Victorinox Dual-Knife Sharpener. NO EXCUSE FOR A DULL KNIFE! Victorinox knife sharpener

This is a review about the dual-knife sharpener from Victorinox (swiss army knife). how to sharpen a Victorinox walker of the 80’s?The Victorinox knife sharpener has a ceramic notch and a grinding stone. It’ s a lightweight-, pocketsize sharpener. Victorinox Dual-Knife Field Sharpener. NO EXCUSE FOR A DULL KNIFE! How to sharpen a knife review

*Some specs:
-40 grams
-230 mm
-Small as a pen


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ShatteredXs says:

You are sharpening it wrong you are supposed to do strokes backwards

Catherine Keller says:


osvaldo alanis says:

Can u sharpen the scissors on it with this??

Joe Gordan says:

This kitchen knife sharpener is an ideal equipment to restore the life span in knives with massive blades and beveled edges. It possesses a high quality abrasive 8-inch diamond tri-hone bench. Besides. It comes with an attached Micro-Tool Sharpening pad for chiseling smaller tools and knife tips. The unique oval hole pattern enhances the speed of sharpening.

Rob Knapp says:

Why didn’t you use the ceramic feature to steel your knife after you finished with the abrasive? It would have eliminated the burr.

Souhaïla Bouyakhrichan says:

Nice video!

Tarsan97 says:

as you probably know allready, edge this worn down can be restored with different types of sharperners that have set angels. This will restore a good angel on the blade befor you use any stones like you did on the video.
On the other hand, my grandfather used a rock from the garden and was famous for having all his tools always sharp and ready, so it is a lot in the experience and the hand as well


you call THAT a dull knife? mine just rips the paper like its tissue.

White Eagle says:

Great video mate, keep up. subbed !

dave harris says:

how high are u raising back of blade

Wrecky61 says:

Thanks for a great review. The ceramic V-notch can be used to make the knife even sharper.
Use it regularly to “touch up” your knife.

Ron R says:

That is a old knife with a lot of use, it would be nice if the Victorinox had the ceramic in a coarse and finer ceramic like some other mfg’s do on the same too rodl. The groove in the middle is for fish hooks? The small v is for finer work  I think.Victorinox has a lot of good products and their steel is very reasonable.

strolling dave says:

handy sharpener to have in your pack.
atb dave

aisha dasilva says:

Vind ik hellemaal mooi

Wrecky61 says:

Thanks for an interesting video. What knife is that? I have the exact same knife, a gift from my late granddad.

Musa Al Helo says:


ghd67ik2887218 says:

what about the V end of the sharpener?

Cs:Go &RunO says:

wow its interesting

hira khan says:


James Ritchie says:

Few people know much about knives, but anyone would know enough not to use a piece of crap sharpener like this one. There is no such thing as a pull through sharpener that won’t ruin your edge geometry instantly, and no such thing as a dry abrasive that won’t shorten the life of your knife by years.

If you want a sharp knife, but a real sharpening stone and learn how to use it. Right now, you don’t know anything at all about knives, or about how to sharpen one without damaging your blade. It’s not difficult to learn how to sharpen, strop, and hone a knife. Lesson number one is to avoid cheap POS sharpeners that are just junk.

Ray getoutdoors says:

that’s not damaged, that’s patina….a well used tool. You need to strop it after sharpening.

Brian Cullen says:

it would be easier to put it in a jig and sharpener by moving the stone (not the knife)

Dark Miner says:

I recently found your channel and have subscribed but im not certain but you seem kinda nervous sometimes.sorry if im wrong but just wanna say dont be nervous about what you say .maybe if you wanna go 1 step further then make a script before recording your videos.hope you keep making great videos like these

FarStrider says:

I always carry sharpeners with me, in my survival tin and backpack and just looked for something specifically made for my Victorynox

All In One says:



On my way to buy this cool item, thanks for sharing.

john lopes says:

even dull that old blade did work, really nice looking edge once you spent some time on it.

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