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Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Fieldmaster Swiss Army Knife by the legendary company Victorinox. Perhaps you weren’t first introduced to the Swiss Army Knife by Angus MacGyver in the 1980’s hit television series “MacGyver”, but undoubtedly you have heard of them. The Fieldmaster comes with 10+ stainless steel tools to help you get the job done wherever you find yourself. While the Fieldmaster is slanted to more towards outdoor uses such as hiking, camping, bushcraft, fishing and general chores, Krik prefers it as an everyday carry regardless where he is headed. It has just enough tools to cover a wide base of activities, yet is small enough to carry everywhere you go and not be an inconvenience.

Victorinox Fieldmaster –

List of Tools:
Philips Screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver
Large Blade
Small Blade
Multipurpose Hook
Wood Saw
Key Ring
Can Opener
Bottle Opener


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Wade Ussery says:

I own 25 different Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and my favorite, most useful model  that I carry every day is the Rangergrip 57.

cap10random says:

how does the awl compare to the farmer? my favorite model is the camper because it is thinner and i can live without scissors since the knife blade can do almost everything scissors can and i find that whenever i actually need scissors, i’m always in a place that has them. i’ve considered trying the farmer, which is even thinner than the camper. i think i would miss the toothpick and tweezers though. it seems there is just no perfect sak. maybe because there are so many options…

James Ritchie says:

Great review. I love the sheath you made, but my belt is already full, and one reason I want a medium size SAK like the Fieldmaster is because I can carry it in my pocket without even noticing it’s there.

The QueensConquerer says:

I like this knife a lot. This is for outdoor and indoor purposes. The best all-rounder. I might tell my mom to get this for me this Christmas. I can use this knife in a daily situation and in the wild. Perfect

Ellis Outdoors says:

Awesome video. Saw it a year ago when it came out. Love you content. You should buy the Victorinox One Handed Trekker and do a review. I think you’d really like it.

Craig Swogger says:

If you open the Philips Screwdriver, you will see a tiny hole in the scale at the base of the tool. This is where you can store a straight pin or perhaps a small sewing needle.

cebuanostud says:

i want the fieldmaster in alox scales with the wenger scissor incorporated. just do it Victorinox 😉

Bradley Birmingham says:

At the beginning of the video you said “You can find it cheaper on the old interweb”. The only other place I have ever heard it called the old interweb is from Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage on that show Fast & Loud on Discovery channel lol.

kickalion says:

3:30 half step is for taking off wire isolation with combination with the blade

Field Tripp says:

The Explorer might strike your fancy if you haven’t checked it out already.

Alexander Lively says:

How is this different to the huntsman

TheLameBucket says:

My favorite outdoor Victorinox: Trailmaster
My favorite everyday Victorinox: Tinker

Tim McCabe says:

This is my favorite SAK.

Cornplanter says:

I have a discontinued Woodsman for my EDC. It’s just like the Fieldmaster except it has the corkscrew on the back. The phillips screwdriver is on the front along with a glass magnifying lens.

C Moore says:


Rangersly says:

Victorinox pocket knives/multi-tools are so reliable. My favorite Vcictorinox is the Explorer that looks a lot like this Fieldmaster. I prefer the Explorer because it has a magnifying lens (back-up fire starter). The Victorinox tweezers are my favorite to remove splinters.

Pasquale says:

So basically this is a Huntsman without the cork screw, but with a screw driver.


Nice video…Thanks

Aaron Dixon says:

I love my Cybertool

Mario Kushner says:

I have a Huntsman in matte burgundy color. The only difference is that the Huntsman has a corkscrew instead of the philips screwdriver (which I use to untie knots). Having used it for a few years in the city and in the woods, I think the Huntsman is the perfect medium sized SAK for both environments.

That sheath is great!

James Ritchie says:

Two years later, you can get the Fieldmaster for $36, so it’s an even better deal now. Any you can get a Hiker model that’s exactly like it except it does have scissors or the hook, for $26. And A new MacGyver series is now on television.

van hill says:

I use the camper model same things except for the scissors and parcel hook.mine is in black .actually I have about 20 of different models.
love my SAK’S

Matthew Morrison says:

Nice review. I carry the SwissChamp every day without fail, in or out of the woods and regardless of what other tools I may or may not have. I absolutely love it!

Kal El says:

I EDC the Ranger (5 layers). It seems to be a family tradition. One grandfather carries a ranger, the other an old huntsman (4 layers). My kids will soon have a huntsman and fieldmaster as well.
As always, thanks for making high quality videos.

Josien de Koning says:

I just discovered your channel and subscribed. What camera do you use? I really like the colors. And for editing?

Chris Con says:

I love this knife! For me, it’s the perfect combination of functionality, size, & weight, both around the house & in the woods.

Matt Daves says:

nice beat at 7:33 lmao

TS O'Day says:

What the hell is a centimeter? USA!

snowpuppy77 says:

Very good review. I just recently got a Victorinox Ranger Plus. I find that the extra tool that is a wood file, metal file, and hack saw adds very little weight and thickness for what you gain. And I like the cork screw since I have had one on my SAK for so many years. And it holds the eyeglasses screwdriver. The can opener works good as a Phillips. Mine also has a small ink pen in the scales. I have been a big SAK fan for a few decades and the Ranger IMCO is my an ideal belt carry SAK.

David D. says:

I’m 11, and my Dad said hes going to get me this Victornox multi-purpose tool today or tomorrow.

jake says:

i like how he showed the safe way to open and close the tools

but then immediately started using the saw on his leg lol …NEVER do that kids

Nelson Holmes says:

The explorer

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things says:

You’re right about the SAK blades being sharp, and they stay that way through an amazing amount of wood carving and shaving, cutting, scraping, and other work. I like the Fieldmaster design – the saw blade looks like it means business for processing kindling and smaller branches for fuel. Nice demo.

Haydee Garza says:

I have a camper knife


its similar to the huntsman, except huntsman has a wine opener instead of screw driver

xXDemonFoxXx9 says:

how much knife is enough for hiking/backpacking? I live and go hiking in NYS and i carry a Victorinox Fieldmaster, i don’t know if that is enough for it. I think lock back folding knives are illegal to carry (in NYS). I would get a fixed blade but i haven’t found one i like.

Fire bug says:

i have a huntsman, everything the same, exept it has a corkscrew instead of screwdriver… wery usefull for making traps, tripwires, ect. you can just snip the wire with the scissors without moving the device or wire itself. I think they should make a tool for removing ticks and add it instead of toothpick or that hook in thiese models…

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