My Swiss Army Knife Saved My Life – Real Life SHTF Stories

While walking along a path, I encountered two junkies. All I had on me was my Swiss Army Knife, but that was all I needed that day when the SHTF.

Victorinox Swiss Army Trekker Multitool –

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Brian Ferris says:

Thank you.

ecalzo says:

you did great man.. we in italy cannot always carry a knife but.. maybe using it like you did.. screwdriver punch will make the day .. thanks for pointing that out

Jonathan Burg says:

next time have the reamer/awl out lol

Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich Cantacuzino says:

Good for you, I know the feeling!
I started carrying my old hunting pocket knife, granted it is an old knife from the 90’s soviet era with me secretly since last winter of 2016 after several incidents with home breaking and entering, assault on people from….well…”less the civilized people” shall we say, got really scared at one point and started sleeping with it under my pillow, blade unfolded too, this was after some punk broke in to the bottom apartment of one of my neighbours, ever since then I double check the locks on my door like crazy,
The “laws” were I’m from are pretty much stupid and I mainly think of them as guidelines, as when it comes to self-preservation I do not hold back.
Parks and other places are 1 things it gets worse when you are in a bus because the driver can lock all the doors and you might get into bigger troubles, so far neither has happen but at the rate things are going any and each time I head out when it is late I constantly try to do 360 turns

Savage Bearded Patriot says:

This knife should not be a defensive knife (primarily.) No locking blade. If you use the screwdriver as a punch simultaneously with the knife, the blade will close on YOU! carry a real folder for self-defense.

Korla Pandit says:

A “junkie” that was using. Hmm…like a diabetic?

Oreo Carlton says:


screwdriver punch was a great option to stay out of serious legal trouble – better than a regualar punch but not a stab. wise choice!

Just some satanist. says:

I always carry a victorinox bantam

Nixon Samuela says:

Victorinox climber owner here, I use the awl because mine don’t have a Phillips

Nazgoroth says:

Using the philips head like this is actually rather genius. Unlikely to be lethal, extremely likely to hurt like hell.

Copernican Maverick says:

An easily removed belt with a heavy metal buckle is always handy as long as your pants don’t fall down around your ankles and trip your feet up.

TorroDash says:

moral of the story:

buy a swiss army knife. or your own brass knuckles (prob illegal btw)

you have arthritis says:

Recognized it was the Trekker from the thumbnail.

Bushcraft Angrygerman says:

Im glade your ok 🙂

ItsCizza says:

sending you a email of my story RIGHT NOW!

B.Eduardo says:

mines got an awl where the Philips screw driver is, hope it doesn’t fold in though.

Jacob Stacy says:

Yeah I did the same thing except with a key a guy tried to take my mom purse

callous porche says:

I’m a girl from India and my college has perverts who harass me almost on a daily basis so I carry a Swiss knife for my protection.

Sergei Kakalin says:

Genius, very smart

Itz_ CizSky says:

Is it real

Damien Allen says:

Dude what a badass

Xero Of Nine says:

most dont realize it but swiss army knives can make great defense weapons.

Bushcraft Angrygerman says:

I carry a ka bar for edc

bibi green says:

good thing you didnt stab him man. laws can be messed up when it comes to self defense

ROBBANKS666666 says:

Pepper spray is good too saved me 2x

Andres Jaimes says:

I always carry my endura 4(wave) and my training tells me to aim for the eyes, the punk can’t hit what he can’t see

polarweiß says:

Philips heads should be illegal lol

Happy Noob says:

O_o A puddle of blood…..

pancake lover says:


lusciouslou says:

Do not use the actual knife blades on a standard Swiss army knife as a weapon. The blades do not lock when open. It will close, and you will cut your own hand open wielding it. The screw driver as a push knife is much safer.

so steve says:

I have a sak rucksack,never had to use as a weapon,I don’t think I would use it as a weapon

Amy Tyler says:

You didn’t save your life, you saved yourself from getting robbed

Rob The threeA pyro says:

That’s gonna bloody hurt

Warfire says:

And my parents ask why I needed one.

Didn’t get it as a gift or anything but rather long tedious convincing.

I’m more than happy with my SAK (Swiss Army knife)

Brian Nicholas says:

Good idea better than stabbing him and you going to jail.

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