Knife Review : Boker Tech-Tool 4 (Outdoor) Swiss Army Knife ON STEROIDS!!!


Blao says:

the serrated blade is obviously a seat-belt cutter to go with the glass-breaker.

planejet42 says:

I don’t care if the knife is well made. I don’t like buying Chinese. I’d very very much rather support the American economy.

gstrader73 says:

It looks like if the serrated blade opened all the way, it would hit the corkscrew. My guess is that’s why it only opens half way. Cool tool and great review as always!

kght222 says:

try taking it apart and removing tools and width. you will probably need new screws, but i think it is an interesting thing to check out. in other words is the design semi-modular?

James Ritchie says:

The Victorinox blade is twice as strong as the fake Boker blade. The “Boker” isn’t on steroids, it’s on Pablum. If you paid more than a few bucks for it, you need to be on cheap wine until you get drunk enough to forget about it. Forty to fifty dollars?!?!?! That’s at least thirty dollars more than it’s worth.

This may be the only knife in the world where the scales are worth more than the knife itself.

Voodoo says:

With all the custom knife makers out there, why can’t we get someone making custom multitools that aren’t the key chain style they only make to get rid of scrap material. I would be happy with one of the big makers offering custom options.

NYHerper & Gear says:

i believe that serrated blade is actually meant as a rescue blade… seatbelt cutter.

Rafael says:

Hey man, could you please tell your list on the top 5 multitool like victorinox ? I will buy the Swiss champ pretty soon ( better be prepared and have all the tool, I don’t mind the gurth of the knife ) and I have the trailmaster desert and I would like to know more companies that make knives like that.

Great video!

LTCirabisi says:

I really enjoy your videos, It’d be awesome to see what your top 5/10/15/100 knives are in $100+, $50+, and $50 and below.

Gary Mercer says:

I recently bought a Fantoni Dweller after a review by ima4star….,beautiful piece of art…love the design and you might want to also take a look at it!!

Rodrigo Teresa says:

Weirdest story for how my SAk scales broke… I was putting some stain on some outdoor chairs in my backyard, and I got the stain on my SAK from using the screwdriver to open a fresh can of stain. I put it in a container filled with 99% isopropyl to clean it off, let it soak for a day, and when I came back to check on it, the scales were warped and cracked beyond repair. The scales then fell off just from me wiping the solution off.

Alexandre Aubrey says:

worth noting that the carbon fibre version is plain plastic with a carbon fibre-looking sticker over the scales (à la Spyderco) if that bothers you.

Voyage Nomade says:

I like the knife , bot I am not a huge fan of the pocket clip . ( and yes , I know it can be removed ) . I wish they would offer the Teck Tool knives with a Shackle ( aka Bail ) on the end . I have been carrying a 1968 U.S. Camillus pocket knife for over 21 years . It has a shackle on the end which I use to clip my knife to a metal keyring holder on my belt . It keeps the knife secure and I can get to it sitting down with ease . I’ve been carrying this knife daily like this since before my wife and I got married , and we’ve been married for over 21 years now . That metal key clip and bail is why I have never lost my knife in all this time . ( well , that and I always but it riht back on my belt as soon as I’m done using it . I never set it down where it can be forgotten ) .

Tom Martin says:

just ordered one. a company in the UK does a red scaled special edition.

sicarii1138 says:

I think that serrated blade is meant to open clam shell packages. Angled to help get a good bite on the plastic.

Dexter Charles says:

they look great but im not buying made in china. boker is german, give me a german product, at that price point. if victorinox can do it, making swiss product in switzerland, why cant boker. actually just make it anywhere but china and that will be good enough, i will buy it.

gear guy says:

the angled serrated blade goes with the corkscrew, it is to cut the foil off of the wine bottle

Daniel Kompolt says:

Meh, looks like a knockoff Victorinox with worse quality control, just for G-10 scales and a clip

Darc 1027 says:

Definitely a cool option thanks for sharing and cheers

young engineer says:

I carry a Leatherman Super tool 300 and for how many tools are on it most people would never need that large of a multi tool, but I found my self using almost every tool other than the can opener. But thatjust happens to work for me.

tony sal says:

i think you may be comparing apples to oranges as they say?! lol

DannoCrutch says:

Very nice. I like the main blade’s geometry. Also like the single bladed one a lot. Nice amount of choices in the line, as well. I’m going to say the little serrated blade is for wine and champagne bottle foils cutting.

A r k says:

REALLY hoping that cut on your hand is from a balisong. cmon man I need another bali vid! <3

DudeZillus says:

The “made in China” sticker doesn’t always translate to lower quality and cheaper price anymore. Apple products are a prime example of this. If the quality control measures are in place and quality parts are used it really doesn’t matter where something is made anymore.

wardog says:

uggg i had a victornox mechanic with the pliers and it was awesome and i was praying for good pliers on this as i would love to request a custom one with pliers saw knife and can opener /driy with bottle/driver on the other side that would have been perfect

Ciel Vert says:

Love the green scales

Khahill Urhsheilf says:

not to be a prick, but thats not an al. thats a leather punch, a al is more of a large needle in apperance. if im wrong about this, sorry, but im sure that is not the case

R Dizzle83 says:

those arent tools to be used in ur everyday activities. its a tool for a survival situation. they’re just not practical to use when there are so many other better options. they’re great if ure stranded, lost or whatever.

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things says:

I’ve owned one of the Victorinox Fisherman SAKs for 30 years – it’s one of my top 5 favorite knives. Good to see another one still in use out there. Cheers.

sir waffle says:

glass beakers on knives are so stupid in a life or death situation use the tip of the knife it doesnt matter

Onix Pyro says:

I will never buy a boker made up my mind long time ago…sooo many qc issues I remember many utubers showing terrible quality with Chinese bokers…sry for the rant…boker Chinese stuff sucks…and also gerber Chinese stuff sucks big time…stay away

TheKimjoh560 says:

It simply doesnt come in the configuration I want. I want the knife, pliers, scissors, awl, phillips head flathead and saw and preferably a can opener. Thats a proper “outdoor” configuration and decent for EDC. A file would come in handy aswell. The victorinox knives are simply too soft in the steel so I was really excited by this o e until I noticed they were are configured by monkeys.

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