Swiss Army Knife Review, Swiss Champ


The Swiss Champ, Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate little multi-tool with more features than imaginable. The only tool missing which I wish it had is a torch.
I enjoy doing reviews on gear that I believe is exceptional. Swiss Army knives are very compact but many will ask, “why not use a Leatherman?” Leathermans are great but they’re a lot heavier than Swiss Army Knives.

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There is one model above the Swiss Champ called the “Swiss Champ XLT” and it has a few additional tools.

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kwemboosheck says:

the tool at 5.30. no one knows but it’s suitable for old types of cars in my country. i live in Poland. i’ve been opening such cars as: fiat125p, fiat126, tarpan, zuk, nysa, polonez(the fso model)and (cherry on the cake) vw beetle. i swear true. obviously after the permition of the owners.

Kilometr Do Lasu says:

Nice Review. Thx

Waldschrat Survival & Bushcraft says:

…..what good is Jennifer Lopez for……????

Tee W says:

for the people who Wonder if the Swiss Army champ is too large for a pocket knife… you can buy a belt holster for it. I wear mine everyday Everywhere I Go. attach a key ring of some sort to it which makes it easier to remove from The holster.

Ben Harman says:

I have thought about buying this Swiss army champ but I also been looking at a gerber mp400 which one should I buy?

Orlo Tv says:

How much does it cost??

James Ritchie says:

Absolute junk with a bunch of toys on it that are called tools, all made of cheap stainless steel that’s even worse than Chinese made 440a. The funny thing is that the Swiss Army hates these knives with a passion. They know how junky that are, and can’t stand the thought of being linked to them in any way.

pedro ramirez says:

tengo una igual, al principio no estaba muy seguro ya que el color azul trslucido no es el clasico color rojo.Pero ahora estoy enamorado de mi champeon, buen video gracias desde argentina.

Gotta Eat All The Breads says:

I have used hundreds of multi tools and knives but a Victorinox is the best friend who never fails you.

I bought an older one, (pretty much a Spartan), from an old guy. It looks used but feels new. I still have it and use it. I even bought a mini version for my keychain.

I cannot recommend this tool enough.

Actually Bad Bali says:

We have 2 minutes before that giant boulder comes tumbling down on us!

Ok ok! Just let me find the tool…

(1 minute later)

Uhh…. I cant find the right tool… There are too many….

(59 seconds later)

Aha! Found the to…


Jacket says:

I was laughing at this level of practicality.

bringoutthelegos says:

The hook also acts as a display kickstand. I’ve even heard people using them for a doorstop, as well as opening an oven, and open a drawer door that had the handle pop off.

民主不是你们擦屁股的卫生纸 says:

I have one, I don’t know why it’s called 英雄 in China, it means hero,not champ. It makes me confused.

Valium & Flowers says:

ahhhh a blue one!!!!

kev says:

Have had a little alox sd sak on my keychain for a while now and it’s now indispensable to me. Now looking to complement it with a larger version although I think that the swiss champ is a little large and unwieldy for daily carry/use. Nice video ☺

Awaljot juneja says:

This knife is of how much

Bruce Morris says:

Is there a tent and sleeping bag in that knife somewhere ? If there is imgood to go lol. those knives are great i have one.

ami maru says:

yea i like 80dollar is steel

Joe Z says:

Great Presentation on the Champ….. I have the Huntsman right now and will be ordering the Champ for the usefulness of the extra tools.
Thanks for taking the time

Steven Stam says:

I was going to buy myself a 200 piece sidchrome set for $2000, before I watched this video. I’m just going to buy the knife instead!!

Blind Fredy says:

Wouldn’t it have easier to say cutting wood as opposed processing wood? Don’t take too much notice of supposed you tube experts. Other than that good vid, subscribed.

Penfold t says:

I have the silver one and I must agree this is an awesome knife that is worth every penny that my wife paid (was a gift). I always keep it nearby

Patrick Germond says:

And then Victorinox bought out Wenger and discontuied the world great wilderness survival knife, the Ranger Grip 90. It had a one hand opening main straight blade, saw, and a really good pair of pliers.
Thanks for screwing that up Victorinox. Leatherman thanks you too.

baludoyz says:

is the swiss champ allowed in airplanes nowadays?

Francisyuri Bernardino says:

but cool to

djebril abdeldjalil says:

how much does it costs

FôūÑĐ Graffiti says:


Hasan Alhas says:

how much gram is it

sn737 says:

my step dad has one of these and it has a gip and its grey I can have it when I’m 16

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