The Victorinox Midnite Manager Multitool: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Victorinox Midnite Manager, aside from having a deeply sleazy sounding name, is a little tiny EDC multi-tool with a light, pen, knife, and a few other functions. Although it’s deeply portable and was born for the keychain, it’s a bit light on function and durability, so, unless you *need* lightweight, you’re probably better served elsewhere.


SonnyGFX says:

the blade is much more stable as you think had abused it alot

Joseph D. Mignone says:

I cannot speak to the Midnight Manager, specifically; but, the phillips screwdriver on my Explorer and Swisstool Spirit X have both been through hell and back without stripping.

Ron GUN says:

I was border line inbetween this and the mini champ,,,went with the champ ,to me a 2nd cutting blade is priceless.

Fresh2 Salt says:

have you tyed the leatherman surge?

kerryrwac says:

I carry the Swiss Army classic with a larger EDC blade like my MCusta 121D ,0450 , Benchmade 943 as sometimesa small blade or pair of scissors is the right sized tool for the job . If you strop the small blade with green compound it gets crazy sharp . I agree that the manager is gimmicky and over priced .

Daniel Kompolt says:

You’ve been ragging on the victorinox! Personally I love my classic on my keychain, I don’t mind the small knife blade and I like it because even if I forget my normal knife, I’ll still have one in some form. Maybe check out the Cadet or Pioneer models, those are favorites from victorinox

Steve Brule says:

Is this a good self defense knife?

Natalya Lastnamae says:

your joke is so good

Dave Thomas says:

is that a mcgimzo keychain clip? if so what size is it. the nano or the micro

Rusted1859 says:

i got a leatherman wave and i love it i dont need anymore of that style of multi tool anymore but to directly compete with the wave what swiss army knife would you recommend?

Jason N says:

Drink the Cadet Alox kool-aid. Dooooo ittttttt.

Ben Pow says:

Key chained carried for decades.
Pen is important and serves it’s purpose well.
The battery and cover lost twice so I’ve given up on LED.

The philips head screwdriver is most impressive.
Fits very tiny as well as rather large screws perfectly and bites positively.
Prepared to sacrifice an old Midnight Manager to break a large frozen 8-32 screw loose.
Positioned the screw driver at a right angle to the handle for max busting torque.
Could this tool take this abuse?
CRACK—the screw broke loose. Wow! Impressive.
This Midnight Manager is still in use today.

My next knife will be the Manager. No light but includes tweezers.

Thank Me Later

Rich Kocon says:

Yea I bought a mini champ it has just a few more features than the midnight manager thinking it would be a great tool based on the thousands of positive reviews on YouTube but in the end was pretty much a let down I’d rather Carry a full size Swiss tool as a backup blade like the pioneer x alox far better in my opinion.

jeff stanberry says:

sir you earned my sub from that zt comparison alone.

MartyInLa says:

I get a kick out of your accent Nick! Where are you from? I’ve carried a Midnight Manager for years, it’s my preferred EDC. I’ve used it a lot, the only thing that has broken are the red plastic scales, and I sent it back to Victorinox and they repaired it for free. I’ve used the blade, scissors, Phillips screwdriver, and pen a lot. I have other mini multitools like the Leatherman Micra and the Gerber Dime, but the Midnight Manager is my favorite. Because it makes me feel like a nightclub manager and it even comes with a stripper! Good review!

Mauro Londoño says:

what’s the king of Battery?

olmmedic says:

I think you really dislike Victorinox. Lol. I love Victorinox. I have a small one on me most of the time. Wait a minute, that sounded bad. Lol

infinite universe says:

Do you recommed this as a keychain or know a better alternative? I’m looking for a small multitool something like this size.

Commander Cool says:

Hmm, some of your bad points I cant understand.
The blade even if it is small is very sharp and will stay sharp long. I have a Victorinox Classic SD knife for several years and the blade is still sharp.
If you didn’t read your manual, it is no wonder you can use the ballpen poorly. For proper use you have to extend the knife by pulling out the bottle opener/philips driver.
Sometimes reading the manual would protect you from some embarassing moments.. 😉
Just read your comment. On the Victorinox website you find every manual.

Never the less a good made review! I am sticking to the Manager without the LED! 🙂

Mary Cahill says:

I’ll stick with my Victorinox sd combined with Energizer push button keychain flashlight. For a small pen I carry a Zebra telescoping pen. I can trim my nails with the sd whereas I don’t feel the Manager’s screwdriver is worth the money. Also the sd is only $19 Canadian right now (June 2016) and is very light on the keychain. The knife is fine for small packages. For something more solid and small get a Leatherman micra or ps4. My 2 cents.

Dev Chang says:

The light just so happens to line up with the pen so you can write in the dark. You gotta really live with it to appreciate it

Josh Anonymous says:

that stripper joke was a beautiful thing

Pinki2019 says:

That little Phillips is actually pretty good. And it’s magnetized, if you didn’t know. The bottle opener is pretty annoying, though, if you’re gonna be opening a lot of bottles.

ogarzabello says:

Hey Nick:
For size comparisons you need more universal references, remember that your videos are watch all over the world, and some people are new to knives and flashlights, so they are not familiar with the Spyderco Delica or Thrunite flashlight.
Use something like the traditional yellow pencil, a BIC pen or lighter, a regular cup of coffee, a regular can of Coke, or a $1 US dollar bill, they are known all over the planet.
Why the US $1-dollar bill and not the US coins? Because all over the world most people recognize the 1-dollar bill and not the US coins because internationally, banks and exchange rate shops do not accept foreign coins for trading, only bills.

John Tedichwon says:

LED – is a fail, I agree, that’s why they got rid of it on the minichamp. It was very niche people who can’t see where they put their keys at night to not scratch the car paint

The blade – is actually decent when sharpened. It’s soft-ish, but not too soft, it can hold a HHT3, easy to touch up.
It does good on clamshell packaging, peeling a bit of rotten part from a fruit, cutting thicker cardboard boxes, sharpening up a graphite pencil, making an incision in a wire to strip, cutting pricetags, electrical tape, floss, a hose. All of these tasks don’t require prying laterally so breaking from flexing is not a concern imo. The thing is lacks is the ability to punch a hole through harder material and prying, which you should not do with a slipjoint with this weak of a backspring anyway but if you resharpen it definitely makes the tip much more pointy. You should extend the bottle opener when cutting with the blade it gives you a 4 finger control might be the thing that’s throwing you off about it.

The pen – I think is a bit more comfortable than the refill of a Vic Card or a Vic Compact. With the Compact I usually put the refill on the scale, pinch the refill with my thumb on the scale and that gives it enough stability to write down a quick note.
When opening the file or the bottle opener it gives a better grip. Plus u gotta love that even when not carrying this tool you can find refills for those small bastards and always have one in your wallet,place it in a credit card slot. Same for any replacent tweezers, So going for a thinner alox models is a perfectly viable alternative if you know how to work around it.

Scissors – most people who consider buying one of these Vic minis are doing so primarily to have a small pair of scissors readily available, light enough that they can forget about or just because their favorite multitool doesn’t have any(Skeletool CX, Sidekick,etc). Imo they’re better than the main competitor which is Micra, not the Squirt.
They could be the difference between seeing how far a chick’s rabbit hole can go Versus ‘sir, no one likes bush up the nose’ type one night stand of emergency scenario. How bout that midnight action huh :D. Lol.
But yea really, they’re neat for trimming hairs which grow in weird places that you might have missed like moles, ear hair,clavicle etc.

Bottle opener – not really needed since everything nowadays has one, when you can do this basically any tool:
The wire stripper- if you run your fingernail in there you can feel part of the inside scraping, it’s meant to work after you made an incision on the wire, that gives you a bit more leverage when pulling that insulation, not needed overall one could do without it.
Philips screwdriver is okay -but I’d rather have a beefy flathead because it works on most philips too or even better a torx screwdriver might be nice for taking apart some knives, nice complement to the other tools.

I think you’ll much rather enjoy the Vic Compact too, it’s not for the keys though technically it’s a bit big but that suspesion clip makes it not matter. 2 layer slim, big long enough blade, flathed can opener, bottle opener combo which works just as well. Hook which can be modded into an awl with file on the side, tiny eyeglass screwdriver, better for mini prying, you can use it in reverse of the corkscrew as an extender. You can ditch the toothpick for this lil nifty mod /watch?v=EpS-EOow0VI and the scales even come in black that way everything is actually good for use.

Michael Seneschal says:

I like my Midnight Manager, but agree with you on its downsides. I’ve bent the flathead screwdriver on light-duty tasks before (luckily it’s so flimsy that I easily straightened the bend back). I wish the screwdriver was shorter and stronger. If Victorinox added the stout-strong drivers similar to the Gerber Dime, then the Midnight Manager would be much better in my opinion. For lighter-than-light duty tasks, the Midnight Manager excels.

Roberto Marin says:

Interested where did you buy that carry clip?

ogarzabello says:

Even if you did not tell us that the Midnite Manager was borrowed to you by a friend, I would have guessed it because you are not familiar enough with that particular SAK to know “the trick” about how to use the pen more comfortably. That’s the risk of reviewing something you haven’t used personally for a decent amount of time.

The Midnite Manager name comes from its intended use: it’s a tool for the average office manager/worker who rarely needs a SAK, but who would appreciate to have something “just in case” he needs a mini letter or package opener, a light to look for something under the desk, a screwdriver to re-adjust a lose computer screw, a backup pen to sign for a DHL package, or scissors to cut a string before it ruins your shirt or slacks.

In fact, when I was an overpaid and overworked executive working for Corporate America in Chicago, when I was not in my office where I had all my desk tools, it was my most used tool because I didn’t want to “scare” people by opening my “big scary tactical assault WMD knives”.

Now there is a new version with a USB which is even more useful and I plan to buy it: the Victorinox Midnite Manager@work 32GB Tools 4.6366.TG32

ThePoppedBubble says:

Where did you buy that carry clip?

Neil The Knife Guy says:

Because you don’t like nail nicks at all you should check out Swiza’s offerings in the Swiss army style of knife. Tested one a couple of months ago and they are really good.

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