Victorinox Farmer | Swiss Army Knife Multitool | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Farmer, a simple multitool made by the world renowned, Victorinox, the original swiss army knife. One of the standout tools contained within the Farmer is the fold out saw. While most multitools usually don’t contain a folding saw, it is a welcomed addition to the Black Owl Outdoors gear family.

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Tactical Patriot2000 says:

This would be perfect if it had a Philips screwdriver

John Montgomery says:

If you’re trekking out in the woods using this thing for it’s intended purpose, are you really going to be that worried about a little pocket lint with everything else it will be exposed to in the environment? FWIW, there are tons of pocket clip hangers available that will allow it to ride suspended in your pocket if you’re afraid of getting it dirty. They can be had for as little as a couple of dollars on Amazon.

Adrian Hester says:

I just bought a Victorinox Farmer the other day and really like this little multi-tool/knife. The deal maker for me as well was it’s saw and that it doesn’t take up too much space in my pocket.

Russell Kastner says:

bought mine in 1976, 13 years old…..paid $11.95 at the B&B store in Kalispell Montana, still have it 🙂

jlen82 says:

Creek towards the end of the video as you are talking there are a bunch of trees leaning up against another tree. Did you place them there if so why? Shelter?

Кирилл Олесов says:



i bought mine for 25 usd 🙂

Nate The Great says:

Awesome video! Would like to see a video on the hiker model and a few others. Perhaps a comparison video.

BigFootWalker1776 says:

One thing that I would like to see added to the Farmer is a locking blade, like that is found on the Victorinox Swiss Army One Hand Trekker Non Serrated Pocket Knife, which I consider to be the big brother of the Farmer – 4-3/8 inch as compared to the closed length of 3-5/8 inch for the Farmer.

dave03085 says:

Don’t cut wood etc on your legs its dangerous

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Great multitool

MrBluegrassdave says:

great review I have carried this knife for a long time it always gets the job done and then some keep up the great work.

Jeremy Henry says:

Gerber Crucial Tool is what I carry everywhere!

stype977 says:

Great presentation  !!  My next SAK family member 🙂 Subbed

InfiniteFlightFanatic says:

How do I sharpen this? I am new to pocket knives

Dutch survival&outdoors says:

The edge on the reamer can also be used as a striker for firesteels. If you use softer ferro rods it will chew them up but with most it will work. The hiker is also a great outdoors victorinox.

Alex Paulk says:

I’ve had one in the silver alox for quite a while now. I love it. I use it all the time. I sharpen it about once every other month. I just strop it every time I use it extensively. The saw makes short work of making notches or processing small kindling. The knife feathers out wood and can fillet fish quite well. The awl is by far the best I’ve ever had on a pocket knife. This thing is solid. I used the Flathead Screwdriver the other day to disassemble and reassemble a part of the Uneven Bars in my gymnastics gym. This thing has all the tools I need and none of the ones I don’t need. Get one before the prices go any higher.

Detailed Obscurity says:

I found one of these at a local park and the reamer was covered in weed resin, i guess some stoner left it after scraping his bowl.

donjuan42566 says:

Really good review

Chad Bell says:

I keep one one on with my keys and my Exotac XL, got a pocket clip on the key ring to keep everything from bunching up in my pocket as well, all stay suspended and in one place.

Drawkill Foxy says:


also i liked and subbed and Nice knife amazing you and epic vid

William Kister says:

I love the Vic Farmer, rides with me everyday, especially when it is hard to get away with a bigger blade. For EDC tasks, I have never really needed more yet. Love the way the awl is situated on this model. Been a fan of this blade and carrying it for the last 15 years. Thanks for the video, love the reviews you put up. Another good blade from Victorinox I like to carry is the One Handed Opening Trekker Model.

pichnoufblues says:

I use the rimmer a lot with my Doan’s bar. Makes good magnesium shavings and sparks.

Yogi Lilly says:

great video on a fantastic multi tool.

if you can find one of the retired Harvesters, I would highly recommend the purchase.
it is the farmer with a hawkbill pruner blade replacing the can opener/small screwdriver.

This provides a 2nd blade that is unique from the standard pen blades found on many of the swiss army models.
The hawkbill is great for draw cuts, piercing cuts, and bunched ( cordage) cutting.

The hawkbill/pruner blade is also found on the retired Rancher, no wood saw.

Andreas Rodosthenous says:

Check out the victorinox huntsman!!! Great multitool, with a lot of functions!!

MrDidaxi says:

Good review. Thx.

Joey Rodriguez says:

The Swiss Camper would be nice for you. It has all the same functions but has a small blade and corkscrew that you can put an eyeglass screwdriver in. It costs only 23 dollars and comes with the toothpick and tweezers. The Hiker is also pretty much the same but has a screwdriver instead of the corkscrew.

Mr.Salpling says:

The best one is the huntsman i have my one since elementary school and i am 10th grade right now (germany) it has everything for working with wood like a saw a blade a drill(dont know the englisj word in germany we call it “ahle”) scissor bottleopener canopener a small hook two blades … Not to much tools but not too less either

miklospinter says:

Good review, excellent quality.
As Dutch survival&outdoors mentioned, the reamer / awl is a great tool for striking a fire steel. I’m not a big expert on that but I have a few ferro rods and the Vic Alox awl is better than than any of the strikers they come with.
Another Victorinox tool that might be interesting for you: the Electrician Plus. It’s the same as the Farmer but it doesn’t have a key ring that would stab your palm when you use the blade or the saw, and instead of the can opener it comes with a small sheepsfoot Electrician’s balde. In the forest, that small secondary blade might be more useful than a can opener with a small screwdriver.

Marrapirre says:

I use the Victorinox Outrider in the field, fantastic knife. Got a saw, lock blade, scissors and a small Philips head screwdriver among the regular tools. It’s a bigger knife but the grip is amazing. Came with a black leather belt pouch/sheath as well! You should check it out 🙂


Ugly Puppy says:

Just picked up a Victorinox Fieldmaster. Has the same tools as the Farmer, including a few extra nice ones – Phillips head screw driver, scissors, and a smaller blade to accompany the main blade. Has the traditional. Scales with the tweezers and toothpick. I think it’s a good mix of tools and weight.

Frits Siewers says:


Nofancy Namesleft says:

I like the Victorinox Trailmaster a great deal. It has longer blade and saw, additional Phillips driver and every tool has liner lock. Not sure though if it’s available on your side of the ocean…

Gevork Katrandzhyan says:

great review

MoeShinola1 says:

I have a Colman Hiker II, and the quality is so much lower. There’s what is apparently supposed to be a reamer, but it is not beveled at all. The scissors are not beveled at all, the can opened is not beveled, what an oversight. The saw is good, the blade is good, but no tweezers or toothpick. You definitely have the better knife.

Randy Yeager says:

they call it a tool….check this card out…pretty cool, and it’s free ($3 shipping):

M_flores56 says:

Nice video. Can u do one on the camper vitronox knife. Please. Thank you

Turtle Bushcraft says:

one of my favorite pocket knifes atb John

Γιαννης Mp says:

just imagine this with a pair of scissors and all the tools and springs and all made out of cpm s30v!!!! sweet dreams!!!!!!!

Hammock Sponge says:

IA had a great idea in carrying this type of tool.

MrApple says:

My personal favorite when it come to Swiss Army knives.  As of 5-3-15, it can be had at Amazon for $31.49.  Well worth the money.

Bear8Photo says:

What ever happened to “It’s Krik here with Black Owl OUTDOORS”? Why’d you x the “outdoors” part?

DisabledPrepper says:

Fantastic video. I have the farmer. I really think it is amazing. Also it is fantastic for a picnic in public. It will not intimidate anyone especially in places where people just take an offence to you even having a pocket knife due to misconceptions and bad public information. It is also very sturdy and as you say will last a life time and if kept well maintained something to pass on like a good watch and pen. Keep up the good work. Found your channel yesterday. I am really enjoying your down to earth videos. Thank you! (Being disabled I am actually house bound, so nice to see down to earth videos and for that matter well made and engaging! Thank you.)

David Clemons says:

I believe I paid 14.99 for a red version of this about ten years ago. It’s sitting next to me. The color is worn, all tools are scratches to hell. I love the thing. When I moved out of my parents house I didn’t have a can opener, so the Farmer was my EDC and can opener. Love it. It works just as good now as when I bought it.

Massimiliano Fantucci says:

victorinox ranger its a nice tool

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