Victorinox Angler | Swiss Army Knife | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors reviews the Victorinox Anger Swiss Army knife.

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Black Owl Outdoors says:

Thanks for these suggestions, tips, and for watching. Your support is much appreciated. -Krik

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

The fish scale makes a great back scratcher..

Will Fitzsimmons says:

I use the fish scaler to carve pumpkins. Ever year.

Lolesos says:

One of my favorites 🙂

Patrick Germond says:

I can’t find that knife anywhere. Dang

John Chavez says:

pure shit

snowpuppy77 says:

Nice review. Even with my fancy knives and Leathermans I still love my Victorinox SAK. I have the older version of the Fisherman which has the corkscrew vs. the phillips. You can use the fish scaler to saw through styrofoam. You can also use it to reach into crevaces to poke through or pull out. A knife blade can do this but sometimes you do not want to risk cutting or damaging something or the blade. The ruler on the scaler can be very handy when measuring if fish is in limit to keep.

Lolesos says:

the scaler is also nice to use as a scratch pin:)

The Clueless Geologist says:


Brian Smith says:

Corkscrew can untie tight Knots so you dont have to cut it

Felipe frança says:

The plier’s wire cutter cuts very well braid and fluorcarbon lines.

RickN Backer says:

You like like the Wolverine-lite.

Black Owl Outdoors says:

It works better than a serrated knife? -Krik

mistermatsuda says:

the fish scaler tool has a V shape at the end to be used as a hook remover. Usually a hook will set so that you’d have to push it inward toward the throat of the fish to unhook. The V would hold the shank of the hook and be able to push inward toward the inside of the fish’s mouth to unhook it.

Offtrailed Dino says:

How much is this swiss army knife ??

Collin Howard says:

Lol “measure how much of a man you are”

Capt. Thor says:

turning the awl in the same direction is not easy to balance.. you can just turn it like in a doorknob back and forth, it will still dig a good hole and is faster, also the fish descaler can clean plugged holes or mixing without damaging ur blade

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