Top 10 Best Swiss Army Knives — Visit to Switzerland | Budget Bugout

I visit Switzerland and buy a Swiss Army knife (or 2) and walk you through my favorite Swiss Army knives and tell you which ones are the best Swiss Army Knives on the market today! Amazon links below!!!

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Farmer Alox ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Knife ►
Swiss Army EvoGrip 18 Pocket Knife ►
Boker Plus Tech – Tool Outdoor Knife ►
SWIZA Swiss Army Pocket Knife D04 ►
Victorinox Signature Lite Pocket Knife ►

Swiss Army Tinker / Classic Combo ►
Victorinox Swiss ArmyTrekker Knife ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clip ►
Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Knife ►

Music: “Alone ft. Loftus” by JUST SAYN (AUS)

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Budget Emergency Fire Tinder ►
Budget Ferrocerium Fire Starter ►
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M J says:

Mini champ is better than classic sd

Mauro junio says:

Hey Buddy! I already have one swisschamp! Which one would you recomend to be more pocket friendly without being to small? And EDC

Jessica Cho says:

Awesome collection. I enjoyed your video.
Sad story: I forgot that I had my trusty Huntsman in my backpack (I carried it around everywhere) earlier this week while returning from a DC trip and got it confiscated at the airport (although, ironically, I remembered my little Classic SD and managed to transfer that over to my luggage instead)… T.T
After beating myself up for that stupidity, I immediately proceeded to order a Ranger (I’d had my eye on that model for a while) as a replacement, which came in just three days. 🙂
As a kid with a monthly allowance of only $150, that was a pretty significant blow but I didn’t even hesitate for a second before spending that $60 on a new one. Lol
I love Victorinox. <3

Boogity Boo says:

Europeans can’t carry a 2 inch locking blade knife???

James Hinegardner says:

Great review great video take care and stay safe my friend and God bless you and your family brother.

Dana Gregg says:

Thanks for the information

curiusme says:

How would you rate the Officer Suisse? Picked it at a yard sale not long ago. Thanks.

Lol Yolo says:

The tech tool from böcker isnt from switzerland its from germany. —> No swiss army knife

Gaz SL says:

I was just looking into buying a swiss army knife,this is just great!

Chris Harpster says:

Speaking of fishing, I keep a Gerber suspension in my tackle box, and when I fly fish I keep a small Leatherman Squirt in my vest

Mads E. Eriksen says:

I love these type of knifes!

Biaggio Pietro says:

This knife is for cyldren ahahahahha.The professional knife is different………

bd C says:

My initial requirement included scissors. I was talked into also wanting a wood saw about 40 years ago by Ron Hood. The knife became the Victorinox Huntsman.

Chris Con says:

Beautiful scenery! I’ve got a “Manager” on my keychain. I also own a “Tinker” (small) & a “Fieldmaster”. I recently got a “Walker”, too, specifically for hiking…I like its simplicity!

israelpiper says:

I have about 40 Victorinox knives. Ranger (woodcraft), Huntsman (camping), Climber (in town). But I love the 111mm Rangerwood 55. Long saw and blade are great for serious outdoors. But not legal in many countries. I have a number of 111mm models with the locking mechanism removed, so I can carry them here in Israel. I grew up with slip joints. I have locking blades. More injuries with the quasi-tactical locking folders.

The Minichamp with the LED and pen is brilliant. I though it was a frail gimmick, but after two years, it is still in excellent shape.

My favourite reviewer! Thanks.

Chris Harpster says:

I use my Classic SD literally daily! I keep in on my keyring, and I open all my mail, packages, snuff cans, ECT with either the blade or scissors, plus I use the toothpick daily. I would honestly be lost without it!

Chris Thompson says:

I like SAKs because people in the office don’t freak out if they see it. You can also be a hero by opening boxes or tightening screws.

The Lumberjack says:

hiker wins..


i always make sure my champs in my pocket. yes, it little bit bulky, but thinking of the tools attached to it, nevermind. always my best companion. always!

Tim Summers says:

Swisschamp, Climber, Huntsman, Deluxe Tinker, one-hand non-serrated Trekker, Soldier, Hiker, Spartan, Workchamp, Rangerwood 55 are 10 of my favorite models, though not necessarily in this order. It all depends on the situation. The two to four layer ones are great for EDC whereas five and more are great for the outdoors. Never underestimate the usefulness of any of these tools. Watch videos of people extracting straws and plastic forks from a turtle’s nostril on YouTube and you’ll have an idea of how important it may be to carry an SAK.

Matthew Doye says:

None of the longer blades? I’m surprised.

Nick Kaz says:

Great video!

Zombie Survival vlogs says:

Cool video keep Up the good work I love knives

Enkidu1701 says:

Interesting choices. I like that you included a model from Swiza and Böker. Interesting knives.
I missed the larger Victorinox models. I´d add one from the 91mm series. For me the Outrider is my favorite for EDC which is pretty much a big Huntsman with a locking blade.
Or maybe one of the Rangergrip series like for example the 79.
But that would make it a top 11 list since I don´t know which one to throw out.

Goddess1Princess says:

i just got my camper love it been eyeing it for some time now

Oblivion Tactical says:

I wish there was a farmer with scissors and a Philips head. That would be perfect for me! Hint hint victorinox

Anonymous says:

If I worked at Swiss i would make a knife that is a hiker with a scissors and magnifying glass and call it the adventurer

Anthony Rampino says:

What’s the hook for on the huntsman? Cool video too!

Nixon Samuela says:

I carry a Victorinox climber and have been for almost 5 years now, I own a spartan and a classic but the climber is my favorite

GreatBigRanz says:

Fieldmaster, because screw the cork screw.

Jackson Likar says:

U suk at youtube

Don Raines says:

I’m a firm believer that the tinker is the perfect SAK. However the farmer and huntsman are very appealing also.

Bushcraft North of 60 says:

I’ve come to like the 84mm lineup from Victorinox for basic EDC. I have a Recruit Economy, a Sportsman II ,(Economy) and my newest favorite, the Tourist, which is basically a small Spartan. Spartan is 91mm, which I also enjoy. I carry my Huntsman outdoors, or when traveling to parts unknown. Love it. I have a Mechanic with Plus scales, which gives me a pen and pliers. The Phillips driver is kinda useless. I modded the cap lifter screwdriver into a 2D #3 Phillips driver for my ski bindings and whatnot. I have a Compact I barely carry, as I really like having an awl, and a pen blade. But, it’s cool. Have a Spartan that’s more of a collector and a couple Classic SD’s that are perfect for back pocket carry to compliment a main SAK. I love SAK’s, and have walked away from pliers based multitools for the most part. I still keep one in my boat kit. There’s a SAK for everybody and every purpose. Saves the day many times a day.

ph0sph0r says:

As an IT guy, i use Cybertool


Swiss army knifes are my go to. As they are cheap, reliable and sharp. I work in a hospital and no one Batts an eye if I pull out my climber but if I pull out say my Spyderco native 5 or stretch I will get some looks of concern.

American Goombah says:

The Craftsman is the best.

Andy T says:

Swiss Army knives are more than just knives,they are a kind of Art.
That’s what I think anyway.

Charles Collier says:

Great video! My most commonly carried SAK – a translucent climber – was purchased at that very store by a friend who visited Switzerland while stationed in Germany. Certainly they aren’t as sexy as knives with axis locks and flippers and such, but in terms of pure usefulness, they are hard to beat.

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