Victorinox Forester Swiss Army Knife Review

Hey there! Click on this video if you would like to see how some of the tools demonstrated perform plus a look into the specs and features of the SAK Forester…

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Korla Pandit says:

Very good review of one of the most useful Victorinox Swiss Army knives! I too have this model. I purchased mine in the States, where it’s named the “Trekker.” Do you, by chance, also cary a smaller 91mm version of any Swiss Army knife? My favorite from that category is the “Compact.” I do also have the newer 91mm “Pioneer X”, which has the addition of the scissors to the Pioneer model, but I still like the Compact more for every day carry. I like how the compact has the cork screw. I don’t drink wine, but I use the cork screw to carry an emergency $20 bill rolled tightly within a sheet of plain white paper, and store it within the center of the cork screw. I even retain the mini screw driver to hold it intact, and to use in prying out said $20 bill, if necessary. You never know when that $20 bill will come in handy for an unexpected visit to the neighborhood pub for a pint!

Mindrover Powell says:

Great review. I own this knife (Big Surprise, I live in Switzerland) and you hit the nail on the head with the points you made.

Md Eyeasin Arafat says:

where I find this?

Buck Nash says:

It seems the rucksack has been replaced by this inferior model. The only real difference is the liner lock vs the slide lock. To me the slide lock is more ergonomic and safer. The slide lock also works equally well for left or right handed people as you can use your left thumb as easily as your right fore finger. Why try to fix what wasn’t broke? I can only assume it’s cheaper to manufacture a liner lock.

Colin Edwards says:

Does your Forester not have a lock on the large screwdriver which I think is great? Great review.

Tundra Tube says:

Excellent review, what kind of camera do you use?

Pedro Merchan Saenz says:

isnt it a bigger victorinox camper knife?

Len R. says:

good video dude

sirroxalot says:

Why do they keep putting corkscrews on knives, especially ones getting toward outdoor use? Does anybody ever use it? Great review man.

Liam McGuigan says:

This is great, thanks for the review. My current EDC SAK is the Climber (I also carry the Leatherman Juice S2 at work), but I’m looking for a larger blade and saw for when we’re out walking or camping. I thought this one might be the one, and I think you’ve just talked me into it. I’m with you on the corkscrew, it comes in handy for all sorts of things. Plus, why have 2 phillips heads on the same tool?

许逸忠 says:

Thanks for your video

MrJumbolegz says:

It’s so stupid they’ve been taking off the tweezers on certain models. They should be on all of them, no exceptions.

Jason Pettit says:

yeh,I own this knife, it’s a really good addition to anyone’s bag!

Jeffrey Formail says:

Вы, что все падлы – левши? Горита в аду.

BurningBaking Bread says:


Daniel Berry says:

Excellent review, and you have good videographer skills.

Medugal says:

I thought I was the only one to use my corkscrew almost exclusively for cord haha

Patrick Germond says:

That’s almost identical to the Rangergrip

wattshappenin says:

pretty comprehensive review… thanks for sharing!

Nibon Burman says:

very nice and detailed review….

James Ritchie says:

The corkscrew is listed as the number one reason why people decide not to buy a SAK. Many, many people simply have no use for it, think it looks silly, and just gets in the way. Right or wrong, it costs Victorinox a lot of sales.

I never let the corkscrew stop me from buy a SAK, but I always hated it because I knew that space could be allocated to a tool I would use far more often. I think the Philips was a good choice. It’s a number 2, and handles an extremely common size a screws that the small one either can’t turn at all, or will strip.

I almost never use any screwdriver when I’m in the woods, but when I’m home, the two most used tools, by far, are the flathead and the large Philips screwdrivers.

I don’t know how overall sales have been affect because of losing the corkscrew, but I know quite a few people who have bought a SAK strictly because of this, so I’m hoping it works out for Victorinox. I also know I’ve updated my carry models to ones that have no corkscrew.

so steve says:

i have the rucksack model
and loving it

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