Knife Review : Wenger Heritage 1893 Swiss Army Knife


Achilles Capone says:

come to switzerland and only swiss made stuff (olmost)

2-1 BrAvO says:

Looks like a mix between an Opinel, and a Swiss army knife.

Liam says:

hey Jeff I know this is an old video but for future reference wegner would be pronounced vegner because in German the w makes a v sound and some areas of Switzerland also speak German along with French

Tony Farrington says:

I got a 1945 wenger soldiers knife for my 15th birthday. I think that it’s in great condition, what’s it worth?

tawmi says:

I spotted the defect before you pointed it out! Do I get a cookie?

PerrLeo748 says:

Archie Samson, below in the comments, points out, the “w” is pronounced “v”. Why cant americans learn to use other people’s languages, and their own if it comes to it, at least semi-properly? And since I’ll probably get abuse for this, get rid of that lazy slurring accent, too.

Modern Survival Sense says:

Very nice vid. I went looking for info on the original swiss army knives and found this vid of yours. Good info, thanks! I wish they had some non collectible versions of this knife.

Slay Dragon says:

No wonder the Swiss are neutral with these as their only weapons

stockholm17 says:

It’s pronounced, “Venger”, just so you know.

jjskn93 says:

y would they only make 1800 of these??? if they put them into production and put a more realistic price on them they’d make way more money.

Jerry Bowin says:

It is “can’t”, with an apostrophe, PerrLeo748.

Morgan Bryant says:

Thank you for the blueprint *Dear China…*

Dark Liege Of Chaos says:

Every time I search for something knife related (often) I end up on one of your videos. It got to the point where I didn’t even realise I hadn’t subscribed yet! Well I have rectified that.

DustyJumpWings says:

Yo dawg, i put a box in your box, so you can unbox while you unbox!

KnifeTex says:

Man, that’s nice!

Eurotrash4367 says:

Too bad it’s made in CHINA.

P.M. P. says:

Beutiful knife, I just saw the video of u swapping out the front scale on the Tinker.

Dwight E Howell says:

$500.00 for this? Not a user I’m guessing.

Jeremy D says:

That’s not a spey blade, but a spearpoint. I noticed the original you pictured has a clip blade shape… (they don’t all go for $5k)

Andrew Donald says:

Victorinox bought Wenger in 2005, and then eliminated the name Wenger in January of 2013.

Jerry Muns says:

Thanks for the history lesson. I value this knowledge, and appreciate it.

Mark Collier says:

Which is of higher quality Wenger or Victorinox? Thanks.

Jeanne Bollard says:

The knife looks so nice

Finn Heijink says:


PIO Sedonio says:

this knife is classic. Of course it’s expensive!!

Archie Sampson says:

Wenger is pronounced venger

schlangus says:

Both is true

TheTreebrook says:

Saw it before you pointed it out… I feel good!

Sarvejit Singh says:

THANKS AGAINE. and AGEINE [ENJOYED THE INFO from 14.23 to the END] please do carry on with simelier  video.s  for the viewers to ENJOY siemion

Marie Clinton says:

Good but VERY expensive for a small swiss army knife.

tr3nta says:

I have one of these that i found in a tackle box (an original from the time with the circle and Swiss cross on the scale and a clip point blade) and im not sure on how much its worth, ive only seen one online, it was dinged up, a bit rusted with a slightly cracked scale on ebay for 170$, mine is almost like new scales are perfect, with small spots of light surface rust on some of the tools, compared to the one ive found online in its condition i guess it would be worth around 190$-200$ , id love to now how much its actually worth.

jjskn93 says:

and too be honest it would be criminal not too use a high quality knife like that!!

kitedh says:

Wenger > Victorinox

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