The Victorinox Classic Keychain Tool: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Victorinox Classic is your classic “Swiss Army Knife”, a keychain companion that’s lightweight, durable, and handy to have around. It’s a great little tool, and light enough that EDCing it is easy. But sadly, it’s not enough knife to be a pocketknife, but it’s a bit too much knife to be legal everywhere.

So, the Victorinox Classic is a great little tool, but no replacement for an EDC knife.

For a few more options in this size range, check out this video by my buddy Ian:


Tanner Feazell says:

You should do a review of the Victorinox Boatsman. I use it as an EDC even though it’s fairly large. It has a serious blade on it and better tools than your average swiss.

Bombotski says:

EDC depends on the person.

nolan salwach says:

Just got 3 of these at a gun show , they had a big bucket of used ones for 3 for $10, great to have for the keychain

RealBushMonkey says:

PS- Leatherman has the STYLE model which is closer to the Classic

Knurling_Turtle says:

The most civilian carried knife in the history of the world?

jacob manalang says:

HAHA i forgot i have a ladybug thats in desperate need of sharpening. had that thing for probably 10 years!

cadet replaced my classic. looking forward to your review of the leatherman style. i got one with my skeletool. combo pack or something? i havent really used it, i just threw it in my backpack. maybe i should try to show it some love too

superwatermelon69 says:

If no blade it would be called Swiss army tool

olmmedic says:

I love my victorinox. Cant do without it. Rambler is better. I retired my classic for a rambler. Toothpic is my most used tool.

p0sthuman9 says:

i carry the one that replaces the toothpick with a retractable pen. the pen comes in very handy since i dont normally carry any other pens. i’d skip the midnight version of any of these because those l.e.d. lights arent very good and they add a decent amount of bulk to the tool. i keep a tiny mecarmy rechargeable flashlight on my keys. You should check those out. very small and very bright flashlights.

Felicina Cimino says:

barry cripkey from the big bang theory!

Mitchell Delmar says:

“Be careful buying used, because… ewwww…” Classic. Appreciate all your reviews, Nick. They’re a wonderful thing.

Bas van der Meij says:

Hmmh, I have actually used the blade for plastic cordage, zip ties, cardboard, tape, etc..

I think it is capable enough to do the majority of tasks I do on a daily basis and well, to me it has proven itself to be just that.

RealBushMonkey says:

I love these, and consider them an essential keychain tool. I also always carry one at work. I work in the bush and its like a sliver/thorn removal tool. Also the scissors, small as they are, are great for use in first aid applications like cutting gauze and tape, telfa pads and loose skin.

13irishsailors says:

I carry this thing everyday just for finger nails haha the scissors are the best for cutting nails and hang nails, the file is great for cleaning them up after and cleaning the dirt out.

Nanchi Knives says:

lol I get splinters on my hand a lot either metal or wood get em a lot
the tweezers are a very nice feature the toothpick is a little nasty to be using but hey it’s their

X-RAY ZULU says:

Ditch the victorinox blade,,,,,nuts!!!!!

Stijn says:

In Belgium, where I live, legally there is no difference between a Victorinox Classic and a ZT 0452 (for example). Both require a reason why you are carrying the knife. If that reason is insufficient to the police officer who is asking, then he is allowed to take the knife away from you. So if he has a bad day… wether it’s a keychain knife or a big ZT.
Anyway, great vid as always!

Daniel Wood says:

The TSA. And the university I attend…

ViceCommando says:

You should find yourself Victorinox Escort, Rambler or Manager. Their blade is on the “good side”. I have noticed that problem to with Classic. I think the Midnite Manager with the USB-stick also has the blade in the right place, but its stupid otherwise in my opinion.

JimmyCricket61258 says:

Thanks Nick. I agree the knife is kinda pitiful. I keep a Spyderco ladybug hanging next it.

SaoDavi says:

I’d rather the blade be swapped out for a bottle opener with some other kind of screwdriver. I think the scissors are about as good at cutting as the knife blade and I don’t see a reason for both.

FishFind3000 says:

it would be nice if it was just a letter opener and or a box opener. maybe even just a seat belt cutter even tho its crap steel

John Tedichwon says:

Classic isn’t all that bad but look at 2:40 that’s really slightly annoying when the scissors catch the keychain loop like that.
I agree too that the keychain should be on the opposite end so that the keychain+keys act as an extention to get 4 finger grip. I see how the Rambler or Manager(there’s a usb version too) does it, which are a better package overall
I still think they should put a can opener instead of the bottle opener it’s way more practical. Makes sense to have at least one lineup with opener since a lot of people carry a P38 can opener.

I dislike that it’s a drop point needs more stabbystabby like a texas toothpick. The Vic steel is not amazing I wish it was something like a sandvik 12c27 takes a better edge but their steel X55CrMo14 is equivalent to AUS6 – how bout them apples Nick? one of your most EDCed steel is aus6, lol, the irony right?
I disagree about the blade being too flexible to get it into a clamshell package, I’ve cut a few really thick ones with no flexing problems, you just need a sharper edge man, more of a drawcut or maybe your model has a really thin blade I personally can’t bend mine more than 5-10 degrees.

To get past the regulations BS you can just snap the blade if you pry it in some wood/vice with enough force it will snap right near the sharpening notch you’ll have a knifeless tool, I’d do it just for kicks and giggle “hey it doesn’t have a knife man, give me back my tweezers”

ryan delehanty says:

completely agree

Jordan Hardy says:

The SAK Classic is the best selling pocket knife of all time! Over 15 million sold :]

Alan Loveless says:

They do make a a functional addition to a small first aid kit: the blade can be honed to a razor sharpness for shaving hairs from around a wound; the scissors can cut gauze or tape; and the tweezers are fine enough for splinter removal, etc.

Peter G says:

I’ve never been on a plane, and I can’t think of the last building I went in where a knife wasn’t allowed. For me, as a UK resident, it is indeed a small, crappy knife, but our options are so limited in terms of ‘hard use’ EDC blades that we kinda have to make do with these little things. I’ve always got a full size SAK on me, and sometimes something beefier like a Spyderco UKPK or a CRKT Journeyer, but really, this little thing can do most of the tasks I need it to. It just doesn’t do them as well. And living in the UK means that even a perfectly legal knife is still pretty taboo for a lot of people, so this is just about the only thing you can carry and not get weird looks.
Guess my cousins over the pond have been spoilt by all their freedom xD

Kyler Deardurff says:

My first knife

astrangeone says:

I’ve refurbished four classic sds yesterday. One of them, the liner was so full of gunk that it took about three washes in warm water to clean out. And yes, I did replace the toothpick with new ones – ewww is right.

Lee Groce says:

It’s 2 1/4 inches long. If you want a larger knife, buy a Tinker or something. I have carried this and a Tinker for many years. I have also carried single blade lockblades, never got around to the Spyderco though.

isahar cohen says:

leatherman have a smaller multi tool from the classic the “style”

Marc Johnson says:

Well I’m not going into close combat or skin a deer with it so it works for me

Jack Batterson says:

Disagree. The Classic is a hugely useful knife. Would I rather have a Spyderco Delica? Yes, mostly. But the Classic is very capable and, from personal experience, very useful.

If you are planning on bushcrafting in the Brooks Range of Alaska, this is not the pocket knife for you. But for the average tourist, bicyclist, or office worker, this knife will be invaluable. Don’t discount the fact that many through hikers of the AT, PCT, and CDT have chosen this knife as the primary tool for their packs.

Ben Harvey says:

Is there a difference between the classic and classic sd?

Armando Arriaga says:

This tool pre-dates the stupid regulations by decades, so, It would be nice an update, but qualify it in relation to those regulations makes no sense

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