Top 5 Swiss Army Knives

Day Glo SD Classic:
Signature Lite:
Midnite Manager:
Midnite MiniChamp:
Cadet (Purple):
Pioneer (Purple):
Classic SD (Purple):
Cadet (Red/Black/Silver):
MiniChamp (Silver):
Pioneer X:
Pioneer X Back-up Link:
Pioneer X Damascus:
Executive (3 Inch):
Walker (3.25 inch):
Cybertool S, 27:
Super Tinker:
Deluxe Tinker:

Cybertool M 32, Red:
Cybertool M 32, Blue:
Cybterool 34, Red:

Explorer Plus:
Spartan Lite:
Huntsman Lite:
Mountaineer Lite:
Cybertool Lite:
Cybertool 41:
Evolution S101:
Evolution S111:
Evolution 10:
Evolution S13:
Evolution S14:
Evolution S16:
Evolution S17:
Evolution 18:
Evolution 23:
Evolution 28:
Evolution S52:
Evolution S54 Tool Chest Plus:
Evolution S557:
Hunter XT:
One-Hand Trekker:

My top 5 Swiss Army Knives in these five categories: Keychain, Pocket, Pouch, Home/Kit, Camping/Bushcraft. I am only including knives which are currently in production. No two people are going to agree on their top 5 Swiss Army knives, but rather than hate, feel free to say which are your favorites.

Master Playlist of All Multitool and Swiss Army Knife Reviews:


I K says:

scales scratch so easily

FuriousFajita a says:

the forester is the best

Alfonso Jose Blanco Cabarcas says:

la mía…la WORK CHAMP,0.9064.

Vasireddy Dheeraj says:

hey man.. great video very informative…is explorer a good option?

R GJ says:

Locking blade is a must! Good call.

Rescue 51 says:

My top five (not really five) swiss army knives are:

(Most of these are alox as “I’m love with alox person”)

1. Keychain: alox mini champ and regular classic sd, classic sd signature lite. Winner: alox mini champ. I use everything except for the pharmaceutical spoon and its light for keychain

2. Pocket: alox cadet, farmer, pioneer, money clip, compact, bantam. Winner: bantam and compact. I couldn’t decide because: They are very light, and both have the BSA logo on it, and i like them.

3. Pouch: cadet, farmer, pioneer, pioneer X. Winner: farmer And cadet. The Farmer has a saw which i us more than the blade and the cadet has a nail file which can double as a match striker. again I couldn’t decide.

4. Kit: farmer, pioneer, swiss champ, one hand trekker, pioneer X. Winner: swisschamp. Why swisschamp? I have one that came with a small “SOS” survival kit.

5. Wallet: swiss card lite, alox classic sd, money clip. Winner: money clip. Why money clip over the swiss card lite? It can hold my money as i carry mainly gift cards and my totin chip and fireman chit (that’s how its spelled).

1. Alox minichamp.
2. Bantam, and compact.
3. Farmer, and cadet.
4. Swiss champ.
5. Money clip.

Little Crusracean says:

my favorite is the pioneer alox

B. Mann says:

Very nice collection and presentation

scott762mm says:

Nice collection! The tinker is my everyday.

Karl Bassermann says:

Love your pocket EDC choice. I carry a Recruit with me every single day of my life and I use at least one of those tools every day. I’ll have to upgrade to the S111 since it adds two more very useful tools, the awl and the Phillips, without adding any bulk. I’m so glad to see someone else with a more or less barebones EDC, I was starting to think I was the only one.

SH1974 says:

In the forrest for grilling / BBQ, I also prefer the Hunter model, the extremely sharp saw is really phantastic.

But my EDC folder is one that’s missing in Your collection. It’s called “Rucksack” and it has the same size and locking mechanism like the Hunter, but it’s very slim; it has just the blade and the corckscrew.
Some of my friends prefer those rescue-models with the linerlock mechanism, but for me (I’m left hander) the linerlock is not as useful as the locking mechanism of the Hunter.

And if You wear glasses or sunglasses, don’t forget to buy the optional mini screwdriver wich fits into the corckscrew. It can fix screws on glasses – depending how good Your unaided eyes are and where You are, this tiny gadget might be an extremely important tool!

*Redhood* says:

Best knives in the world. Nothing can beat these knifes especially at this price point

Mitch Sullivan says:

This is my favorite video on youtube!

SevereTstormFan says:

Awesome video, question for you…
What is the smallest Swiss Army Knife that has an awl? Or smallest one that has an awl and tweezers? Thanks

Prepping Survival says:

The Locking Blade makes your choice illegal to carry in some countries (the UK in particular)

bd C says:

40 years ago, before many of the knife models and the capability of buying excellent confiscated Swiss knives, Ron Hood and I had a discussion of the best feature to have on a Swiss knife. Remember, this was also before multi-tools were developed. He wanted a saw blade. I wanted a pair of scissors. A torn finger nail, a torn toe nail or a dirty set of finger nails will put a person down very quickly in an emergency. Moreover, a scissors would be more useful over time than a saw. I looked – and found the Huntsman, used, many times at a price less than 1/2 of a new unit.

visesh seernam says:

the hunter is my favourite

Gun Tech. says:

So what if someone agrees the Hunter is the best of this type of crappy good for nothing knives? Does someone make one with even a half decent blad and maybe 2 functions? If you can’t open a bottle without a tool for it, you deserve to… drink water when you’re outdoors. They can’t even rubberize the grip after 90 years of product development.

Zain Shaikh says:

Is the Huntsman too in between? Any flaws in your opinion?

bereantrb says:

Great job. Very well thought out and presented. And useful!

Rock Chops says:

I disagree with you on the comparison of the midnight manager and the mini champ.Mainly because of the hook blade,those packages are very difficult to open and end up cutting your hands.I think packaging it with the other less useful tools on the knife is intentional and unfortunate by the manufacturer.

nixter says:

i agree completely with the ranger. also the metal file has teeth on the edge and works like a metal saw. i also carry a very small vise grip as a key fob. since the pliers are seperate the knife is usable in conjuction with the pliers instead of an either or.

Rizzi Chhipa says:

btw the midnite manager has a version with a usb stick 32-64 gb

Survival Nick says:

I bought the cadet and I love it!

stockholm17 says:

Nice review and I admire your collection. I love SAKs. My father gave me my first in the 70’s when he came back from Bern. But ykw?, my fave is the little classic. It is a gem. It’s the perfect coin pocket knife. If you need something more like a tool, Leatherman. Period.

Sneek The Nerfer says:

I like the farmer the best.

スパイシーな男の子 says:

Thanks for this. There aren’t many videos out there comparing this many SAK models.

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