Victorinox Classic SD Review

A very small affordable gentleman’s knife that makes a great companion to a larger EDC knife. And you don’t have to scare those weird non knife folk when you use it.


TacticalTimmy12 says:

I love this little knife.
One concern though is sharpening the blade. It’s so tiny. Have you sharpened it or have any recommends?

madloose40 says:

Of all my EDC (except the wallet) I use this the most.  All other pieces of gear combined might not equal the use I get out of this.  I lost my first one and immediately ordered two more.  No matter what my EDC set-up for the day is, this is always included.

05generic says:

Yep, I have one. It’s so old and beat up that the shield is missing but it still works. Man I cringed when you mentioned the splinter under the nail. But we’ve all been there. What kid is sparred that kind of thing?   

David K says:

I’m glad you did this review… I’ve carried one of these since I was very young.  My dad always had one and at some point he gave one to me.  It has been on my key chain ever since, sort of, I have lost two of them and then lost the tweezers.  So I am now on the fourth one…  Very handy!

HydraYak Outdoors says:

It’s a good knife. And it will NEVER rust.

Maff T UK says:

I use this knife practically every day, my most used and trusted item, wouldn’t be without one

Leo Paquin says:

I have been carrying one of these knifes for years. I even take my older ones and put them in various places around my house and work shop for further use. absolutely a GREAT blade.

Recon Ty says:

The Classic is just that, a classic. I’m glad you did a review of this knife. Also if you are in a room full of “knife guys” and pull this out and they are not impressed then I wouldn’t think much of their “status”. The SAK Classic is so ubiquitous it defines preparedness. I’ve been out in the boonies hauling around a Cold Steel SRK or KaBar, but it’s the SAK that truly gets a workout in the bush.

Hershel Cyphers says:

I have carried one of these little knives for years and I love it, it’s a handy little knife to have with you. Thanks for the review.

TheLegumMagister says:

One of these forms part of my EDC, along with a couple of other items – a Leatherman Squirt and the 1961 pattern Wenger Soldier’s knife.   Lock knives are considered to be an offensive weapon here regardless of the length of the blade following the ruling in the case of Harris v DPP 1993 which was later confirmed in R v Deegan 1998; they are not classed as folding pocket knives, because of the locking mechanism….

I have lost several SD knives over the years but they are incredibly useful gadgets.  One note of caution, however, that blade is SHARP and the blade can fold under usage if one is not paying attention.

I have the scar to prove it!

Grubkat says:

Never leave home without it.
It has saved the day more than once.
I made a small alcohol stove with mine when I was in a pinch.

Mishibar says:

These small victorinox knives are underrated.
I have been edc ‘ing the slightly larger (still small) victorinox tinker for about 5 years.
Tinker is just like the spartan, just has a phillips screwdriver instead of that (i find it useless) corkscrew opener almost all the non-micro victorinox blades have.

The toothpick and twicers are surprisingly useful, I often bring victorinox instead of a Leatherman tool because of the twicers see way more use than the pliers

brd1102 says:

I have carried one of these nearly every day since 1994 with only a few days (literally probably less than ten combined) exception. Absolutely perfect companion for the little daily needs.

Bas van der Meij says:

cutting Tape, paper, zip-ties, plastic bands, card-board, frustrating plastic packaging, small rope, packing foam, screwing screws (especially screws used in a computer), removing splinters and a whole lot more.

At first I didn’t think this could become my only EDC tool.. but it did, it held up much much better than I expected.
I expected it to break on stuff like thick zip ties but it didn’t. And if it does I’ll just get a new one, whatever.

dobermansnp says:

Great vid man! I had one myself and they are incredible pieces.

WashburnsAdventures says:

I carry one with me everyday. Great little knife … Got to love Victorinox

David Johnson says:

Good suggestion.  That’s the kind of thing I carry if I’m going out for the evening with my family (either that or an Opinel No. 8).  Walking into Abravenal Hall to attend the symphony with a Spyderco Tenacious clipped in your pocket makes you look like a hick.  A Victorinox lives in my suitcase.  Once met friends for a picnic in the park when I was visiting Australia for business, and none of us had a knife to cut food with.  Never again.  Gave up traveling with spendy blades after I had a couple of Leatherman tools stolen from my bag in China.

ODA 575 says:

Yes! I love my classic. It is such a handy tool! Funny, I keep it in my upper pocket as well. 

Leanna & My Frenchie says:

XD I put mine in the Coin Pocket too!

MCK says:

everyone needs one of these in their pocket, had one since i was in boy scouts…

TheVAboss says:

I have a few of these myself. I find myself using the scissors the most, they’re so precise.

rumvodkaf1 says:

Is the blade on this supposed come out a little angled compared to the file which comes out straight?

jdedge says:

I’ve got the signature. Same except instead of toothpick you get a ball point pen which actually works quite well for those in a pinch moments. Love these mini saks

Patriot36 says:

Yeah, a micro-ultimate for sure!  I buy these for people at work.

algreen says:

Very affordable and useful. I was thinking of getting one a few times to fill a minimum free shipping order but went for something else. I got my father a victorinox cadet for christmas and he loves it.

formatC2 says:

Love mine, bought it for $3 at a flea market. best $3 I EVER invested !

ironearth701 says:

I use this knife when I am ultra light backpacking. It works well to open up Mountain House meals.

AlphaKilo6 says:

The other day almost bought one of those little sog key knives as an impulse buy until realized my classic sd on my key chain has served me well on a daily basis for years. Actually broke the blade off one so my son could keep it in his school backpack w/o getting in trouble. Because you know that blade is way to dangerous for scout to have at a middle school….

Guillermo castilla says:

I own two of those one in the Mother of pearl it was the very first knife that I ever bought so I had it for well over 40 years I have to send that one in a couple of my other sweets army nice to gettuned up at the factory but you cannot beat value and usability usability of those Knife try one and you love it for life

acet7 says:

its a great little knife, I have one in all four of my bags in the med section.

J Corni says:

I Cary mine every day along with my ZT0350BW.
I use mine a lot to save the big blade,it will always be part of my EDC.
Thanks for all the great videos.

aru05001 says:

Have you tried the new Leatherman style? same Tools, I Think it’s lighter and has a better knife though. I’m also guesing better ergos.

George Clipner says:

Historically, that little pocket on Levis which conveniently acts as a coin pocket was actually a watch pocket for your pocket watch and goes back to the 49er days.  Ya know, what really bugs me are those little pockets they put in slacks , it caches coins like a magnet, but just try and get coins out when you need too, Bugs me somethin terrible when I have to empty out my pocket , then have to pull the entire pocket inside out just to get to the change. Helpful ?? Hell no. Sorry Crocket, at 63 I’m gettin Old /Crotchety and just had to rant. Great little knife though, got three of ’em.

Dogger8095 says:

That’s the knife you want to have when you’re in a room full of non-knife people.

pmprydr says:

If anyone is looking to buy this, I STRONGLY recommend you go with the model that has a pen. I use it more than anything else on the tool. 

leetshots says:

use mine to trim my moustache. thats how i roll.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

If you pull this off and people don’t like they don’t know nothing about knives.

Tactical Tightwad says:

I’ve carried one for the past 25 years.  It is my fine blade screwdriver, and my scissors, so it ticks two of the “TNP Gear Check” boxes.

leighrate says:

Carried one for years. Good EDC, E&E knife. Better choice for a survival kit than a dermaknife. Can’t cut a tree down with it but you can (just) skin a rabbit with it.

FlameSnake82 says:

Do you have a nephew named Nate?

Serenity Now Outdoors says:

I carry a SAK hiker edc every where with me with a Thrunite ti2 attached to it. The tweezers can be used as a compass which I did in a video. Much more useful then your everyday tactical blade. Great video!


Good review, I remember when I was younger I would run around the house pretending to be Macgyver while I was watching the show. I forgot all about that until I watched this review lol!

ookiemand says:

nice close ups!, Nice knive!
I got a whistle attached to mine, and have that all the time on me!

Theneuronsmademedoit says:

Great review and great little knives.
I bought one of these for my wife Christmas before last, her first use (opening packaging on the kids presents) resulted in butterfly stitches from me and a lecture on knife safety from our two (then) 7 year olds!
It’s easy to forget that not everyone has grown up using tools.

Denny Rector says:

I still have my multi blade one of when I was in the boy scouts. We all had to have one of those wide red cool knives.

Yes I have the small one similar to the you are showing. I stayed with the red color, awesome knives and I like both them very much.

Thanks for the great video. Take care

Kandi Klover says:

That’s not a coin pocket its a watch pocket.

JulianZeezer says:

These are more functional than a leatherman micra, similar tool set but lighter, with better, albeit loseable, tweesers, better nail file, smaller but ok scissors, and a better blade. I just wish I could get the sak blade open without breaking my thumbnail.

Ted Fisher says:

Great tool

Richard Sabo says:

I got mine for like $6 at the BX at Sheppard AFB in 2003. It’s been in my EDC ever since, and I usually end up using it a few times a week for random stuff. I’ve never had to sharpen it, and just last week I used the blade to cut paper to make a visually appealing sign in the clinic. It’s one of the best investments of a few bucks I ever made.

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