Swiss Army Fieldmaster Knife Review

Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster Model Review. This is a great all-around camp knife and a perfect companion to your main bushcraft or survival knife.

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JimmyCricket61258 says:

Thats my favorite model too. Thanks for the video

T C says:

Thanks for going over all the functions of the Fieldmaster, has about everything you might need, and none of what you don’t need.
Do you or anyone else want to weigh in on the Victorinox Trekker Knife?  It’s a little bigger and beefier than your standard SAK; specs say 4 3/8″ folded, and I think main blade length around 3 1/2″, weight of just under 5 oz. 
I was looking for a good folding saw that is small enough to carry in a pocket, mainly for clearing small branches up to around 2″ diameter.  After reviewing prices on 5″-7″ Silky and Barnel folding saws, I realized I could pick up a Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster, Farmer, or Trekker knife for around the same price, or less (~$30).
Right now I am favoring the Trekker for my uses, thinking it would be good to carry as a secondary knife along with a primary full-tang blade (just as you do with the Fieldmaster).  Reasons I am leaning toward the Trekker for myself are that it features a larger main blade that locks open, and also has a longer saw blade than the Fieldmaster or Farmer.  But I haven’t come across any reviews comparing the saws on the Trekker versus Fieldmaster; if the added length to the saw blade is enough to make any difference in cutting performance.
They also make a one-hand open model of the Trekker, but one reviewer noted the blade on one-hand open models might interfere with grip while using the saw, so I am favoring the standard (2-hand) open Trekker model. (Link to model I am referring to below, if that is OK to post.)

Juha Aaltonen says:

Corckscrew is best tool to open knots.

Dwight E Howell says:

So this is your favorite for a Boy Scout knife. Got it. I guess that might explain why you haven’t reviewed a Boy Scout knife. ?8^)

D Doucet says:

Excellent review as always, Bryan!

Like you and others, I actually went through the exercise of choosing the tools which were of the most use to me and eliminating the ones I thought were mostly extraneous and I came also up with this model! Then, I went on-line and looked for reviews and was pleasantly surprised to see that you had done a review on it, as you are one of my five favourite bushcraft/outdoor channels. I am really quite surprised that this model is not more popular as compared to the huntsman. Perhaps drinking wine is considerably more popular than using a Phillips head screwdriver in the outdoor community, or perhaps it is just one of those “best-kept secrets”. I have owned two SAKs for 30 years now, the first of which is a SAK ALOX Farmer, the second of which is similar to the present-day Explorer, but is not exactly the same- (it has a few different tools).

Anyway, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this very interesting knife more than a year after posting this video on how it has served you. Perhaps you could even post a video update, if it is an item you still use a lot?

Just a suggestion- Still another approach which (I think) would be of great interest would be to do a maintenance/cleaning/upgrade type video where you show how to clean and properly maintain your SAK and also how one can change the scales to another colour and pimp your knife a little- as these are available for about 10$ a set and come in many colours, including hi-vis day-glo yellow or camo, for example, two colours which each have their particular strengths, of course.

All the best and have a great one!

Dert McGert says:

Best knife IMHO of the SAKs. The version that is identical but with a wine opener instead of a Phillips is the Huntsman. But I, like you, don’t drink wine. I got a few of these lightly used on eBay for 10 bucks a pop. Worth every penny. Great vid

Sean Snow says:

I got the big swiss champ 35 plus tools victorinox is great quality

Daniel Wu says:

The little notch is called a wire stripper

David Adjetey says:

Great video as usual. Apart from opening wine bottles, the corkscrew is useful for untying very tight knots e.g. a bootlaces or a knot made with twine if the twine needs to be saved and not just cut. In civilisation it can be used to remove staples and save the nails 🙂

C Moore says:

I was poking around on utube looking at videos and came across yours. Great video and a great knife. Subbed!


great to know they dont all have that goofy corkscrew

Barry Dutton says:

Still going thru your old stuff, nice to see!

Dert McGert says:

Best knife IMHO of the SAKs. The version that is identical but with a wine opener instead of a Phillips is the Huntsman. But I, like you, don’t drink wine. I got a few of these lightly used on eBay for 10 bucks a pop. Worth every penny. Great vid

Jonathan Warner says:

Probably the best all round model. I wouldn’t have that much use for scissors in the wilds so I like the cheaper model called the “hiker” which is the same but without the hook and the scissors, and is more compact. I agree that the corkscrew is useless. The French / Swiss / Southern Europeans might be more of a wine culture so perhaps it’s more useful to them. The model that is identical to this, but with a corkscrew instead of the screwdriver, is called the Huntsman, and is more widely available.

Strangely the Fieldmaster is not always available in the UK – not a popular model even though it’s one of the best IMO.

Bushcraft North of 60 says:

Recently picked up a Sportsman, and I think it’s great, but this Fieldmaster or Huntsman might serve me better in the bush. The Ranger looks good, too, but it’s a bit bulkier. Would genuinely miss my nail file, though.

Cameron says:

This looks like a good knife but i am kind of nervous about getting it because the blade does it lock. Should i get this or a one hand trekker.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

I would like to take this opportunity to implore you to bring back the beard! Also, you started out like a pro! I look back on my early videos and they’re stinkers!

Survival Supervivencia 2014 knife and kit. says:

No  conocia  este  modelo  de  victorinox   ,  me  ha  gustado  mucho  su   canal    me   suscribo  es   muy  completo    saludos   desde  España   🙂 .

Dert McGert says:

Yeah, it was one of those “buy it now” with a “make an offer” option. It said he had “more than 10”. So I made an offer of $50 for 5, and the seller accepted. I think he had then listed at 14 ea, w/free shipping. I wish I bought more…

I gave one to my wife, one to my 14yo, keep one in my glove box, desk at work, desk in my home office, and one in the sheath pouch of another camp knife of mine. Useful little buggers.

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