Victorinox Hercules Swiss Army Knife Review

A giant among swiss army knives, the Hercules is the size of the OHT, but with more tools. Somehow it still manages to be relatively pocket friendly.


The Doc says:

I’m wondering wether to get this or the work champ… I know this might be a stupid question but will it work less efficiently or wear out faster if it has more components (such as the work champ)?

Tom Canham says:

Hi guys quick question how much are these usually?

S E Lyfe says:

great review

stuntmanmike37 says:

In your cunt first.

NeptuneKnives says:

I’m glad you like the Para 2. It’s really a good knife. I will upload your shout out vid today sir!

Lazy Lizard Gear says:

Yeh but mine has a reamer.

tonedcos says:

There are 2 phillips screwdrivers

boh123321 says:

Whose comment?

Siriron Beard says:

You forgot the 2 screwdrivers.

MrLeonidas0001 says:

Where the hell do these guys come from? Sometimes it is funny to leave those nasty comments up, because it may be helpful in an interesting future study of human de-evolution 🙂

Miljan Marjanovic says:

A question for a uploader: Can you add that mini screwdriver (tiny one for eye glasses it goes with Work champ model into corckscrew) to your Hercules model? Tnx

Olrac says:

Yeah glad you saw the 2 phillips screwdrivers. That’s also why there’s an “expanse” of back space there. The tools coming from the front completely take up the space within the knife. Super late but… good review!

Moran Guy says:

Just bought the workchamp which is amazing tool.

matthedgehog14 says:

Have you seen the Wenger Giant? I don’t know why anyone would buy it but it’s absolutely massive

Elliott Pew says:

Question. I found a swiss army one hand trekker in a parking lot today. It was an awesome find because i dont have one 😀 But, idk if it is a recent model or not. How do i find out. There is a last name and a year scratched into it. The year is 72. Anything special about that year?

Lazy Lizard Gear says:

@duknifeuser Holy crap, can’t believe i missed that.

Phillip Riley says:

Wow, that is big!

vicente muñoz enriquez says:

you cut on the left hand

KnottNutts says:

Nice video. Thanks buddy

Guy Eastwood says:

There is a Philips screwdriver


Believe it or not the pliers are pretty good. I have a champ and they have
come in quite handy.

MrThundermountainman says:

You missed two screw driver heads.  “I think it’s 6 oz’s or so….”  Maybe you should prep before hand or write a script to put yourself ahead of all other youtube reviews.  Just a thought.

1969jmac says:

I just got my hercules in the mail. I love it, this knife is a beast. It allows me all the functionality of my adventturer and my huntsman plus more. Without the useless blades that I find no use for. Herc does everything I need and then some. Great knife. I would recommend a belt sheath/pouch though

David Kay says:

nice review.

Multi-Tool School says:

Excellent review! Keep up the good work, my friend.

Gen Eric says:

I prefer the Swiss Army Victorinox Craftsman.

MysterPynk says:

I have this knife and I love it. Can’t live without.

AussieMark909 says:

@Valerieannleeh Young lady you can be so inappropriate sometimes 😉

Marie Clinton says:

my swiss army knife is bigger than yours

Lazy Lizard Gear says:

Your comment is both offensive and unintelligible.

CANIJO Carrillo Nieblas Jorge says:

the tip of the can opener also works as a flat-head screwdriver

Lazy Lizard Gear says:

About 60 dollars. Maybe as much as 70.

TRANS 101 says:

I just ordered Swiss Wenger model 16761 it comes with Philips screw driver

Aldo More says:

The blade of my Hercules is rock steady and nary a play. So safe to use and you will not worry that the blade snaps on your bare knuckles. It is a great EDC and I have it everytime I go trailrunning as you wouldn’t know what happens next in the wild. I had mine for more than 5 years now and gives me excellent service each time. The blade is ever sharp and quite easy to hone. I could only wish that Victorinox included a nail file in it.
Lastly, the can opener needs to be redesigned, similar to the Wenger’s. Thank you.

TRANS 101 says:

It’s cool you and your buddy doing that

Lazy Lizard Gear says:

The OHT was released in 2003, so if it’s marked 1972 think that might be an engraving by the previous owner.

Luke Shaver says:

Has anyone else had the blade play? or the lock fail?

beschken says:

it is really good knife, but if it had one long flat screwdriver and one Philips instead of 2 long Philips screwdrivers, it would be great.

AussieMark909 says:

Thats a thick SAK all right. I don’t think more tools can be added to the back as those “spacers” are the springs for all the other bits and pieces. Thanks for showing this one.

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