Victorinox Explorer Plus Swiss Army Knife

Total Length: 3.5 inches
Weight: 3.7 ounces
Made In: Switzerland
Price: $50


Large Blade
Small Blade
Can Opener/Flathead Screwdriver
Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver/Wire Stripper
Phillips Screwdriver
Magnifying Glass
Corkscrew/Micro Screwdriver
Parcel Carrying Hook

The Explorer Plus has the same tool set as the Explorer, plus the Micro Screwdriver and Pen.

Victorinox Amazon Links For Your Convenience:
Midnite Manager:
Midnite MiniChamp:

Serrated Spartan:
Spartan Lite:
Evolution S16:
Super Tinker:
Deluxe Tinker:
Evolution S557:
Explorer Plus:




JW's BulletsNBlades says:

great setup

NGMonocrom says:

The pen feature is nice as an emergency pen. Holding it, and writing with it, the plastic top stabs you in the hand. It’s useful for older folks who have a magnifier, don’t want to be without one if they lose it. Scissors are far more useful on a day-to-day basis than most folks think they are. Great way to carry a toothpick, a handy knife, and a basic set of drivers for light-duty chores.

That micro driver on the corkscrew is fantastic for tightening up prescription glasses or sunglasses. One of Victorinox’s more complete models. Just really wish they could have incorporated a saw, somehow.

WColdblooded357W says:

Man I wish they wouldn’t be focused on the damn scissors. Anything that can be done with scissors can be done with a knife. Arguably the saw is also not really needed because of the knife. A small saw like that is really mostly for notching logs and that kind of thing. A blade could handle that task easy enough. If they made this model plus pliers it would be my ultimate SAC. Even if they had to remove the scissors to do it

Michael Daury says:

I’ve ever used the cork screws in any of mine I’ve never seen anybody use them not ever. I have a few with the cork screw just because I liked everything else about the knife. So if you don’t drink wine what do you use them for and why do they make so many with corkscrews on them? I watch all your video man thanks for taking the time to put them up.

Kevin Skillin says:

I love my ranger but I wish it came with a magnifying glass

germanshepherd13 says:

does the inline phililps really give you much more reach vs the Philips on say the tinker where corkscrew normally is? seems to be the same reach but because of the long handle, may be an optical illusion that you are getting more reach with the inline but just eyeballing it, seems to be the same reach from end to tip of phillips. I dont have any SAK’s with an inline phillips to compare. I have over 25 SAK;s but no inlines , yet lol.. great overview..

Zimmemme says:

In your opinion what is the best: the explorer or the tinker deluxe? Thanks in advance.

Based Leader says:

i have this 😀

Joan Lampinigz says:

Mine is a ranger but I’m not sure if this is made in Switzerland. I saw a ranger made in china at amazon. Anybody here knows if a Victorinox SAK was made in Switzerland?

David M says:

well i wish this model was a little bigger and had a saw and get ride of the corkscrew and put in a small Ferro rod…then it would be a great Explorer woods tool and it would not to get much wider… i would buy it…ok just dreaming.. but i wish they would put a magnifying glass
and a Ferro rod on the one handed trekker..that would sell like crazy in America

Mark Webb says:

I have the same one….. If it only had the file on the hook, then it would be perfect!

Cody Barnes says:

I think I watched every YouTube vid on every available SAK you can buy. I was really impressed when I saw the SuperTinker due to the 3d Phillips>corkscrew. On advice from all my research I ended up with the Climber because I realized how useful an eyeglass screwdriver (added to corkscrew) would be for me and the can opener acts as a Phillips. After daily pocket carry and use, I realize having a 4 layer would’ve given me extra tools with no added problems. The 2d Phillips is barely usable if you don’t wear glasses, go for the 3d Phillips over the corkscrew. Also, though it fits in your watch pocket… do NOT put it there. It will work itself out and you may be out an awesome edc tool and $.

Chumgeyser says:

Nice breakdown. The corkscrew is also nice for loosening and untying knots.

Oldcoinsandstuff1 says:

But no SAW!!! Bummer!!! Only prob.

Reece634 says:

i dont see any reason why anyone would buy this over the delux tinker

Jeepjones85 says:

Mine came in this week and so far it’s just great ! Thanks for a great video ! I would recommend this one because of the pen to anyone, and I was Surprised just how light it is also, great knife

mikedifeo says:

This is one of my EDCs. Has been for a year or so. I really like the magnifying glass and the scissors. I carry this in conjunction with the Leatherman Charge XTI. I find I use the Explorer more than any other EDC tool I carry.   

torgomax says:

I have never seen this model before.

John Parinello Jr. says:

Diffently my favorite Swiss Army knife.

C.b. Needham says:

As an Englishman I’m interested in your accent, what city are you from? By the way thanks for your very informative videos.

Brian Driggers says:

very nice really like that knife

KnifeTex says:

Nothing wrong with that one. I gave my Explorer Plus away to a friend. Miss it all the time. Cheers!

Gun Enthusiast says:
unicornlxix says:

My favorite SAK (in the boondocks, best paired with the Leatherman Wave, if you don’t mind the weight). Unfortunately, I was just advised that they are out of production. Explorer, yes. Explorer plus, No. Seems it should have been the other way around.

Tac says:

wealljuggleknives is one of the few channels ill watch the whole add,the more money we can make him the more vids we get! so do your part & support the channel!!

Julius Gonzo says:

Very nice summary. Great, thanks !

hypervigilance1 says:

very nice

knpstrr says:

Explorer was Carl Elsener Sr.’s favorite model

Raul Solis says:

Great video.

EveryDay Knife Guy says:

3d Philips AND corkscrew? Dammit bro, you cost me a lot of money! This is going to have to go on the wish list with all the others now…

Matthew Perry says:

The magnify glass is great for starting campfires and great for making your brother jump in the air, while screaming like a girl.

Aleksander Den Store says:

Is the plastic on the magnifyer brittle?

ilmothedude says:

Explorer Plus is my current EDC knife at this moment, black version. I got it pretty much because it has PEN. I do some geo caching now and then, and guess how many times I’ve been out of pen when I’d log the entry! Not anymore, it’s awesome, now pen is always with me, and it has come to use already many times. It’s weird how there’s not too many medium sized knives with pen. My choices were pretty much either compact or explorer plus, which were suitable for EDC pocket knives for their compact size. I decided to go with explorer plus because I like to have small and large blade, and compact doesn’t have small blade so explorer plus was one to get. Magnifying glass is cool, even though I don’t really have much use for it, but phillips screwdriver has exceeded my expectations. It’s very good screwdriver and has got a lot of use already. I like the fact it’s in line so it’s very decent to use. Overall really great EDC knife!


That is a pretty smooth one I like that you know that toothpick is one handy tool to have yet I don’t have one but needed one and it was a pain not being able to get it out between my teeth lol wishing I had a tooth pick invest I SHALL lol

The Peaceful Prepper says:

I haven’t seen this model before.  Nice set of tools.

John Montgomery says:

This is a great option for urban carry. It was one of my number one SAKs until I moved to a more rural area a few years ago and actually found myself in need of a saw more and more often just doing work around the outside of the house and my Huntsman took the top spot in my rotation.

Ammo Man says:

This knife in the pocket and the small manager model on the keyring is a great combo and you’ll have 2 pens in case one stops working.

SashimiMonster says:

I have this knife too. It replaced my Explorer that was lost. I had it for almost 20 years. The difference between the Explorer and the Explorer Plus is the PEN, The Micro Screwdriver AND the PIN. My old explorer doesn’t have those 3 items, although I bought the Micro Screwdriver as an add on.

Icypotato says:

The Explorer is my favorite Swiss Army Knife. I love how you get the Phillips and the corkscrew, and the scissors are great. However as I get more into SAKs its getting harder and harder to pick a favorite. So the Explorer might get knocked off the #1 spot soon. Why does there have to be so many awesome Swiss Army Knives?

Arctic Gator says:

I once had one of these as a kid, that is util a long car ride with mom and dad and the car broke down, dad was able to use it to fix the car, but he totally destroyed it in the process lol.

John Renz Caballero says:

i wish they replace the magnifying glass with a saw

tetsubo57 says:

Before I started carrying my SwissTiool I liked the Super Tinkerer. One thing I don’t like about the Philips on the Victorinox tools is how smooth it is. It has no ‘bite’. Being able to carry a micro-screwdriver is nice as I wear glasses but I have always found the corkscrew useless. Unless you happen to be in True Romance.

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