Rare Victorinox Swissflame Swiss Army Knife Review

My Review of the rare Victorinox Swissflame Swiss Army Knife.


Player Review says:

By the way, regarding the message carrier [hook], from a source I found that has been to the Victorinox factory twice and has read a couple books on them:

“It’s a hook used for things like grabbing wire wrapped hay bales, so you don’t cut into yourself. Hay bales are pretty common in the Swiss country-side. There’s a pasture just up the street from the Victorinox factory in Ibach. Beware, the fence is electrified (for the sheep).”

Vincent Gambaro says:

Were did you get it from

Corey Pattison says:

I would like to purchase one. Do let me know, any of you, if you’d like to part with one. cheers

Sandro Feldkircher says:

It’s worth way beyond € 200,- because it is so rare now. I have a Campflame and i keep it even a guy offered me € 250 for it. Nice catch Jonathan 😉

Player Review says:

That’s fantastic! Every knife should have a mini flamethrower. Seriously though, eliminates one more tool you have to lug around.

Chintan Pandya says:

You really found a gem!

Ichiban Moto says:

That’s a bad ass knife. I have never heard of anything like this one.

Steven Castro Conte says:


Nicholas Do Vito says:

@Jonathan Mackie I will pay you ten dollars for this knife. I am serious about this offer. I’m willing to negotiate

Ammo Man says:

Sweet Knife!
Victoria – The founder’s mother’s name.
Inoxidable – the type of steel…Stainless (rust proof)

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