Swiss Army Knives Alox Farmer

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aesthetiscbra on Instagram says:

2 canopeners

Intuitive Survival says:

That very knife has served me well for almost a year.

Allan says:

Thx for the p7 tip

Connor says:

But is this actually useful on the farm?

muddnyreye says:

Most I know use the awl for striking the ferro rod.
Works better than many strikers.

504 Dirt Dart says:

I’d like to have one of the metal ones, just for nostalgia’s sake.

Primal Edge says:

great review

___ says:

When you open your saw blade can you hear it at all? Mine is brand new out of the box and I get a slight audible sound as it’s very slightly seems to be touching either the main blade or the liner.

Syukri Naim says:

If you want to use the back of the saw with ferrorod, try using the base of the saw rather than the middle or tip. That way, the saw would less likely to fold..

Or better still, just use the awl. the awl of Vic Farmer is one of the best ferrorod striker i ever use~

Daniel Stewart says:

Not that I did not like the review but knocking the Victorinox Farmer for the saw not being a good striker is kind of unfair.  It was never designed for that.  Does not make a good hammer either.  That being said as may have pointed out the awl makes a good striker in a pinch.

Jb429421 says:

use the awl which won’t fold because it is being pushed open or use a pinch grip on the saw blade for fire steel striking.

David Cooper says:

Nice review – I agree that a locking blade is better but it is not a legal EDC in the UK due to our strict knife laws. The Alox Farmer however is OK to carry and is certainly worthy of consideration.

quercus says:

Use a broken piece of chert or flint or quartz it will work just fine protect your tools.

Gun Enthusiast says:

Cool swiss army knife. ..good review !

Jerry Adams says:

I can tell you for Bushcraft, the leatherman is not in the same league. The pliers for what, picking up the boiling water pot, use the can opener for that..The saw is the best out because it is design like a real saw with the off-set sharp teeth..I’m talking a tool for the woods, not rebuilding a engine on a Porsche, I got 3 leathermans, Wave, Rebar, and the Supertool 300, but in the woods give me a Farmer or a Harvester.

David P says:

I know this is an older video but I was screaming at my phone the whole time you complained about the saw not being a good striker. I was pleased to see many others already point out the reamer is a better tool for striking. lol But I also feel like the fact that the farmer can be picked up for $30 while the leatherman you compare it to cost $90-$100 should have come up. (currently. not sure if it was closer in 2014) Both are great but idk that the wave is 3 times as great imo.

Dag Ut says:

Tip: Use the awl to strike a ferro rod, its alomost like i blieve it was ment for it. Strikes better sparks that any ferro rod sparkers i have seen to date.

Ben Sheen says:

6:27 thats a bottle opener not a can opener, i think

555 Gear says:

Good comparison with the Leatherman. To me it’s a weight vs. toughness preference. Also the Farmer is a much more beautiful tool.

Texas Jedi says:

Great Model of Victorinox! I love that it has the saw!

Esteban Mesen says:

To avoid that with the saw you can use a piece of wood to push the serrate part of the saw

Dana Keith VerVer says:

I wouldn’t use it. 

DutchKnifeGuy says:

It might not be the best EDC option but damn it is freaking cool. I love the look of those Alox model Victorinox. Those beat the regular red plastic models any day of the week. I love it!!!! AWESOME.
ATB Mark.

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