Victorinox Fieldmaster Swiss Knife: Master Of The Field

Victorinox Fieldmaster:
Victorinox Huntsman:
Victorinox Evolution 18:
Victorinox Tinker:
Victorinox Super Tinker:
Victorinox Deluxe Tinker:
Victorinox Ranger:
Victorinox Craftsman:
Victorinox Handyman:
Victorinox SwissChamp:
Victorinox Hunter:
OH Trekker:
Rescue Tool:
SwissTool Spirit X:
Swiss Tool X:
Mechanix Tactical Work Gloves (All Colors):
1000 FT. of Paracord:
Leatherman Knifeless Rebar:
Leatherman Rebar, Blacked Out Model:
Leatherman Rebar:
Bit Driver For The Rebar:
Leatherman Wave:
Leatherman Supertool 300:
Leatherman Surge:
Leatherman Charge AL:
Leatherman Charge TTI:
Leatherman Charge TTI + Bit Extension, 42 Bits:
Leatherman Juice S2:
Leatherman Juice CS4:
Leatherman Juice 6XE:
Leatherman Wingman:
Leatherman Sidekick:
SOG PowerPint Multitool:
SOG PowerAssist:
SOG PowerAssist (Black Oxide):
SOG PowerPlay:
SOG PowerLock
SOG Powerlock (Black Oxide):
SOG PowerAccess:
SOG SwitchPlier:
SOG Reactor:
SOG PowerGrab:
SOG PowerGrab + Bit Set:
SOG Bit Kit:
SOG Cross Cut:
SOG PowerPlier:
SOG PowerDuo:
SOG Sync:
Bushcraft 101:
Advanced Bushcraft:
Guide To Wilderness Shelters:
SAS Survival Guide:
The Whittling Handbook, Peter Benson:
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book, 43 Projects:
The SAK Book: 63 Outdoor Projects:
20 Minute Whittling Projects Book:
Paracord Handle Wrap Book:

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OcOmega Shadow says:

Awesome tool!

Moonwolf71 says:

They put the scissors on the knives originally for the Swiss medical knife that they first made for the military medics to carry.

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:


cyclist01222 says:

This and the Hiker are my favs. Grandpa was born in 1908 and I remember him telling me they were required to bring their knives to school and were scolded if they forgot them… “Johnny, you get home and don’t come back without your knife”.

Darren Chesterfield says:

Yes, I’m a true fan 😉

Steve Swanson says:

I’m fairly sure you were drunk doing the voiceover for this vid. Loved it.

Gilad Shneor Barnea says:

I miss multitool monday man. Great vid though. I really like your stuff. Sorry to hear about the arthritis bro.

Mark Adams says:

Hey I like this knife, and I’m not a V’nox fan.

Balinoob says:

It’s funny how most of Americans can’t roll r’s but they all learn to speak Spanish. It’s weird because almost everyone in the world can roll r’s

Corso says:

I laughed multiple times. If you had a podcast, I would listen to it.

workingclassless84 says:

Please do a review on the sog powerpint.


Ya see, the cork screw is for the wineO wine hunters. Trying to hunt up a bottle. The Bottle Opener/Standard Screwdriver if for the Brew Crew that need to Field Dress a cold one! #100%Truth!
Me, I’m not picky. I like the Champ for whatever the setting maybe!

ogarzabello says:

I have a love-hate relationship with VICTORINOX, I love the quality but hate the softness of the blade steel. I’m willing to pay more for VICTORINOX products with better blade steel, perhaps 440C or even D2 steel. More locking blades and more one-hand opening models would be appreciated too.

Pioneer X MNL says:

Tnx for the nice video…

JustSimplyBrandon says:

I had the fieldmaster for a few years before giving it away to my Boy Scout cousin as his graduation gift. It was super handy to have, and then I switched to the Handyman. That’s my new EDC.

X-RAY ZULU says:

‘re watching this,, Victorinox scissors, ,the Gardener version of the Rangergrip range has a big pair of scissors, saw, blade ,,look it up,, great edc cutting pocket tool,,,, great vids,,, atb .

Macktube X says:

I can’t decide between this and the Evo18. Can you tell me the main difference besides the nail filer not being as sharp as the Fielmaster?

Grimm Swords & Knives says:

Definitely worth 35 bucks

tuf fer says:

one reason i prefer the philips is that it doesn’t dig into your hand when carving for prolonged periods of time…. btw did they really stop making the that i decided that i wanted one.

Allan Jonal Isidro says:

how if the ranger replace the corck srew into philips screw driver

השומר באדידס says:

back to magic in hebrew

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Greetings to all and happy Memorial Day. Here is my review of the classic Victorinox Fieldmaster, a knife that I feel gives you a lot of utility for the price (about $35). The Fieldmaster is very similar to the Huntsman and the Evolution 18, see the text description box for links to all the options, enjoy :]

cebuanostud says:

hello WAJK

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

I wish they would make a three layer version of this with the combo bottle/can opener.

Moshe Bacov says:

My favourite reviewer with my favourite multi-tool (almost, huntsman actually). Great video, I´ve been EDCing a Huntsman for a long time. Not very big, or heavy and not very small. Perfect for rural areas. Greetings from Brazil WAJK.

Chris Twist says:


Tricia Anne says:

Nice video bro..

X-RAY ZULU says:

Ahh, the fieldmaster, a brother had the Huntsmam so I went for the “” officer’s knife””, (fieldmaster ), mind you I only have 29 Victorinox knives, , not enough I know lol,,,

John Montgomery says:

This guy and the Huntsman are my two faves. As far as the SAK vs multiplier debate goes, I like and carry both depending on the occasion but I find that pliers don’t really come in handy that often when I’m doing woodsy type stuff so a SAK will usually suffice in that case if I’m wanting to save myself the size and bulk of something like a Leatherman or Gerber MP.

Templarium says:

Do you still have your Gerber MK1 35th Anniversary edition? Have you used it much?

Common Man Conservation says:

This and the Super Tinker (for those that don’t need a saw) are the best for most people. I only wish the scales on these and the “gem” scales like the Emerald were more scratch resistant.

Ben Button says:

Not relevant to this video but I was wondering what a good budget multi tool is because most things cost more in the uk like a wing man costs 70 dollars on amazon. Any one got any suggestions

S Bryant says:

I loled lots…. innuendo supremeo ! A swiss army knife was my first knife, they a great imho, only bettered by a Kukri, isn’t that right Israel! 🙂

Billy Stink says:

Screams of the damned lol? You must live in California


I can’t make up my mind on which one to get so many cool ass tools. Yeah f#@! Gerber lol.

Alex Air says:

Except Gerber 😉

Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:

I thought I was at the “we juggle jugs channel”?? I wish all cork screws would go away like the EDC of a sword!!!!!!

Enkidu1701 says:

That was so much fun to watch. In between I thought: WAJK is so funny today – did he have a clown for breakfast?
I don´t know if that´s a saying in English – at least it´s a saying in German. And probably you know what I mean with that saying.
And then you made the Gerber joke. (cracked me up)
So anyways. Until now I subscribed mainly because of your awesome reviews, your opinion and your reasoning, etc.
Your humor is also great. Maybe I didn´t realize before.
And for the Vic Fieldmaster – It´s absolutely worth to get one of those. Personally I´m a bit hesitating because I have some other things in mind to get first, but if I´d get a Fieldmaster in a month or 2 woult it help you if I´d use your link to amazon?
I mean would you get something from it or would you get nothing either way?

z ga says:

Vic Fieldmaster and Vic Hiker is one of the best models form me, I have Hiker and it is very handy and utility.

Randall Kelley says:

This is my fav. model!!!

Luis Perdices says:

Thanks for the usual great video. I love SAKs.

grasvard says:

Great videos, love your victorinox reviews! You have to check out tortoise gears small ferro rods. They are so tiny that they go in the space of the tothpick on the victorinox. It makes the victorinox even better and they work great! 🙂

PBRstreetgang says:

Made it to the end of the video! Im a superfan! I must say though that sometimes i slip into a coma after the 10-12 minute mark….just keepin it real here at the WAJK youtube channel.

Goodoldm says:

Once you buy the one hand opening model, ya never go back. Thanks for sharing.

John Eli says:

Neat tool. When I was in the market for a Swiss Army knife I remember it came down to the Fieldmaster Vs Evogrip S18. I went for the Evo because of the slightly more compact profile and locking blade

Mohamed Shwesh says:

the only thing i really hate and make me rage about victorinox is the fucking spring on the scissors its like all multitools in the whole world use a spring bar but not victorinox nah they are like yuh pay 30 – 50 dollar for the knife and yeh if u break the spring no problem pay 5 dollars to fix it

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