Victorinox Compact Swiss Army Knife, “A Little Bit of Everything”

A slim “jack of all trades” Swiss Army Knife, the Victorinox Compact features tools useful in a kitchen, office, or campsite.

Tool Set:

Knife Blade
Can/Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver/Wire Stripper
Micro Screwdriver
Parcel Hook/Nail File
Straight Pin

Victorinox Amazon Links For Your Convenience:
Midnite Manager:
Midnite MiniChamp:

Serrated Spartan:
Spartan Lite:
Evolution S16:
Super Tinker:
Deluxe Tinker:
Evolution S557:
Explorer Plus:




Conrad Yu says:

My Swiss is better than yours

pmprydr says:

I personally have never understood why in the world they would include a “parcel carrying hook” as a tool… Who the F would use that? And what for these days? Also I have never once used the cork screw on any of my SAK or multitools. Give me a Phillips head driver any day. I love having a pen though, very handy. 

Xanopos says:

Is it the 84mm or the 91mm size?

ERIC 471 says:

Can i get this knife without a corkscrew i cant stand them but i like the tool set

*ShokoFlow* says:

Is there a SAK like this but instead of the hook it has a reamer/punch?

new2survival says:

Have you received the protool knife yet ? If so what one did you get.?

DoctorDelts says:

So I’m interested now, is there any technician focused one you know of?

0rgazman says:

.It is true should be the same size of small tinker

wojtekimbier says:

It’s basically the same as Climber but one layer thinner. I wish it wasn’t so fucking expensive for no reason at all, it costs twice as much as all the other two layer 91mm swiss army knives.

EveryDay Knife Guy says:

It’s a good all-rounder for sure, thanks for sharing

adrenalinegroove says:

Just picked up a compact. I dig it but I think I got spoiled by alox SAKs. I have the farmer and the pioneer X and the blade on the compact looks puny in comparison. It also feels less robust. Still think it’s a great tool, I now know I prefer the alox knives. Thanks for your excellent reviews!

Mettwurst 49 says:

If they would put a pocket clip on it, it would be perfect.

cdb8315 says:

Makes a great knife for travel. Just throw it in your dopp bag and go!

Brady Blackburn says:

Hands down my favorite weekday EDC multitool. I work in an office settings and just don’t need pliers, saw, or file with me when I’m there. Plus, it doesn’t freak out my coworkers if I have to use the blade. The parcel hook is really great for carrying multiple plastic shopping bags in one hand, too. This isn’t a camp knife, but it’s not trying to be, so it works.

1GuysDumbOpinion says:

I carry a ST300 in the back pocket of my jeans, and this has all the tools that my Leatherman doesn’t have and would be a perfect pairing. I’m going to have to get one of these.

germanshepherd13 says:

Enjoy your reviews

Cigar_ Cartel says:

And if it was shorter, you’d be bitchin that you wish the blade was longer

bearfoot130 says:

Like the review. You have definitely made look into Victorinox again.  I looked at all of their SAK’s, and ended up deciding on the “Fieldmaster”.  I could not believe how affordable they are (on Amazon).   Any fixed blade reviews in the near future?

KBar666 says:

wow, I like that!   I have never seen that one before….must buy

Johan Pyssling says:

I read about someone ho cut a rapist in pieces with a victorinox. He caught him raping his wife. So you absolutely could kill a donkeyfucker with a victorinox.

05generic says:

It does seem to cover the most likely uses well. It does’t have an awl but chances are most people will have one on something else or don’t need it. And while the can opener might be a bit lame, how often do you need one n today’s world? 

Jason Clark says:

One of my favourite Swiss Army Knives.

mikedifeo says:

Great Vid. A young Buck’s knife. To be a an O’lman;s tool, it has to have a magnifying glass. I would give up the cork screw for a magnifying glass. But again you are a young Buck so it will work for you

Sal DaBusta says:

I had just bought the Explorer. What do you think of it? Was it worth it?

bearfoot130 says:

Nice! You need to add some parentheses to your Youtube name, and make it WeAllJuggle(Multi-tools/Flashlights)Knives! I like your recent diversity…from massive khukris (sp?) to swiss army knives.  I have always like these multi-tools, especially the non-serrated One Hand Trekker. You might think I’m crazy, but my EDC multi-tool is the Surge, it’s my must have/carry tool.

Antonio Talavera says:

Hey how long is the pen? Do you think the pen can fit in the officer Suisse knife?

John Montgomery says:

This is my #1 light urban EDC when I’m dressed for a fancy night out. I have a black one that I slip in the pocket of my suit. Doesn’t cause any drag and has all the implements I might need in a civilized setting.

Tyler Murphy says:

Good review Man. Question for you, I just picked up a
Victorinox Swiss Army knife, used has all the same tools as the Spartan
but also has scissors wondering if you have this knife in your
collection, if you know the name?. It’s also black. Thanks have a
Great day : ) Tyler

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