Top 5 Best Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives come in a multitude of shapes and sizes… But what is the best Swiss Army Knife for you???

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$14 – Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife:

$24 – Victorinox Signature Lite Swiss Army:

$28 – Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army Knife:

$32 – Victorinox Farmer Swiss Army Knife:

$68 – Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss Army:

Swiss Champ Tools:
large blade
small blade
can opener
small screwdriver
cap lifter
wire stripper
multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
wood saw
nail file
nail cleaner
metal saw
fine screwdriver
wire cutters
wire crimping tool
magnifying lens
sewing eye
hook disgorger
wire cutters
fish scaler
ruler (cm + inches)


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Top 5 Swiss Army Knives:
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Lori Davis says:

What about the hiker

michael koncal says:

I’ve carried the tinker for 46 years.

Budget Tacticool says:

My favorite is my backpacker with the locking blade.

Leandro Matteucci says:

My favorite one is the Victorinox Evolution Grip S17

Jeff Berg says:

I have carried the Explorer Plus for 30 years and use it daily. Probably owned six of them.

legendzfall says:

Farmer for outdoors, Cadet for EDC. Classics for a reason.

gambet0007 says:

Swiss champ looks good in showcase. Huntsman is the bulkiest thing most people are willing to carry, if they need bigger they usually go for Trekker.
I personally own
1. Rally for key-chain
2. Huntsman (Ecoline). My oldest and first SAK. Usually seats in my backpack
3. Trekker with liner lock (NS). Usually goes with me in camping bag.
4. My Urban daily EDC Alox X. Always in my pockets.

Some day in future I may consider buying Rambler to replace Rally if it is available in my country. Apart from this Fieldmaster/ Wounded soldier is also good choice as it is basically Huntsman with star screwdriver instead of useless corkscrew.

Grand Champ says:

Trekker or Sentinel for me. Keeping it simple works for me.

Simeon Stefanov says:

I’ve got my Camper for about 10 years and it suites all of my needs. The saw is my favorite tool.

Ethan Muldoon says:

Where did u get the things on the farmer Alox and the cadet alox they look so cool

Ner Montiero says:

Spartan is best pocket carry well that’s just for me

Gianna Filicia says:

No huntsman or pioneer? Please

Oz says:

No Spartan, no super tinker ? Comeeeee oooon….

Capt . Mansour Mansour says:

Midnight manager is the best EDC and the best gift for whom you like

squashytea 7 says:

How about the spartan

Jacob Frey says:

Just ordered the Cadet Alox in red!

Rockabilly TwoPair says:

Gardener 71

Scorpion Sunday says:

Victorinox CyberTool M

Vladimir Putin says:

Guys, which is better: fieldmaster or huntsman

ticket says:


Jackfruit Gaming says:

I have a red huntsman and a see through blue swisschamp

Rocketdyne says:

SwissTool X and Explorer.

Jessica Cho says:

Ranger or Huntsman <3

Nightbot says:

I got a 110 buck for my 5th birthday

Eased Horizon says:

The classic sd is my favorite

Simon Eason says:

I have the climber, trailmaster and classic SD and I love all of them

The great lollipop says:

I love my huntsman with woodlands scales

dire wolf20 says:

The swiss army white cilmber

Allan Jonal Isidro says:

i agree to you man. me my self had the swisschamp, this i my EDC, my favorite in my 8 victorinox sak

Steve Davis says:

This video you have presented is very informative and I thank you in kind, thank you as well and GOD BLESS you and family always.

Charley McNamee says:

My favourite is the classic SD

Tilbily says:

I prefer the Explorer inside my home, Huntsman for outdoors. And Pioneer as my “church knife”. The Signature is riding in my watch pocket at all times.

viewer avid says:

Rambler, Hiker and Compact.

Pritham Singh says:

Try opening a can see what happens. Don’t work!

gambet0007 says:

Huntsman for everyday Edc + Tailman/trekker as a main knife on outdoors/camping stuff because of large locking blade and bigger saw.

Could use Farmer instead of tailman if you need thicker blade and metal grip, which I think is awesome!

I can probably also get behind Rally version in smaller ones, but that would be mostly be there as a kitchen.

Others are either too small or too bulky to be usable.

And given the price fluctuation I would much rather go for more useful brands in $ 50 + category.

Just my opinion :3

Don Raines says:

The Tinker has to be my favorite. Everything I need, nothing I don’t. I do kinda wish it had a saw blade though.

arturo mendia says:

I alway lose the toothpick and tweezers on my victorinox

Katran Jam says:

Camper is one of the best models that Victorinox ever made. Don’t get me wrong, but those 58mm saks are such a waste of money.

Brian Ferris says:

A little late for the voting for me, but I just received the Swiss champ and love it already 🙂 I will carry that and a Mora companion w/ carbon blade for camping fishing.

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