How to Sew with a Swiss Army Knife Awl / Reamer

This video shows how to sew with a SWISS ARMY KNIFE using it’s Awl (sometimes known as a Reamer). I show how to make a simple stitch with close-up camera shots, and a clear explanation. Enjoy learning this great skill, and please share with friends and family.


Bruder K says:

Thank you sir

Brian Ferris says:

I tried it, it works well 🙂

Donna Saunders says:

Thanks this was very helpful

wisniewski adam says:


Arturo Garcia Perez says:

Increíble uso!! Sólo que se.supone que es para condiciones adversas, entonces de donde voy a sacar una prensa de banco para poder utilizar la navaja?

Andy Man says:

Welcome to 1975!!!

Wilson Miranda says:

Damn! That`s the kind of thing I look for on survival channels on YouTube. Awesome

Jose Peixoto says:

Liked it!

PossumLady8262 says:

Finally! Someone was able to show me how to sew with the awl on my old Swiss Army knife my Dad bought for my graduation gift wayyyy back in the 70’s! Liked and subbed!

Paddy Robinson-Griffin says:

Clearly and simply communicated, thank you.

Travis Rabble says:

I was just using this part of my swiss army knife to torture insects with.

Vivienne Pierce says:

I have owned Swiss Army Knives for the past 55 years and never knew what that hole was for; thanks.

Иван Иваныч says:

Полезная вещь

Pasha Defragzor says:

Swiss Knifes is irreplaceable thing, I am using it almost every day mostly because of a reusable toothpick

P.E.I. Man -Canada- says:

I had a swiss army knife that had a separate reamer and thread set (the hole), I never used it but I kinda deduced it had something to do with knots.

Paranormal News Today says:

Thank you! I knew every feature but never knew how to sew with the damn thing. Now I do!

Adrian Marcelo Paz says:

10 puntos..

Nathan Gur says:

Fantastic video.

mastermind says:

Good info thanks.

iREVIEWitALL says:

very nice usefull video thanks

Carl Manx says:

I have had a swis army knife around the house or with my camping stuff most of my adult life… And I feel friggin stupid for not actually trying to sew with it.. I knew the concept of it just never tried it. That part of the tool also functions amazingly well to drill holes in wood and plastic. Twist In to the direction of the cutting edge.

Geoffrey Carpenter says:


Peter Adrian says:

And here I thought it was just a ventilated marlinspike 😉
Seriously, excellent walk-through.

Demonmixer says:

I’ve one of those knives. That’s the same type as mine; the camping version.

Knife Nut says:

Very cool. Never would have figured that out on my own. Thank you for sharing.

Jablow Maikok says:

Thank you so much sir! I always wanted to know how to use that tool.

Fabianwew says:

There must be a better method of ending it than tying it together outside the lacings seams like that.

Katherine Spencer-Howard says:

Well I never knew that! Thanks for showing me what that bit of my knife is for!

jacksrandomadventures says:

k im now ready for the apocalypse

S5 0014 81 says:

Amazing, literally that is worth a sub

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