Leatherman Micra and Style CS Review. Plus Comparisons to Swiss Army Knife

This comparison review discuss the features of the Leatherman Micra vs Style CS. I also compare these multitool knives to the Squirt PS4, the Swiss Army Knife Classic SD and 58mm Mini Champ. This video should help you decide which EDC keychain style pocket multitool is best for your every day carry needs. I like run-on sentences, don’t you? I think I hit all of the keywords I needed to.

Buy the Micra: https://amzn.to/2CcWgHS
Buy the Style CS: https://amzn.to/2oybu0x
Buy the Style PS (no knife): https://amzn.to/2owDfq8
Buy the Mini Champ: https://amzn.to/2PtSpba
Buy the Class SD: https://amzn.to/2NGLkDs
Buy the Squirt PS4: https://amzn.to/2Pz420H

Info on the Swiss Army Knife Classic SD: http://www.sakwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Classic
Info on the Swiss Army Knife Mini Champ newer version: http://www.sakwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=MiniChamp

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TC Lesh says:

Molly Hatchet

out of stab says:

Wow. One has a bowie-style nail file.

Tony Canniffe says:

Beard’s growing well. Must be that carnivore diet boosting testosterone.

matt l says:

148oz is unfortunately just over my threshold of liking : (

mrblauer1 says:

I own scads of tiny multitools (larger ones too) because I purchased a couple of 30# knife/multitool boxes at an auction. How many do you want? lol
After seeing so many broken and bent blade tips I think every one should carry something like this to use as a pry tool.

Mangustification says:

I usually don’t need pliers nearly as often as I do scissors or screwdrivers, so I end up carrying my Micra pretty much all the time in the coin pocket of my jeans. I really like how small and light it is for containing all of the tools that are most useful to me. One of my many Spyderco folders will usually be clipped next to it in my hip pocket. I’ll also have a BLF A6/Astrolux S1 flashlight in my back pocket next to my wallet. The video that you posted about that flashlight a while ago was actually what convinced me to get it. Together, the Micra, a Spyderco folder, and the A6/S1 make quite the effective and decently lightweight EDC combination.

Christopher H says:

I have both the Micra and the Squirt. The Micra is my favorite.
I bought the Squirt first, thinking the pliers would be great to have, but realized that I use scissors more often than pliers and the scissors on the Micra are much better than the ones on the Squirt. Also, the pliers are too small to be useful for most tasks.

Fabian Taveras says:

I like micra but i prefer the style cs on my keychain. I use the micra in my first aid kit tho. they all serve a purpose.

Bigdawg 1 says:

The style is one tool I use all the time while fishing…kick-ass tool.

exoendo says:

ps4 squirt masterrace checking in

weouchhere says:

Hey I know this is not a PM2 review but … so I have a spyderco pm2 S30v all black… I’m thinking about getting the s110 v blurple what’s you’re thought on it bro!

d meehan says:

Also if you’re looking for another small multi tool to review, check out the gerber dime. I love it.

Trenton Burbank says:

Hey Bro, can you demonstrate your mad Sharpmaker skillz on sharpening the Micra’s scissors? I have both and am damn stoopid at sharpening them scizs…

marshalllaw123 says:

The Squirt PS4 is the only Leatherman I own, and it’s pretty damn great. Also, um… I like turtles.

Clayton Shuff says:

So, you gonna rename the channel Andvanced Multitool Bro now?

Josh Doty says:

Make a decision like an adult? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Timothy Miller says:

Most viewed* Biggest viewed would be my “blade length” as compared to other knives in a given selection.

ModernArnis says:

Another great review…

Recon Ty says:

Loved this review.
I think I have all of those mini multi tools. I really like the Leatherman PS. When I travel that is my go to TSA friendly tool as I had to break off the knife blade on my Victorinox Manager. So pissed! I’ve flown for years and down to South America 4 times and never had a problem. But once in friggin’ Minneapolis and they make me pull it out. Oh well now I have to try and do some kind of cool mod. Great video!

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

Shorter and fatter huh? Just like my penis.

Kent Survival says:

for a split second at the beginning I thought id clicked on my multitool vid by accident haha.. love a mini multitool!

SnarkyPosters says:

Ahhhh… the Micra.

I’ve had one since the were $14 new, still going strong.

Glock Gaston says:

Your sarcasm and paper artwork are glorious!!!

Stephen Ravenscroft says:

Damn..no dimension ant this time

D00MTR33 says:

You’re the only tool I need.

Nathan Marsland says:

“You’re full of shit!”


Christopher LP says:

Whenever I hear “Pocked dump”, my mind goes to a weird place.

Gary Horn says:

Rats. I was hoping we could watch you flick open the tools with hilarious facial contortions. Disappointed, Mr. AdvancedKnifeBro.

xeamus says:

I am a real adult, real grown up boy!

Mt. Baldwin says:

I carry a squirt all the time and rebar when it’s time to get serious (because that’s the only time I wear a belt). I use the squirt pliers a lot, for picking up stuff I don’t want to touch, like a dead mole my cat brought me, or getting a firm grip on something that my fingers slip off of, like a stubborn piece of duct tape or one of those hateful flat tacks stuck in a wall.

Patrick Richard says:

I’ve been EDCing the Micra for about 19 years now. I guess that means it’s pretty good. Is it Valentine’s Day or something? Good review.

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