Victorinox Deluxe Tinker Swiss Army Knife

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Victorinox Deluxe Tinker:
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Logan Cryan says:

what about the swiss army champion on

Logan Cryan says:


Redshift313 says:

works fine in my Tackle Box for working on or removing hooks

Tasy Moraitis says:

love your work mate can you do a review on the mountaineer?

Lezure2010 says:

Got this for my wife. She’s really happy with it. A little query though. Are stains on the tool dividers normal?

Ultimate Survivalist says:

Great video, could you do a review on the victorinox hercules? 

docwilkey says:

I like the Tinker model and use it as my EDC knife. As an urban dweller I like the pliers over a saw that I would never use. I have carried a SAK every day now going on 50 years and they have never let me down.

Rico Setyawan says:

Very nice review. I also have Deluxe Tinker and few others Victorinox. But somehow I always EDC the Deluxe Tinker or sometimes the Compact if I want a thinner SAK. Both are perfect for urban EDC.

Alan Unrau says:

I can’t find any information on how long the blades are… Can anyone please tell me how long the blade on this victorinox is and how long the blade on the Huntsman is ? Of course I’m talking about the larger, main blade. Call me an idiot, or noob or anything you want to, but I just couldn’t find anything anywhere.

Melonos says:

Awesome review. This has to be my favourite model. I’m a musician and have used this for small repairs at gigs.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

Very cool set!

Kenitzer Don says:

I really enjoy your reviews, From what I have been seeing on the web a lot of people bust on the cork screw and the hook. I have opened many bottles of wine with my Victorinox swiss Champ, and to be honest I would be disappointed if those two futures were left out. Just the same keep up the great work on the reviews.

the geth says:

how wide can the pliers open?

Cobra .38 says:

Or you can get the troubleshooter with a add metal file, and chisel

Amr Ashraf says:

can the pliers be used in removing the hook from the fish mouth? which is more effective in doing so, the pliers or the hook disgorger in fisherman?

osvaldo alanis says:

I have had this since i was 7 and i have been using it for backpack fishing situations and works amazing

ksojoel says:

It almost the same as my Wenger tradesman with just the adition of the hook. Seems like im buying this one to replace my wenger, i just dont want to lose it because they are no longer produced.

zednotzee7 says:

This is a nice little series you are doing on SAKs. very informative and to the point.  As for this one, I think it would be a great item for urban carry.  If you want to dismantle cars etc, buy a proper mechanics tool kit I say. As you pointed out it’s not  ” a  Deluxe taking apart car engines tool ” ( I’m going to remember that phrase, lol).

HostileKimberWick says:

hey dude i can rlly afford spyderco knifes and ik this has nothign to do with vitorinox but do u know any cheep knifes that are good quality 

Nicholas Aarons says:

Fantastic Video Dude. Keep up the great work. Nick.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Hi Israel, I’m surfing again and when you started talking about that Tinker, I was cleaning my O.K.C. GEN2 SP-51 which I had out earlier today enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a open fire, anyhow in the pouch on the sheath, I carried a tin, well sort of a tin, it’s a vintage metal soap container, I like it better than a altoid tin because it’s deeper and maybe larger, and in that pouch I have a vintage Imperial Swiss Army Knife made in the U.S.A. In mint conditiin, it reminds me so much of your Tinker, it has a small pair of scissors, and the pliers, it also has a fish scale removal, also a corkscrew I guess to open champagne when your out in the bush heh heh he, anyhow it’s very well made, I wish it had a saw, but I carry it for its awl, really a nice and we’ll made pocket knife, and it’s made in the Good Ole U.S.A. and it looks every bit as good as the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, this was very neat to me finding one of your video’s of a tool that I had out at the same time, Kewl Beanz I say, and Thanx for another good video I enjoyed. By the way Israel, how do you cut up a pizza ,,, with Little (scissor’s) Ceaser’s heh heh heh < |~_^|>

Snake Plissken says:

The Super Tinker I think is the best set of regular everyday tools on any of their knives.

I don’t understand why the Phillips screw driver isn’t on more of the knives, because the quark screw has to be the most out dated and worthless tool at this point. 

FuwaForestFilms says:

The Deluxe Tinker is one of the best 4-layer Victorinox! 🙂

Michael T says:

Please do a practical field test on the tops .230 and .170 machetes. There are so little reviews on these out there. Thanks

aribbonatatime says:

If this one is not the ultimate what would you say was?

WR3ND says:

I have both the Deluxe Tinker and the Ranger for this size. I tend to prefer the Deluxe Tinker for my EDC urban/civilian utility knife. I find that those little pliers do surprisingly come in very handy now and then. They actually are the same size as the tweezers at the tip, but have a lot more grip and power for detail work type stuff or torque.

0rgazman says:

Now u understand me ! Yeap is the best for the city people.

U have to choose this or the juice S2

perseuspegaso says:

very cool video!

Matthew Perry says:

The saw is overrated. The wood it cuts well can easily be snapped, with your hands in camping situations.

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