Swiss Army Knife Skipper a sailors favorite knife.

The Skipper is hands down one of my favorite knives I have owned. The tools built into this knife cover a lot of sailing chores and skills. The Marlin spike is very useful at sea or on land for working with ropes and knots.

Swiss Army Skipper


Yooper Digger57 says:

Great review I love SAK Blades

Free America says:

What a neat tool! Thanks for sharing it. I didn’t know Victorinox made a marlin spike knife.

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

Big John sent me, adding a buffer of support to your channel. Liked, watched and joined at over 1k…Gratz on making the new goal…

BOWSTAR Channel says:

Very cool must get one, thank you

Lunatic Dad says:

Sweet bro thumbs up my friend btw I got my channel back so happy thumbs up

lonestarrider says:

Sweet knife! I always carry a Swiss Army Knife!

Danny Schwab says:

I was 27 asst manager at a Texaco. A man broke down no shops close. So in between work I worked on it. Think he blew 2 sparkplugs. Didn’t no you could do that. Nut blew the center right out. But I got it running took a few hrs. When my next shift come in I was able to finish. He tryed to pay me I said no. I like to help I made good money. But he says weight have me a knife like that. Was a 79 dollar knife back them and now. But my first special knife and after threifts and all I still have. Can’t remember if mine had that one with the loop think I’ll have to get out. But it’s that knife. I’ll add to a vidoe. Or I did make one and show it last summer like 10 months ago. I’ll go look. But that was 18 years ago. But what was cooler he gave me a pocket maglight. He lives in New york does the ingraving on the knife the flash light. And other stuff but he was driving to Cali to work I was in Alabama he was driving long ways. But in his back window there’s a hat said bubba gumps I loved Forest Gump Back them. He said yea he got from the restaurant in Cali eats there alot. He gave me the hat. I still have that. That 2 things I hold close to me did have dad’s knife he gave me at 7 but so called friends and family stole my buck 110 from 78. Not fare. But o well. But wow thanks for spring I like thinking about that day. Did have 4 shrimp glasses the tall ones they have drinks from at the restrunt but some sold I think 2 one broke ones around here somewhere. Had since 28 I think. But thanks have a good night. God bless

Calvin's Corner72 says:

If it’s always in your pocket how do you use it? Lol just playing. It’s cool all the things they can jam on these. Thanks

shovelhead8 says:

Nice knife. I had not seen this one before. Thank you for the video, Marvin

Lee Ralph says:

Nice Knife Marvin, I had not seen this knife either. Lots of useful tools. They make some great knives, I like the coloring design of this knife verses the usual red. . God Bless, and Thanks for showing this to us!

Grizzlytaco says:

Very nice knife! I love Swiss Army knives! I got 2 of the Tinkers for Christmas! They’ll last forever if taken care of! Thanks for sharing my Friend!!

Ranger Kooky says:

Ty for the share there is

live4wild says:

Sweet Swiss Army knife.

Cmax Arms says:

Very cool Knife!

NIKOS DOULAS NikGyver says:

victorinox marlin spike uses

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