Swiss Army New Soldier vs Rescue Tool Review

Swiss Army New Soldier vs Rescue Tool, how they are different… size discussion, comparison to 2000 “Soldier” version.


Militia Medical says:

For those in the comments fighting over the glass saw, let’s settle this.

1: there is no need to fight on this comment section.

2: you can cut laminated glass with a saw.

3: this is a glass saw and it works great.

Good overview of both the tools. Thanks for the video.

Corrida Livre says:

Why is the blade difference between the soldier and rescue?

miklospinter says:

The glass breaker is not part of the frame. It’s in the place of the can opener which had to be removed from the Soldier to make room for a glass breaker. I don’t think they would do that, the can opener has been part of the Soldier knife from the beginning.
On the Rescue Tool, the glass breaker and the glass saw can even be replaced without disassembling the knife. An unusual but great feature.

Regarding your idea with the main blade-file-saw:
Victorinox has a tool that is a metal file and saw in one tool, I think that’s as far as we can go.
Just think about a main blade that has a metal saw on the back side: how would you put your finger on the spine of the blade to push it if you have to do some heavy cutting? It would also be dangerous to have a saw on the outside of the knife when it’s closed.
The side of the blade as a file is not that good idea, either. Just think about cleaning the blade after you cut let’s say a piece of cheese with it: it wouldn’t be very nice to clean the file part. And of course, the knife wouldn’t glide through everything as smooth if it had a file on the side instead of just a polished surface.
And I haven’t even mentioned the hardness of the tools yet: Victorinox applies different heat treatment on the tools to achieve a different level of hardness. I assume a metal saw/file has to be very hard to work well, the blade has to be a lot softer so that you can sharpen it.

lifelessperson1993 says:

Why’s your rescue tool black?


the awl is much better on the older soldier’s knife

Poulikarakos says:

on the bottom of the rescue tool is a glass saw not a wood saw

Josh Man says:

you sound like cutlerylover lol

Jason Batson says:

bent 540 its a glass saw u dumbass!

sakpan74gr says:

Good review man! Is the glass breaker part of the frame? If so, is there enough roop to add one in the “New Soldier”?
I always wondered if it would be possible to have a main blade, the sides of which acted as a file, and the other edge as a metal saw. Or would that be a dumb idea?
I wish they put the blade of the “New Soldier” on the Multitoold Spirit X.

Ammo Man says:

They are big and were never intended to be carried inside a pocket which is why they come with belt sheath or one can just keep in a glove box or tool box.

cooldude284 says:

I think they are meant to be in a pouch instead of flopping around in a pocket. i like how the handles are large, because they are about as wide as they are thick, which might feel better than wide, but thin folder

Mitchell Cahill says:

Why would he compare them? There meant for different things

jlind52 says:

The “old” soldier’s knife is the SAK version of the Camillus MIL-K-818, and it’s a *much* better knife than the ones Camillus made, too. However, having seen first hand what the common enlisted soldier does with whatever is readily at hand in the field, I’m not certain I’d want to be handing them fine knives though. Even German troops are hard on the GAK they are issued. I’ve seen some of the older style that were rode very hard and put away soaking wet with blade twisting and bending and cutting edge nicks, evidence of use for all manner of things they were never intended for. Contrary to what some might believe, and unlike the Swiss, German and I believe the Dutch armies, U.S. soldiers were not generally issued a Camillus MIL-K-818, unless they had a special need for one, and they could be procured through the supply system, plus you could buy one. In the era of C-rations, they came with P-38 can openers. You didn’t need the knife, although I used the can opener on my SAK Woodsman instead of a P-38 most of the time.

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