Swiza D04 (Better than a Swiss Army Knife?)

Swiza D04 Swiss Army Knife is a modern take on the classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knives We look at some of the features and function to see how they compare to a Victoria’s climber. Check links below to get your full range of Swiza knives

Direct link to Swiza D04 – https://goo.gl/Q96kbx
Official Swiza Site – https://www.swiza.com/en/index.html

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3D Outdoors says:

That looks really nice.

Stephanie Alexandra says:

Looks like a nice knife – really sharp!, its good to have a choice with these things. Good review 🙂

I AM MOOSE says:

I have seen these before and have always been wary of them but they actually look pretty good. Thanks awesome comparisons.

Lawson Richards says:

I must say it’s a new angle on the Swiss army blade . I like it . Great sharp colour.

Jim Riemersma says:

I like the way the Swiza D04 seems to work pretty easy. I haven’t always been happy with the way I feel like I’m going to cut myself when using the scissors on a Victorinox. But I’d have to try it myself. I realize this has no scissors, but it still looks easier to deploy the blade and other tools. Nice review Sir!

Stray Beers says:

wow. sharp ! i like ! cheers

Nasty Renegade says:

Nice, functional knives. Both brands actually. That grippy surface might be the game changer for me. Nice vid as always 🙂

Iraya Marga says:

For me Victorinox is clear winner of the two. Higher quality and much nicer shape IMHO.

alittleolder says:

This is a very nice swiss army knife. I’ve heard a bunch about Swiza by now. I really need to check them out at some point.

Dan Sharpe says:

Excellent review, thanks!

ogenmatic says:

Always enjoy being introduced to the unusual on your channel. I would say that the Victorinox knives use a steel that’s arguably superior to 440 (C?) but the shape, texture & slotted nail nicks give the Swiza an ‘edge’ so to speak.
Available on amazon here in the US

shovelhead8 says:

I would carry either one, and not feel second rate. A good knife is a good knife. Thank you for the video, Darryl

Pusa Studios says:

Been a few days since I was here and thought I would take a look, great video as always (always great to the classic of the classic knife showcased) and thanks for sharing, always a good watch. Hope you can drop by soon, always love to have you come over. Cheers and all the best and keep up the great work!

Tsai Jason says:

Great review, the knife looks very nice but I never herad of Swiza, I think they should make detachble clip for this knife not same like victorinox force people to buy pouches.


Liked, subbed, stabbed

Shiny Knife says:

That looks pretty.. I don’t have one of those. I’ll have to find one. Love the blue

Richie Coast2Coast Bear says:

love the color of the swiza – nice bit of woodland in there also 🙂

Paul Morris says:

I do like the look of it, also love the shade of blue,ATB Paul


I Like the Swiza more than a SAK !
Easier to open is a Plus.
– better ergonomic design
And I don’t fear change .✔️

Alpha One982 says:

nice video keep with great work

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