Victorinox Adventurer Swiss Army Knife, Multitool Monday Review


Victorinox Centurion (Liner Lock Version of the Adventurer): Centurion:

Hunter XT:
One-Hand Trekker:
Victorinox Spirit:
Victorinox Spirit X:
Victorinox SwissTool:
Victorinox SwissTool X:
Victorinox SwissTool RS:

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ogarzabello says:

Victorinox should make more lock blades and one-hand-opening SAKs.

The Dude says:

I like the closing mechanism ( button). Nice reviews.

Bobby Quintero says:

Hey, I have a biohazard short sword, it states 440 stainless China. in that exact blade. is that .40 based carbon, is it good? I heard 1560 spring steel was the best. but is mine ok

Buck Nash says:

I prefer the rucksack model. It’s been my edc for the last 25 years or so since they first came out. I’ve lost a couple and worn one out but i always get the same model. The size is just right and I love the lock release on the side

It has the same stuff except the Philips screwdriver is a corkscrew. Being the only guy with a corkscrew in camp had scored me many free glasses of wine over the years. And the rucksack has a very useful saw.

NorwegianWoods says:

I have a similar one (forester) and I really like it. They are good size and light weight.
Thanks for the review – Martin

steven petifurd says:

I’m kinda blade steel nut. I find victorinox knives to be adequate all around. I prefer a small fixed blade for just ‘blade’ but that’s blade only. This offers tools. Now, I’ll criticize that they don’t hold the best edge, but they’re good in terms of being stainless and useful. Seems like a good all around package.

Steve Kushman says:

Nice video. Looks like a sweet knife. I especially like the looks of the handles with the flat/slightly blasted finish on them.

defblo2000 says:

I still have this knife! it’s gotta be 15 years old. is it really only $28? I bought this sak and a smaller Wenger from LL Bean.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, I think I mentioned this before, I use an Awl alot, So I got the Victorinox Delemont Collection Ranger Grip 78, the 79 has a Corkscrew, I chose the Phillips instead. But a guy told me he uses the corkscrew to untangle knots, Well I have the Myerchin with the Marlin Spike, But I’m also getting the Farmer with those aluminum scales, I also like the large saw on mine and the Farmer is just a little more compact. ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,

eightgeorge says:

I enjoy your multi tool reviews, i just brought a Paul Chen Multitasker for $15.00. It is a lot of tool for the money and I think it would be interesting if you check it out. I think that for the money,everyone should have one.

bearfoot130 says:

Another informative video! I must ask where do you find these Victorinox products? I always like your Swiss Army knife vids, but you will not sway me with your temptation, because I love my EDC Swisstool RS.

Alex Ruiz says:

about how big is the knife handle alone?

doug bulldog says:

Sweet review,I have the same SAK but with cork screw & saw, I bought this in London in 1991 for 20 quid and have carried it, cherished it and used it consistently, I even used the saw on drywall whilst working as a carpenter in Europe and its still sharp as, I recently downsized to super Tinker and carry it everyday because it doesn’t draw attention even though it’s illegal to carry a knife here in NewZealand

Nomans land says:

Didn’t O.J. use one of those?

ExTremeHYPE says:

Love this knife, had it for about 3 years now and it’s been great. Only thing is I got the Boy Scouts of America logo and I was never in Boy Scouts, haha.

Carlscustomr says:

very good review, thanks.

Mr. Matt says:


Weekend Wanderer says:

The great thing about these knives is that you can take them out in an urban setting and nobody looks twice.

EcchiSpud says:

Sort of a “Jumbo Tinker” . . .

Tom Reiner says:

I also like the workchamp.
it replaced my swisschanp because of the bigger and locking blade and the larger other tools

Snoekvisser1972 says:

I got this model with the saw (Rucksack) about 28 years ago for my birthday. A great all around blade. Thanks for the review, it brought back some sweet memories of this classic.

JaguarSBA says:

I’ve got a similar one called a Hunter, but it has a saw too. The saw is well hidden and doesn’t have a nail nick. Instead you use the point of the saw to deploy.

Tasy Moraitis says:

hey Wealljugleknives can you explain why Victorinox have not put the hole in the reemer tool of the soldier model? it doesn’t make sense.

Juan Marquez says:

you should try the ranger grip 78 or 79

Mary Cahill says:

Hmmn. I prefer the Farmer, has a good saw,

scarz1951 says:

I’ve got one and love it!

D Gunn says:

Yeah!! One of my favourites, you rock!

Timothy Warren says:

how much was that

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I agree with you it’s a really nice tool set.

ogarzabello says:

My favorites:
– Workchamp
– Hunter
I do NOT like non-locking blades

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The Victorinox Adventurer is a slim 2-layer design, it’s great as a camp folder and the 3 screwdrivers are useful around town. Best thing is the price, around $28.

urbaniten says:

I’ve had this knife for the longest time and now I know it’s the Adventurer. Any idea what’s the reamer used for?

Macho Deth says:

Just grabbed the Hercules over the holidays, thing whoops some ass. Been forever since I had a swiss army knife, remembering what I was missing. Good vid man, peace.

Adam Steele says:

My dad is a farmer and he uses that same knife everyday

Steven Parsons says:


phillipah7 says:

Hopefully, we need more test of the lower cost knives besides the cutting hemp rope with super steel knives and doing the paper test. I would never think that the Victorinox would pass the paper test. The Adventurer looks like great knife.

LawnTractorBoy says:

Thanks for doing another Victorinox.


great blade my friend looks good also with the lock on it (^_-)
as always have a great day there
master over the big seas (^_^)

Jay Hooghuis says:

Next week do a review on the swiss card

Nolan Carpenter says:

WAJK you gotta tell us what music you use it’s beautiful

Mycolddeadhand says:

I have the exact same knife with the Boy Scouts of America logo on it. Got it in the mid 1990s. the tip of the blade chipped off and I’m wondering if they are warrantied (or can buy replacement blade). cool review.

MotörHeavyRockHead says:

I wouldn’t be without a SAK. I have a small one on each key ring, I have an (unfortunately) knock off one with a USB in it, and I have 2 large SAK, one in a pouch and I love them. I find that they have the best scissors out of any knives, even the wallet cars scissors are brilliant. I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat but no doubt, in Australia, it will be $6000000 and there’s no shipping to Aus from Amazon. I’ll keep an eye on eBay though for a US seller who has reasonable postage. I own a few varieties of Leatherman as well, but I’d rather a SAK over any of those. Do SAK do a plyer style of multi tool? Been looking for one in Aus but can’t see any, I’m sure I’ve seen one on one of these channels though.

TheStoyanbahchevanov says:

Hi,I thinknyou should try Soldier/One handed Trecker or Forester.Maybe you will inklude one of them in your top five,I bet)And the wiers will like them as well.Cheers.

Adam Steele says:

You do know that paper blunts the knife right?

R P Bird says:

That’s my knife! I’ve owned one for the past five years or more, love it.

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