The Victorinox Minichamp Pocket Tool: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, a quick review of a tiny, versatile multitool, the Victorinox Minichamp. Although it’s got a lot of functionality, none of it is particularly robust. But it’s portable enough that at the end of the day, you won’t care.

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olmmedic says:

I forgot to say that pound for pound i think the rambler is the best one, or the manager if you want a pen.

chicken fried steak says:

anti cuticle pusher huh??? …… tisk tisk Nick 🙂

Joe P says:

That is not a cuticle pusher tool, it is a Cocaine spoon

John Montgomery says:

I carried a alox mini champ on my keychain for quite a while, but man, those scissors are just so itty bitty that I ended up replacing it with a Leatherman Micra instead.

george kons says:

Not first

Bartek Sadowy says:

can you use this as reference knife from now on?
I`m sure there are much more people that know the size of swiss army knife than spyderco delica

KnifeTex says:

Your wheelhouse is over there in the $$$ flipper section…

Rick Temmen says:

The Classic S with the screw driver is all you need on the key chain $11 case closed

Xanopos says:

I have two of these little suckers. Amazing how much one can do with them.

olmmedic says:

Hey Nick the cuticle pusher is also a old time medication spoon, or in todays world a COKE spoon. Lol

David Thompson says:

I love my mini champ, I find it very useful and as for the scales I have no problems myself. Thanks for the review Nick.

James Hinrichsen says:

I love my minichamp but I’ll always have heart for my classic

Zoran Vanderlei says:

I use the Midnite Manager with USB stick on there which is the same size as this one. I can’t really understand your inability to use a nail nick. I keep my nails very short too (using the tiny scissors and nail file mind you, victorinox makes amazing scissors, even the tiny ones) and have no problem opening any of the tools… I realize you don’t like them which is fine but don’t over exaggerate, I’ve seen clumsy children managing to open tools with nail nicks just fine.

Tools on my sak feel robust enough as well considering the size and purpose of the tool, only the blade has a little give to them but nothing that makes me worried. The scales definitely shouldn’t pop off like that..

Overall I really like these small sak’s as they’re key chains they’re always around and mine sees much use in small tasks which is handy. Definitely not as a main everyday carry but it’s a great thing to have.

John Tedichwon says:

You keep forgetting to mention If you extend the bottle opener you get a pretty rigid extension of the handle, it makes a big difference, you can cut some thick rigid clamshell packaging so easy.

The scissors are actually great, I don’t know if you know this but majority of scissors have a bit of bend to them so that they shear properly, they also need to be pinned tight. Most multitool scissors are pretty flat and so when you cut string it just bunches up and they’re not as tight solidly pinned so they don’t shear as effectively some hairs.
Those scissors work great for anything impromptu grooming, nose hair, since it fits nicely in a nostril, ear-hair if you have any, beard trimmer or side of the mouth if you have any straggler hairs.
Only problem with it is the spring it might fall off more easily but considering it’s so small it’s a good design and there are replacements.

A lot of people opt for the alox models since they can carry the tweezers in their wallet, pretty comfortably too since they’re so flat.
The pen most of the time doesn’t work it gets a ton of pocket lint on it, it’s only okay when it’s new.
Toothpick is pretty useless for teeth, a wooden toothpick is way more efficient and can be sharpened and expose fresh surface. The plastic toothpick works decent if you want to clean your mouse from skin gunk buildup, it bends decently between small side button crevices. Try it out.

Ruike also make some mini competitive multitools, small Criterion series I think, keychain oriented design they’re a bit longer and beefier with g10 and screw construction but have less tools. Only definite plus side is the way better sharper steel.

andrewm 7691 says:

The cuticle pusher also works well as a driver for larger flat head/slotted screws.

Brandon Cornett says:

I have to ask only because the work you do and the way you talked about the standard/blade driver on there. Do you know of the Xcelite green flathead tweaker? We call them greenies at the stations haha. I only ask because it seems like everyone who do technical audio work or RF work knows of them and probably owns one.

Jerry Harris says:

prefer the somewhat smaller manager and my Phillips driver is magnatized !

John 47 says:

Nice little toy but I’ll stick with my Spirit for the real deal. Thanks.

Marl 71 says:

I can’t carry a knife where I work, so I carry a tiny victorinox with just the scissors and bottle opener/screwdriver tools. The victorinox scissors are much more robust and useful than you might expect.

JS Krawz says:

My first multitool was the Victorinox classic that my Dad bought me some 30+ years ago…. Still have it. Currently, I have a Leatherman Squirt PS4 on my keychain. Use the scissors, pliers, and knife all the time…

cloudcleaver23 says:

The Classic and Rambler are considerably better. They ditch several of the more gimmicky tools to cut back on thickness.

The4cp says:

No Delica? Are you sick? Are you Ok?

Michael Andrew says:

Interesting Nick .. but your nails are the problem (too short) not the nail nicks on the knife

Dan Hauswald says:

Looks like the perfect tool for an IT guy… but if /r/EDC has taught me anything, most IT guys are already carrying a 1911, a 4″ auto, a Leatherman Wave, a fountain pen, and a micro-screwdriver kit… so I’m not sure how much utility it will add.

Calm down people, I’m just kidding..

Eric Shan says:

Can we expect more multitool reviews in future?

ComUnSas says:

Legend has it this knife was originally designed with doctors in mind, hence a couple of unique blades including the, um, ‘cuticle pusher’ which looks a lot like a pill crusher/ spatula (search for ‘doctor’s knife’) and the wharncliffe/ pill cutter blade. I’ve owned three over the years and the scales on all were secure.

Rafael says:

So glad you made a review of it! I’ll be getting the swisschamp this Sunday and I was already thinking of getting something for the keychain and was thinking about the mini champ 🙂

Great video and hope you keep on making victorinox videos! 🙂

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