddlesdapeaceman357 says:

Actually, the BudK catalog is my favorite cutting media.

Jeffreybean says:

I have the Cadet in the famous Swiss Army red.  A great lightweight and very thin pocket knife.  Good knife for use as intended.

GadgetsNGear says:

Holy shit, I have an abbreviation now. Does that make this channel legit?

The older soldier had an awl instead of the nail-file right? I guess that would be a nice backup if you did a little more woodsy activity on a regular basis. Agree that getting the issued equipment is cool.

vanzetti7 says:

Great review! Thanks heaps 🙂

Tharun Ekkati says:

You’re right the cadet is sturdier,stronger, and has a better feel/design. The original pen knife
I would recomend it for kids, people who don’t use knifes that much.

reddevilparatrooper says:

Back in the late 80s when passing through Switzerland it was called the Infantry model.It has everything that a soldier needs to open cans,bottles,and to maintain his weapon.A very simple pocket tool for an infantry soldier.I bought one in Zurich before going back to Germany because somebody had stolen my Camilus Army pocket knife.Once i got back state side i lost my Infantry model as well.Years later i saw the same knife this time called the Cadet so i bought it and i still have it attached to my keys.

Chauzenoux says:

I always wear a Victorinox Swiss Card Lite, a Pioneer and a Leatherman Fuse. Quite prepared for amlost anything XD

XDSamXD says:

Yes plus, I found it at a local dealer, he didn’t knew it was out of production and quite a collectible so he gave it 30% off… The opened awl and blade (simultaneously) make the knife the right lenght for locking the inside spring of the swiss army G550 rifle while disassembling… It’s obviously usless for anybody else but it gives an idea of what a multytool is meant to be… It’s really stylish whatever version, alox sak are really pretty things

Jay Hooghuis says:

Got an orange one today and I love it

BOB Brown says:

Dear gadgetngearAs a swiss officer i can tell you that there newer was a different knife for officers and soldiers. Basicly we only have one knife for all ranks. The old model was silver, the last version is Green. Red ones are not for the military. And an toher thing to know, at an original swiss army knife distributet by the swiss army there is never a cork bottel opener, never. Regards from sunny switerland

Hawkeye the best says:

5:59. It`s no wire stripper, but a wire bender, to make a fisch hook. Great vid i have te same knife on my since 1991 it was a gift from the army.

log1x07 says:

good review…kind of funny too ^^

Dutch Bushcraft says:

Nice review. But the wire stripper does work if you know how to use it.

Russell Tevelson says:


GadgetsNGear says:

Glad you liked it man. Informative is good, informative & humorous is better!


stockholm17 says:

Sorry, I don’t mean to dis you, but how earth has a faux Phillips screwdriver saved your ass a bunch of times? It was just a funny thing to say, and I had to laugh. Just joshing with you, and I like this knife and your video, but “saved my ass a bunch of times” just kills me. Haw haw.

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