Swiza D04 review – a new Swiss (army) knife

My review of the Swiza D04 new Swiss army (style) knife.
I forgot to show you the packaging: it comes in a mostly transparent plastic box that breaks very easily.
There is no manual, not even a piece of paper with “Thanks for buying”, “we hope you will enjoy”, warranty info or anything like that…
This is pretty strange. It would hardly cost anything to be a little kind to your customers.


Wavester64 says:

Nice review…I have this one as well in white – so far I love it 🙂

Thy Pentacle says:

Nice. Saved me some cash! Don’t think I’ll be buying this brand. The Victorinox model I wanted was half the cost of this one anyways and has the same exact tools on it plus a toothpick. lol


Great video did not know about this brand till I saw this. I have not seen these in the States yet. When I do I may get one just to try it out.

stype977 says:

Very nice video 🙂

Vdub Camper says:

Great Video, subbed looking forward to your videos. Atb Dean

GoWild Outdoors says:

Great stuff mate!

05generic says:

Excellent review. Swiza could have a very good product if they care about their mistakes and choose to improve. And about the Victorinox tweezers: I’ve found them to be almost useless. They’re too soft and bend too easily. I wonder if they have always been like that. That is why I now have a preference for Alox scales (I’ve only developed a keen interest in SAK’s in the last few years). I’ve decided that most of the Cellidor scale tools are hardly worth carrying. I can’t say about the pens and electronic stuff as I don’t own any of them. I’m guessing that you’re better off with stand alone items. That said, I might still buy a Compact in the somewhat near future just to have one and find out what it’s like to use the pen.

EnglishKnifeReviewer says:

Nice channel you got here, bud. I think you and I both have the same goals for YouTube (: Subbed, keep the content coming!

MrSharp says:

Great review! I stick with Victorinox I guess.

Avancarga1975 says:

Excelente y muy detallada revisión de estas nuevas Swiza!!!
Tienes un canal muy bueno, estaré viendo el resto de tus vídeos!!
Saludos desde Argentina!!!

Shampoo Wow says:

*_Awesome video! I like it_*

nicestknives says:

Excellent video Miklos, but I don’t think I’ll be buying one until they make some changes

HobieonYouTube says:

Sad world where a little knife like that is illegal so many places! I really like the look of the Swiza, particularly the locking blade and the rubberized scales, but as you demonstrate they need to upgrade the tools, especially I think the screwdrivers. So I’m going to sit on my Swiza money for a while. Thanks for an excellent and informative review!

Chien Lin Chen says:

I think that Swiza’s flaws are minor, and it got clean and elegant lines, it’s beautiful. Good vid!

Lex5576 says:

I still can’t understand what the big freaking deal is with locking blades.  It’s not going to give a would be criminal a rat’s ass worth of advantage in a fight or assault.  The feature is meant to keep the blade from closing back on an ordinary man’s fingers during any legitimate cutting task.

Mr Ragnar says:

Great video! You just saved me $35

Jayson Beslig says:

Thanks for the video miklospinter! Your thorough review have me re-evaluating of buying one between this product and Victorinox. Although, I’m sure that both product are of the high quality, compare to a lot of product in its class.

Szymon Kucharski says:

Good video overall BUT man – SWIZA IS BASICALLY WENGER – they have a lot of experience and they arent new to this world 🙂

israelpiper says:

NOT Swiss Army Knives. That is a branded corporate phrase. By virtue of a government contract Victorinox is the only maker of Swiss knives.

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