Champion Plus Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox Unboxing and Review.

Whats up homies so today I got a sweet swiss army knife up for unboxing and review. So this is the Champion Plus Swiss army knife by Victorinox. This knife has over 30 functions and is extremely well made and high quality. if you want to pick one up you can get it here Alot of people refer to this model as the best swiss army knife. I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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LokKsiders__ says:

That balisong look so dope. Sad that it’s illegal in my country.

Jared Bauer says:


EmberFlaze says:

Yooo what

Throws N' Brews says:

Hell yeah

Baseball Boss says:


John's supercrazychannel says:


Connor Dowd says:

That’s not a poker, it’s a ball point pen, pretty useful

Satya Rao Tikkireddi says:

They should have included a tool to open all these tools 🙂

germanshepherd13 says:

Don’t forget the pin hidden in the scale by the cork screw

Amber Limacher says:

which zipline strings hold tension longest?

evan Gamer says:

thats cool

Nolan Breedlove says:


Jared Bauer says:

OMG I can’t believe you responded I’ve been watching you for like 2 years and your the reason I started yoyoing

VityaOverStars says:


Liso Campos says:

Does it…..float?

Phyrexian GHXST says:

This is mah shit
love knives

Steven Oquinn says:

That’s a sick knife

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