Victorinox Craftsman Swiss Army Knife (Not The Champ, but a Contender!)

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quicktoevil says:

Definetely one of the best SAK models. any larger is unwieldy. VIC should ditch the tools on the back and can opener. a small driver with interchangeable bits is unbeatable. so is a real set of pliers on a MT. the original LM Wave or SOG Paratool aren’t much larger than a Swisschamp

Simon's Discoveries says:

I thought the fish scaler was a waste of space until I used it. It works great! And the magnifying glass is a must form me. Not just for making fire. I like to look at various bugs while on a walk. Plus it’s really useful for getting out splinters. And because it’s got its own pin and tweezers, you have the whole package for that job. It works so well, I will even use it at home with plenty other, more specialised tools around.

Jeepjones85 says:

I wish it had the ball point pen dang

Thomas King Schillerlein says:

super review. thx

Amirul Mokhris says:

Which do you recommend, Swiss Champ (7 layers), Craftsman (6 layers), or Ranger (5 layers)?

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ says:

Dude.. I have both the Champion and Swisschamp (I have way too many SAK to count at this point) and both of these are awesome knives.. but the biggest thing.. is the pliers.. other then that, both are very close in form and function.

Husseinrhl says:

my silvertech swiss champ doesn’t have a pen in the scales

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I really love the direction that the WAJK channel took adding flashlights, Multi-tools and SAKs.

f_d_S says:

nice video, and very informative!

NorCal Hermit says:

Interested in selling it? I have been looking for one.

Ammo Man says:

The “craftsman” should replace the parcel holder hook with a file.
I happen to love the magnifying glass option on victorinox knives to read serial numbers, model numbers and various manuals or assembly instructions with micro size print.

tetsubo57 says:

I use to carry a Super Tinkerer. I found the pliers next to useless. It is why I switched to the SwissTool. I have a first generation model and still carry it daily.

KS Kimmy says:

Have u come across a swisschamp without a parcel hook? I have one with this hook missing.

tarvilmos says:

I use a Cybertool 41 every day. Same width as Champ, but with a cool twist 😉 Just check it! 🙂

EveryDay Knife Guy says:

Great model among the larger Victorinox – I need to get me one of these. Nice overview as always mate

Safdar Amin says:

Very good knef

chris holbrook says:

Hows the pliers? I edc a small gerber multitool so I wouldnt need too robust of pliers but the victorinox pliers look hard to get leverage on.

Philocognition says:

Did you ever check out the Victorinox “floral” models?  ~curious as no one ever seems to know about/review
-be well

bearfoot130 says:

Just discovered the Champion Plus model, love it! It reminds me exactly of your Explorer Plus review with the big tools of the Craftsman (minus the pliers). Not sure if the Champion Plus model is discontinued? Your thoughts on this model? Also do you have a Swiss Champ review out there? I thought you owned one.

rjhack60 says:

I have a grand prix that i retired a couple years ago after 25+ years of carry and started carrying the craftsman. I agree with your assessment of the pliers. I wish Victorinox would just open a custom shop and charge me an extra 20% and make me the knife I want.

gabriel says:

I like the in line screw driver that’s why I’m thinking about getting the swiss champ.

GeoffiNaw says:

Best all-around Victorinox knife you can get, not as big as the champ but just right for what it offers. I’ve been carrying mine daily for many years and use it for everything when necessary, except I find myself not using the hook that often at all. I have worn a hole clean through a pair of shorts from carrying the craftsman, ha. I wouldn’t have one without the pliers or scissors, and the phillips bit it too handy not to have, especially over a dinky corkscrew. I do highly recommend picking up a safety pin to stick in the hole under the phillips bit. But I don’t get it, I’ve noticed the knife is not on the official website anymore, so is it technically discontinued? Seems like nobody really knows.

FuwaForestFilms says:

The Craftsman is my number one multitool! 🙂

Wiktor Suchodolski says:

yea nice 

totallyfrozen says:

The Craftsman is my all-time favorite. It’s my EDC and I don’t see why so many guys (that I assume are grown men) complain about the bulk and size and even avoid this model because of the size. I carry this in my pants pocket and I don’t even feel it. I don’t wear glasses so I don’t need the micro-driver. Aside from holding the micro-driver, I don’t have any use for the corkscrew.

John Montgomery says:

Another favorite carry of mine. Sad Victorinox has discontinued the model.

KungFuTweety1 says:

They don’t make it anymore! Sadly! It’s awesome!

许逸忠 says:

Very useful

Tac says:

Wow man you got one hell of a swiss army knife collection goin on,nice

Go Blue says:

The Ranger is the best SAK ever made. Hands down, no discussion.

Jess Hull says:

this is my EDC that my Father gave me years ago.
I have a question: I never knew about the straight pin provision until I watched this video. So the first thing I did was look on mine for the straight pin holder. But it doesn’t have it! is this a new addition? Is mine just an older model?

Daniel H says:

For me the obvious choice would be the craftsman. I think the pliers are quite useful and I don’t care too much about the micro screwdriver on the ranger or champ. The corkscrew and fish scaler are practically useless to me and I rarley need a magnifying glass. I don’t think it is worth an extra two layers and a higher price to have tools I don’t need.

bloodydishtowel says:

This is always in my left pocket next to my flashlight, my dad gave me his from the 80’s in brand new in box condition

KungFuTweety1 says:

Would love to buy one!

jlind52 says:

Very similar to the 111mm Workchamp, but 3/4″ shorter. If you have one, you probably don’t need the other, unless you’re a collector 😉 Don’t need the corkscrew. Old Soldier’s Field Expedient Corkscrew: cut of small branch, whittle off twigs and bark, leave the end flat and blunt, and the drive the cork (in one piece) down into the bottle using a rock as a hammer.

JulianZeezer says:

Wow, that swiss army knife has so many tools you could build a swiss army knife with that swiss army knife!

andy pilman says:

I EDC the handyman every day and it’s sweet!!! I really like how it has a cork screw instead of the screw driver, just because of the micro screw driver, it comes in handy

Bryan Teehan Outdoors says:

Heck of a tool brother, great video and overview.

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