Victorinox Evolution S557 Swiss Army Knife (A Deluxe Deluxe Tinker)

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A lesser-known, yet great Swiss Army Knife, the S557 is similar to the Deluxe Tinker, but adds even more tinker-related tools including an in-line locking Phillips screwdriver and a wrench, and a corkscrew that can hold a micro screwdriver. The knife blade also locks. The Evolution line is 3.25 inches in closed length, rather than 3.5 like many Victorinox.


Locking Knife Blade
Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver
Can Opener/Flathead Screwdriver
Locking Phillips Screwdriver
Nail File/Cleaner
Corkscrew/Micro Screwdriver (not included)

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Max1Million says:

You should call it the Super Deluxe Tinker

Matthijs Dx. says:

I’ve never liked any Victorinox product..
I dunno why..

Erebos says:

Why didn’t you get the Evogrip? I personally think it comforts the design much more with its durable neoprene inlays..

Douglas Toombs says:

Will a pin go into the corkscrew scale on this model?

Tim Summers says:

I had this model (by Wenger, so pre-2015) but sold it to only allow Victorinox in my collection. I was disappointed with the serrated scissors blade, the lack of an edge and a sewing eye on the awl as well as the pliers found in the Wenger models, which are inferior to Victorinox’s in my opinion. The wrench was unnecessary for my everyday use so I just decided to sell off the knife. This model you show in the review is already made by Victorinox, so the awl and can opener are standard Victorinox-style. However, Victorinox kept the old Wenger-style scissors, which seems to have been a mistake. The standard Victorinox scissors are the best ones on the multi-tool market. Thanks for the great review.

gpwasr10 says:

This is like the best of all worlds for SAKs. The things I love about Wenger (The springless Sissors, slip joint pliers, full belly blade, the wrench) and the things I love about Victorinox (Can-opener/Small Flathead reamer/sewing Awl).

Going to buy it now.

Gerry Nightingale says:

I think I’ll stay w/ my ‘SwissChamp’…even if it does not have the ‘wrench’.Why? Because the ‘arc of rotation’ of the fixed-in-place wrench makes it a very poor candidate for any real use, as well the ‘beam’ being far too short to reach into anything with it.I think too much is being ‘given-up’ in exchange for the ‘wrench’. (and another issue…why is there no ‘adjusting-wheel’ for the ‘jaws’ to fit a nut properly? I can’t understand this! I expect better from ‘Victorinox’ than this dubious ‘tool’)

Matthew Perry says:

That has everything, but the magnify glass that I want. Wow…I was going to pay for a custom made one. What is the weight?

alanvaladares says:

Juggle Knives Well, I’m a little confused. Which version of Victorinox, would you recommend me to bushcraft?

Thank you, greetings from Brazil!

Pinki2019 says:

That does look like a very cool one. Which pliers do you prefer, the Wenger or Victorinox?  I also think the Victorinox Cybertool 34 and Cybertool Lite are unjustly overlooked non-outdoors, larger-sized models.

renemanjr123 says:

I dont know but i like the clasic look over this type

Lellobeetle says:

Cool one, WAJK

Casull says:

I got the Wenger S557. I love it! Carry it everyday

arcajour says:

This is my favorite Swiss Army knife for EDC. To have a locking blade on such a small tool is wonderful. It is so compact and useful, and the handle offers a very comfortable grip. A pity that this knife is not better known or more widely available.

Ammo Man says:

Is the wrench SAE or Metric?

Jorn Navarre says:

Worst location for blade lock EVER…

Jim Adams says:

MacGyver could take down ISIS with this thing!

Johannes Arnold says:

Is the S557 too thick and heavy for EDC? I have use for the pliers but if it is too big I might just get the S14

Matt Gyver says:

I feel like they waisted space on the back of the knife where a hook, and chiselncouldnhave went. Looks handy though! Nice review

Sam Sabapathy says:

Has anyone actually used the wrench on the S557? The placement and size of the tool appears to render it useless for most tasks.

solnegrolunaroja says:

I don´t like the new can opener, my old Wenger’s version works better :-/

Victor Alejandro says:

It’s a good sample video, but it’s basically a wenger knife … I do not like it.

DC Rickerson says:

Very nice, great review.

Andrenalin_77 says:

Nice Overview of a Victorinox/Wenger SAK! Until now I prefered Victorinox Knives! But this model has the Combination from both Companies! I think my next buy will  be one of these! 😉 Thx for showing WAJK!
Greetings from Germany

Glenn Kievit says:

can i replace the toothpick with one of those pens?

KnifeTex says:

I had a real Wenger one with EvoGrip scales. It was very nice. I gave it to a friend of mine that’s a cowboy. He uses it all the time on the range.

Redshift313 says:

Rhetorically… why not Super Deluxe Tinker ??? Whatever you or its called… I love Knives, Guns, Bobbers, Boobz and Booty… Peace Brother

Ash Louise says:

I love the regular tinker model (I recently bought 2 of them, with the yellow handle and “don’t tread on me” logo.
This one is starting to get too thick. The size of the normal tinker is perfect for me.

iowndunoob says:


Mc Häckmäck says:

Great review!
Went straight to Amazon to order mine!

bonz86 says:

I bought this model and no longer wonder why Wenger went out of business. Victorinox should scrap any of their ideas. The pliers and scissors aren’t as good. The wrench is placed in the middle of the tool making it useless

Therrien Maxime says:

Can you do a review of the tops mak7?

jens vandendriessche says:

Does the philips screwdriver locks into place when puching down? I knew the Wenger ones did.

Husseinrhl says:

hey i have an evogrip s18 and it has some blade play i don’t know why

Galvin Stanley says: this video will show you how to sew with the reamer on the knife.That little hole is used as an awl for sewing.

arcajour says:

An alox version of this would be even more incredible…I would trade the finger-nail file for a magnifying glass or wood saw.

Kinetic Kill says:

Beautiful knife

Nathaniel Pecson says:

this is what macgver use in the macgyver series

Pk Brotherhood says:

I never heard about this one. Thanks

Karol Bała says:

It’s basic a we get, has the Sanger style scales and springs and locks and tools, got to see victorinox didn’t just shut down we get knives, for the people who preferred wen her, they can basically still have them.

Epsio0 says:

Why not call it master tinker?

John Montgomery says:

I just got my hands on a Evogrip version of one of these a couple of weeks ago and it’s starting to get more and more pocket time as I use it. Great knife.

Marc Kant says:

Great review but that wrench is too small for bycycles.

Paul Valles says:

The reason why I bought this knife is it has a corkscrew as well as a Philips screwdriver. Usually with a Wenger you have to choose a knife with one or the other. Also I prefer it’s relative small size compared to a Leatherman.

TheMasonator777 says:

I do NOT like the look of where the lock release is. Looks like it would be uncomfortable. Don’t like the scales either.

VENOM says:

I know I’m late for anyone with experience with it. Is it any good?

traderjoes says:

Does the lock latch catch on things, like the inside of a pocket?  Is there a straight pin area in the crook of the cork screw?

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