Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife, Odd Man Out

My thoughts on the Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife. I got this knife for the cool factor and the novelty of a 3 inch Swiss Army Knife. I think Victorinox should do a lot more with this intermediate size category. I do think the tool set on the Executive is a bit of a miss as there are a lot of options that either offer more, or offer almost as much in a more compact package


traderjoes says:

I have had one on these for 30 years or more. Mine says Hoffritz on it. It’s at work in my desk drawer. It’s one of the first knives I bought when I was pretty young.

Ryan Collier says:

I’d re-profile the edge on that orange peeler and turn it into a mini straight razor.

ViceCommando says:

A bit of collector myself too, and 74 Ambassador is actually the best Victorinox ever. Cutting paper those scissors are an upgrade to Classic SD. 84mm doesnt have scissors right now, and going for 91 is just too much. I do have few old 84s around with scissors, but a new tool beater Ambassador is the only choice, dont want to ruin those old ones too much. 🙂

Pinki2019 says:

Only other one I know of is the Ambassador.  I agree they should have more models in this size.  You should be an executive at Victorinox.

Guus de Jong says:

I love mine, I would like it even more if it had a bottle opener and came in alox.

Sage Ethan WT says:

Oh my god, I literally just got one of these two days ago, I found it at a old knife shop in FreePort Maine for $20. It was someones knife that had gotten taken by the TSA. I thought it was cool to add to the collection, so I picked it up. I want to get a green alox a some point, if you know were someone rare alox models are sold  that would be awesome to know.

Say Say says:

Nice video! What is the length of the large blade on the Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife?

Jon Kirkwood says:


Jake J says:

Is the scissors its own size?

Noah Rowland says:

I see a thousand uses for the tools on this knife. If you look at it from a MacGyver point of view, its unlimited. MacGyver actually uses this knife in season 1 on the “Countdown” episode. I just ordered one, and am looking forward to using it.

Rick Temmen says:

You need to ID these in mm Good Video though

travyzf says:

I would build one with all the different blades, if I had the chance.

JEIIIP68 says:

I had one of these in my messenger bag for a while. I found that I never used it so I left it in my desk drawer in my home office. At work, where I spend most of my time I have Victorniox Classic SD and a Leatherman Micra which I use ever day. I love both of those tools. The biggest fail in my opinion for this knife is the nail file. It’s too fine compared to the Classic SD, or the Micra. I have tried to use it as an orange peeler, but find the orange peeler tool on the mini champ more effective.

John Montgomery says:

This is purely a gentleman’s grooming knife IMO. Something for more formal dress that won’t drag in your pocket. That orange peeler blade also serves as a pretty efficient cuticle pusher and trimmer as well.

J R says:

Victorinox also makes money clip in the 74mm size. Sounds like more your tool set. It has the large blade, the medium sized scissors, and a nail file straight of the sd. Plus the clip. Which works great as a pocket clip. It also has smooth alox scales.

North Florida Girl says:

Yes, this size knife in alox would be nice. The more models in alox, the better. Also, I think a bottle opener would be more useful than the orange peeler.

jlind52 says:

Would have been useful to compare it to the Manager, and perhaps the Rambler, as those two also have additional tools. BTW, I’ve peeled hundreds of Clementines! That is a type of orange peeler. If you look at the curvature in the long tang, it’s intended to follow the outside of an orange while the cutting edge penetrates a specific depth. The flat tip is for getting under the peel to get some purchase on it to start pulling it off the orange. Somewhat of a “gizmo” because once you’ve done a few dozen oranges with the standard long blade and used the flat tip on the nail file to get under the peel, you don’t need the Executive’s orange peeler.

Wayne Whitted says:

Just in case you are not aware of it these 74mm size models do come in alox and or stainless steel. The alox models are nice since size wise they are extra slim but losing the tweezers and toothpick functionality.

zednotzee7 says:

It’s an interesting size knife,, but rather pointless tbh. It offers very little over a Classic (unless you peel oranges for a hobby). But as you say, with a different set of tools it could be a winner.

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

A SAK named Executive should have a pen and an usb pendrive.

Rogue Preparedness says:

I like your comparisons but I really like that Victorinox Executive. If I had the choice, I’d probably pick up a different swiss army knife, but if I had to use that, it’s not bad!

Rick Temmen says:

I would like a Rambler in this 74 mm size … It would still work on a keychain and give you a little more size and heft … More purchase on the knife …

bobby redondo says:

this knife is perfect for real life day to day needs. fabulous. they are the best. victorinox

Bravo whiskey says:

If they really wanted to make it for executives it should at least have carbon fiber scales. Not their regular economy plastic scales. I’d buy it if it had CF!

renemanjr123 says:

Never realy looked at the Executive but its A SAK so i need to get it

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