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Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT –

My childhood dream has come true… This might be the ultimate Swiss Army knife!

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Gurisa Yudistira says:

Didn’t you forgot the nail? Or there isn’t any nail beside the cork opener?

Gun shot Jax says:

I want one so bad

Aracely Feighery says:

only a hillbilly would carry that

MC SC says:

how can buy this

Eric Mustardman says:

This thing is the ultimate answer to the question which ONE tool you’d take with you on a deserted island if there was a nuclear power plant on that island and you’d have just ONE tool to maintain the power plant, LOL. Not exactly an EDC, I suppose.

RizeBoy 250 says:

When you want buy it to then you go to the website and it costs 400$

DannyGzzi says:

yeah me too im into this things welk im a kid right know

[] HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT [] says:

Looking sadly at my gerber suspension

Gun shot Jax says:

That’s way to expensive

Surleen Kaur says:

best video of unbox therapy

blaberoo says:


Rahul Prasad says:

But can it run Crisis in 4K.

melfakir elfakir says:

Who else reads comments before even watching the whole video?

Keemstar's Son says:

Why the fuck would you use that in a fight

Drawkill Foxy says:


Nathanial Dansie says:

that looks scary

Vela S says:

“Hey, does anyone have a–”


Michael Kautz says:

But does it have a battery usb charging port for your phone!

Xkylefree2401 says:

*the entire swiss army is truthfully in that knife… XD*

MC BuildBattle says:

I’m swiss

Cspenc16 125522 says:

How can you get one and were

Rainism says:

Where is .22 pistol ?

Zereko Gaming says:

What would be cool if you could change the parts in your Swiss Army knife, (make it smaller and bigger) through magnets. That would be cool as you choose what you want and don’t carry excess parts

Surleen Kaur says:

best video of unbox therapy

Peki Pro says:

Tbh i don’t think anybody uses that xD

SmoKingPackRaT says:

I love that thing

internetcafenexus says:

In times of need though, when you loose one you loose all of them. Still, an all in one is way better to surviving than bringing a toolbox with you.

Joey Ramone says:

It looks like a transformer thing

COD legendsniper says:

put your fingers in this pocket knife then close it

Hit-CUBE says:

can you make a knife unboxing series

f i e l d t r i p says:

but can it run crysis

Maxi Becker says:

This dude doesnt really know much about swiss army knives… so annoying

fenafeses says:

this is what women see when they say that a man has 50 things in 1

mr krabz says:

this man probably is schizophrenic because he talks to a non existent person called jack

Josue Perez says:

2:10 his southern accent came out to light

Bio-plasmic Toad says:

very pointless.

Gabi Grigoras says:

i only hit the unlike because was 666 🙂

Phát Nguyễn says:


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